In this material, we are aiming to have a look into Germany’s best fast managed WordPress hosting suppliers, and talk about which are the most effective providers.

fast managed wordpress hosting

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Before giving you the list of the managed WordPress hosting companies and their solutions, allow us to give a quick oversight of the definition and purpose of “Managed WordPress Hosting“.

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Managed WordPress Hosting – Definition?

This type of web hosting is a solution that is being offered by hosting businesses. This solution consists of all of the technological elements that you require to run your WordPress site. This is a very crucial and suitable function, and if you are planning to build a WordPress site or blog, we strongly advise you to pick a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Why The Need for Fast Managed WordPress Hosting?

Over 90% of users have a tendency to close a website if they attempt to open it and it loads very slow. The most prominent feature of a managed WordPress web hosting plan is that it optimizes your site for speed and performance. Not all managed WordPress hosting providers are aiming for the best speed, as some may be more focused on security. In most cases, however, this type of web hosting provides convenience of installation.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Fast?

The largest advantage of managed WordPress hosting is the faster website loading rate and the lower latency. Web hosting companies are providing dedicated web servers for your website, which suggests that you are going to have a server that works just for you. In other words, you won’t be sharing the server with other website owners.

Why Is Fast Managed WordPress Hosting a More Secure Solution

Another factor that you may want to consider is the safety and security of a managed WordPress hosting solution. The security of a site is really essential, and it needs to be evaluated before setting the site up. The first rule of any business is to protect your investment and when it comes to web hosting, several risks should be considered in advance.

Such risks include DDoS strikes and malware infections. All of these dangers can harm your site, aid hackers in swiping some of your info or taking your web site down.

WordPress Managed Hosting is famous for its boosted protection. Most of the web hosting companies implement an excellent level of security, meaning that taking your site down will be a very difficult task for threat actors.

Does Managed WordPress Hosting Have Daily Backups?

Giving an everyday back-up is extremely crucial for Managed WordPress hosting, and it is something that you should consider when you choose your plan.

Having an alternative back-up of your website means that in case something unwanted occurs, you can always recover it to its previous state via your back-up.

Does Managed WordPress Hosting Include Full-Time Support?

Customer support is yet another crucial factor to consider. Most Managed WordPress hosting providers offer full-time support.
When you are running your WordPress website, there are numerous things that you must take care of, such as database, installation, connection between database and site, etc. If you are not experienced enough, you may experience some troubles, so having customer support to rely on is always appreciated.

How Many Websites are Allowed Per Managed WordPress Hosting

Some providers permit you to have more (2-5) websites, while others will certainly enable you to have just one website in your plan. Make sure that you get what you actually need, so that you don’t regret your choice later.

Does Fast Managed WebHosting Offer Web traffic Limitations

Some web hosting plans have traffic limits set in their plan, which restrict you from seeing if your site is generating traffic of more than 5 to 10, 000 visitors per month. Still, in case some of your content goes viral, and you get much more visitors, you may experience downtime, errors, or problems.
To avoid this trouble, make sure that you carefully evaluate the managed plan that you will invest in.

Do You Have to Buy a Domain Name?

Some web hosting firms allow their clients to obtain a domain completely free when they buy their hosting plans. This is not a big deal, but usually, a domain costs about 17$, so if it is offered for free, just go for it.

The Best Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

So, what are the top web hosting providers in Germany that provide plans for Managed WordPress Hosting services?

GreenGeeks Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

GreenGeeks supplies managed WordPress hosting, and to be straightforward, they do it pretty well.

They provide endless hard drive space for each of their plans, free SSL, complimentary migration. They have 24/7 support as well as will certainly enable you to evaluate their services, and if you are not completely satisfied, you can obtain your cashback.

Their cheapest plan starts at $2.95 monthly, and it does offer improved safety, auto-updates, and also CDN implementation.

Hostinger Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

Hostinger is on the top of our list because its rate is really budget-friendly. It is quick, very easy to set up, and excellent in performance.

Hostinger is a hosting firm that has more than 30 million users.

The plans provided by Hostinger have features that are supplied among their competitors. Still, Hosinger’s costs are a lot less than the rest of the companies.
Hostinger uses Rapid & Managed WordPress Hosting. All of the things that are required by a WordPress site are included in their plans.

