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Decentralized hosting is a secure and cost-effective way of hosting websites, applications, and other online services. Decentralized hosting offers users the ability to store and retrieve data without relying on a central server, providing greater autonomy and control over their data. With the help of peer-to-peer networks, decentralized hosting provides increased privacy and security, as well as scalability and redundancy.


How to Link NFT Domain to Your Wallet [2024]

NFTs are being sold, bought and traded all over marketplaces designated for decentralized hosting. You want an NFT Domain to be linked to your digital wallet? You want to trade with cryptos and NFTs and get on the action? We…

Make Money Selling NFT Domains

How to Make Money Selling NFT Domains in 2024 💰

What are NFT Domains? NFT Domains are hosted in a decentralised way and exist in a smart contract form, posted on the public blockchain. They include extensions that are valid mainly on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks, like .x,…

who owns an nft domain?

Who Owns an NFT Domain? [How to Buy It in 2024]

Interested in knowing who can own nft domain and how to work with it? Read this article! It contains tons of information on how to mint NFT domains and how they work. What Is NFT Domain? In order to understand…

How to Use NFT Domain?

How to Use NFT Domain? [Free Guide]

In this guide, we will explain to you the different uses of an NFT domain name and then we will show you how to get your domain. What Are NFT Domains? NFT Domains are the kind of domains, hosted in…

how to shorten crypto wallet address

How to Shorten [Rename] Crypto Wallet Address

What is a Crypto Wallet Address The definition of a crypto wallet address states that it is a digital address, which consists of randomly generated letters and numbers, which are utilised as a unique identifier to allow the user to…


Best ( NFT Creator App ) or Software Online

NFTs are becoming more and more popular, even among people who do not usually make digital artworks and creations. We at will show you the Best NFT Creator Applications and Software to easily create and transform art into NFTs.…

best nft domain marketplaces

Best NFT Domain Marketplaces in 2024 [Blockchain Domains]

What Is an NFT Domain and NFT Domain Marketplaces? An NFT Domain is the type of domain which is listed on the public blockchain and it’s hosted in a decentralized network that is supported in the form of smart contracts.…

Best NFT Domain Sellers

Best NFT Domain Sellers / Selling Platforms in 2024

What Is an NFT Domain? NFT Domains is the kind of domain that is hosted on a decentralised network and is supported by a form of a smart contract, that are listed on the public Blockchain and NFT Domain Sellers…

Best NFT Domains to Buy and Hold in 2024

Best NFT Domains to Buy and Hold in 2024

Interested in investing in NFT domains? Here are the best ones to buy and hold for the year 2024! As the NFT market continues to grow and mature, investors are increasingly looking for new opportunities to capitalize on this burgeoning…

How to Get NFT Domain [Free Mint Guide]

How to Get NFT Domain in 2024 [Free Mint Guide]

What Is NFT Domain? An NFT Domain is a domain that is decentralised and exists in the form of a smart contract that is listed in a public Blockchain. NFT Domains often include new extensions for their domains, like .nft…

sell nft

How to Make and Sell NFT Easy & for FREE [2024 Guide]

What Is NFT and How to Sell NFT? By definition, NFT, or non-fungible tokens our a unique digital identification objects that cannot be copied altered divided or tampered with because they are recorded in a block chain which certifies their…


How to Mint NFT for Free On Polygon in 2024

NFTs and ways to mint NFT for free are a hot topic on the cryptocurrency front as more investors and art collectors are becoming interested in buying these digital assets. Some are sold for hundreds of thousands, while others are…


Top 5 NFT Tools – How to Find and Trade the Best NFTs

Are you trying to find the next best non-fungible asset for a profitable investment? Read this guide! It will show you how you can use the right set of tools to trade the best NFTs. The popularity of the so-called…

what is an nft domain

What Is an NFT Domain? [2024 Guide]

What Is an NFT Domain? NFT Domain is the type of domain hosted in a decentralized way, thus allowing it to remain solely operated by its owner as it is tied to their crypto wallet. NFT domains have new domain…

What Is Web3 Hosting? [Decentralized Hosting Guide]

What Is Web3 Hosting (Decentralized)? Decentralised Hosting is a a specific method of hosting websites in a decentralized manner to increase security and reduce risk of the website being taken down or being unresponsive due to massive outage in the…

Decentralized Web Hosting article image

Decentralized Web Hosting – What Does It Mean?

Have you heard of decentralized web hosting? Don’t worry, if you haven’t, it is still not as popular as other types of hosting services. Let’s see what decentralization of web hosting services means. Or find more about NFT Domain, or…

host-files-on-IPFS network-hth

How to Host Files on The IPFS Network

We at HTHGUIDE have discussed IPFS and why hosting files there is beneficial. In the related article Create a Website on IPFS Using Pinata we have told you on how to efficiently and easily host website files on IPFS through…

10 Best Ways to Make Money In Web 3.0 As Beginner In 2024

10 Best Ways to Make Money In Web 3.0 As Beginner In 2024

Ever interested in making money in Web 3.0 in 2024? Read this article! It contains useful information, plus guides on how you can do it. What Is Web 3.0? Web3, a phrase first introduced by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood in…

create decentralized website

How to Create a Website on The Decentralised Web [2024 Guide]

Interested in creating a website in the decentralized web? Read this guide! It will show you everything you know to begin with your first Web 3.0 site. Why Create a Website on Decentralised Web? Web 3.0 has been the topic…


Create a Website on IPFS Using Pinata [Host a Site]

In the following article we at are going to show you how to create a website using Pinata through the IPFS network. In order to give you a complete picture into the topic, we will delve in deeper what…

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