Best Cloud Hosting Companies in Japan

Looking for cloud hosting providers in Japan? This article will provide a quick look at Japanese hosting services that offer cloud hosting solutions. The content includes all essential details about what these services offer and how much the services cost, what additional features they provide, and other key factors that can help you select the one that matches your needs the most.

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Generally speaking, cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that ensures greater flexibility and scalability. In the case of traditional hosting, it may be difficult to overcome a sudden urge of a significant number of new users who want to visit your site. At worst, your site will go down and not a single user will be able to access it at all. This is because a traditional shared web hosting plan, for example, is configured to provide a strictly defined amount of server storage and data transfer. Here comes the need of cloud web hosting services. With cloud hosting technology, applications and solutions are deployed on a cloud network rather than an on-premises, single server. Hence, resources are flexible and scale easily to user needs while customers pay only for the resources they use.

We hope that by following this article about the top web hosting companies that provide cloud hosting in Japan, you will be able to choose the most suitable company for your needs.

wpX Speed

wpx speed japan cloud hosting howtohosting guide review

First in our list is the wpX Speed with an official website This is a Japanese company that bases its services on a rental server by X server, another Japanese hosting provider.

What wpX Speed promises to its users is rental server and cloud services for WordPress with a surprisingly high-speed performance. Their cloud-type rental server is operating via a technology model that can significantly speed up a WordPress site. How the company grants website speed performance is by maximizing SSD speed with the help of the next-generation NVMe (non-volatile memory express) technology. In short, NVMe is a host controller interface and storage protocol created to speed up the transfer of data between enterprise and client systems.

As part of a traditional cloud hosting plan, wpX Speed offers “Autoscale” function that automatically changes the plan if the access demand to a website increases rapidly. Some of the additional services the company offers are WordPress installation, WordPress migration, automatic backup, restore and unlimited email accounts expansion, and free of charge WAF (Web application firewall).

The plans available on wpX Speed’s official website ( are:

Plan Capacity
Memory 2 GB / SSD Capacity 200 GB / Transfer Rate 2.5 TB/month
Memory 4 GB / SSD Capacity 300 GB / Transfer Rate 3.0 TB/month
Memory 8 GB / SSD Capacity 400 GB / Transfer Rate 3.5 TB/month
Highly Functional Upper Plan
Memory ~ 56 GB / SSD Capacity ~ 1 TB / Transfer Rate ~ 5.5 TB/month

All initial set costs for all plans are free of charge.

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wpX Speed email support form is available 24/7, 356 days. The contact email of wpX Speed Japanese hosting is [email protected]. For urgent cases, customers can call them by phone during working hours on weekdays. The company is also maintaining an online portal with FAQ, manual guides, and fixes.

GMO Cloud

gmo cloud japan hosting

GMO Cloud America Inc. has been providing web hosting solutions around the globe for more than 15 years. It has been serving users in America, Japan, and other countries around the globe. The vendor states to be the most affordable web cloud hosting solutions vendor. Its cloud services are only charging you for the resources you use.

The official website of GMO Cloud is and it is fully written in Japanese. The company has also an English version of its website.

The hosting plans of GMO Cloud are designed to align with all business changes during the process of growing your business. Its hosting plans include features like pre-configuration for instant activation using both Windows and Linux operating systems, load balancers for the load to be properly spread across available resources, high network uptime, and secured platform.

All cloud web hosting plans available on GMO Cloud’s official website demand no payment for data transfer. Customers only pay for what they use. The costs are calculated on an hourly basis so that customers can be charged at the lowest price which will be calculated by the resources they use. There are also fixed plans that demand monthly payments.

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Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)


Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is a solid Japanese web hosting provider with servers in key world locations. The company is founded in 1992. Nowadays, IIJ is known to be working with more than 11,000 mainly medium and large company customers as well as government organizations. Their official website is and it is available both in Japanese and English languages.

IIJ’s hosting plans come with core features like 99.99% uptime service level agreement, full configuration, DDoS protection, daily automatic backups, SSL certificate, and 200MB up to 1GB disk capacity.

Their cloud services are mainly created for business needs. Their pack of offers includes cloud storage, virtual desktop, Cloud Exchange Service for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and other cloud-based services, individual private clouds, various network solutions, and more. All details about their different services could be found on their website. Japanese Hosting japanese cloud hosting provider howtohosting guide review

Tsukaeru is a Japanese hosting provider that has more than 19 years of experience in the market. The company has a great support team that keeps its customers’ businesses online all the time. website is available in English and Japanese. The company aims to differentiate itself by providing cheap and at the same time sophisticated hosting services.

They offer a wide variety of cloud hosting plans that operate on Windows and Linux platforms. The prices of their cloud hosting plans start from ¥539/month for 512 Mb and reach ¥18,600/month for 64 GB. The plans range from 10GB up to 200GB SSD storage. All plans come with an initial setup price of ¥1000 and unlimited domains (except the Begginer plan). A really good feature is the dedicated IP address every customer receives for his website. A Dedicated IP address can prevent your website from being blacklisted because of detected suspicious/harmful activities performed by other websites that are hosted on the same server and share a single IP address.

The support department of is available 24/7 via the ticket support system. They also have telephone and live chat support from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and live chat support on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For customers who believe that they can solve their problems on their own, the company offers a large knowledge base with over 700 Japanese documents and 100 English documents.

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