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When Should You Use VPS Hosting?

Reading this post will provide you with a good perspective on what is VPS Hosting, plus how it works and whether you should use a Virtual Private Server or not.

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A Virtual Private Server or VPS service, also known as Virtual Hosting is more or less a virtualized machine. This specific environment is made with the aim of imitating a given operating system or sandbox, but in a secure, logical space much like a computer system, which is called virtualization. To put it simply, this is a shared service which uses virtualization to run one or multiple virtual machines. Every machine has its own resources.

What Is VPS?

A good description for VPS hosting is that the service gives you the ability to host your website, its data and other files on a virtual machine that no one else has access to. This is good from a security and privacy standpoint, while it also allows you to save time by skipping all related tasks when setting up a machine on your own.

In addition, if you buy VPS from a hosting provider you will instantly get your own space on a virtual server. Just by uploading your website files you will easily begin hosting it without spending extra time or money.

When Should You Use VPS?

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When you decide to go with a Dedicated VPS hosting plan, you will get a whole server at your disposal. This is convenient for people with high traffic websites who want to set up a server based on specific requirements and change them on the go.

Some people are reluctant to spend a huge amount of money for Dedicated Hosting just to meet the resource criteria needed for their high-trafficking sites. This is where VPS steps in.

VPS companies aim to establish a balance between having a dedicated resource and prices closer to that of Shared hosting. With making resources customizable, you as a client can choose exactly how much RAM, Disk space and processing power is needed to cut costs and still meet your resource critera.

You can install any server OS as a base for your server and even have multiple Operating Systems running simultaneously.

Another reason why you should use VPS is that it works just like a normal computer with your favourite OS installed. What makes it flexible is that having more than one Virtual Machine running you can switch between them without losing processing time or resources. All that without compromizing costs for each added machine.

One of the main reasons to choose VPS is that is better than any Shared Hosting plan and cheaper than Dedicated. Affordable, yet allowing full control over the server is why you should use VPS as your preferred hosting choice.

More Benefits of Using VPS

A benefit of using VPS that is worth mentioning is the high level of privacy which virtual technology ensures. Nobody else but you having access to the virtual device rented is what wins many businesses to go with VPS. In addition, nobody can use your resources or slow down your server’s performance.

Another great benefit is that you have freedom and complete root access. This allows you to customize and set up:

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Multiple Operating Systems

Selecting the type of RAM and other resources and being able to change the capacity and output per your needs on an hourly basis is the greatest benefit of all. This is why both small and high-end business firms affirm that VPS hosting is a terrific choice.

We hope that you found this article helpful, insightful and that you now know why you should use VPS.

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