Such functions are:

The latest PHP;
Caching plugin to boost efficiency;
Leading safety and security features ensured by their partners– BitNinja;
The almost mandatory 99.9% site uptime.
24/7 support;
30-day money-back warranty.

Another fantastic thing that comes with Hostinger’s managed WordPress plan is the GitHub combination, and if you are an experienced developer, this could come very helpful to you.

If you capture a sale you might acquire the managed WordPress Hosting from Hostinger for just ₤0.80 monthly, which is the price for one website. This is a wonderful cost for an ideal beginning.

Kinsta Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

Another company that offers Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany is Kinsta.
Kinsta is another excellent managed WordPress web hosting supplier in Germany that uses quality solutions. To host their website, Kinsta makes use of Google’s platform called “Google Cloud Platform”.

They have more than 15 data center bases around the world, and you can select which one to use. Kinsta also enables you to set each of your websites in a different web server, so that you are protected from possible troubles concerning safety.

Other excellent Kinsta features include the integrated CDN, SSL certificate, 1-click backups, presenting settings.

Every one of these functions is included in the price, making it a little greater.
In our view, Kinsta is the very best choice for bigger sites that are most likely to have an international target market.

If you want to have a small to a medium-sized website that is not big e-commerce, forum, or a high-traffic website — you could go with SiteGround’s deal.

SiteGround Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

As we currently discussed it — the next hosting firm that provides managed WordPress hosting in Germany is SiteGround. Their plans are wonderful and extremely well-optimized, with added features.

The SiteGround team did an amazing job adjusting WordPress with an innovative caching system called SuperCacher. SuperCacher is a new attribute that makes the procedure of adding SSL, updates, and caching to your site a single-click work.
They supply 3 various hosting plans for WordPress, and the most budget-friendly one begins at just ₤2.90 monthly.

If you are determined to pick SiteGround, you will get a Free SSL + CDN, WordPress support, custom plugins for caching, alternatives for auto-updates, and so on.

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A2 Hosting Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

A2 Hosting offers both shared and managed WordPress hosting plans. The company has servers throughout the world, and they have remarkable support.
Among various web hosting companies that offer managed WordPress hosting, the A2 hosting company offers plans that have endless hard drive space. This is an extremely important point if you are planning to invest in a huge site.

Another fantastic feature of the A2 Hosting is that you will secure free SSL, migrations, and it is money-back-guaranteed if you are not pleased with their service.
Their hosting plans begin with $3.90 monthly, and the Managed WordPress hosting begins at $13.00 per month.

WP Engine Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany


WP Engine and its Managed WordPress Hosting is the next hosting firm to review on our listing. The only thing they provide is managed WordPress Hosting.
Still, they are doing an excellent job. Their solution costs $35 monthly. For that case, you can utilize their caching plugin called EverCache. as well as consist of CDNs to reduce the opening time of your web site.

They provide 24/7 support and give a learning environment for their users. The WP Engine hosting company additionally offers DDoS protection and risk detection, and thus your web site will certainly be a lot more secure.

Hetzner Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

A web hosting company, based in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, Hetzner uses numerous hosting services, such as Virtual Dedicated Hosting, domains, SSL accreditation, Managed, dedicated hosting, migration of hosting, Windows and Linux systems support. The company has great quality when it comes to its VPS web servers, as they are mounted conveniently to reduce downtime. The hosting plan can be installed so fast that it might actively work in 2 hours after the order is made.

The company seems to utilize the latest software application and hardware, but there are no thorough details exactly how it secures its servers and customer accounts.

No indication regarding uptime, besides the claimed 99.9%, and we could not locate any kind of client problems concerning that either. Hetzner is a great choice if you are based in Germany or Central Europe.

Hetzner pricing is reasonable. The company does not provide any marketing offers, and rates are rather straightforward.

Hetzner offers 24/7 client support, both through phone and e-mail. Assistance is available in English, German, and Russian. Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

fast managed wordpress hosting

The web hosting provided by the German business ALL-INKL which exists since the year 2000, has been regarded as relatively good. Presently, the firm hosts at the very least 1.5 million websites of clients with a positive feedback of about 80% customers. The company is based in Dresden and has around 80 employees. The company target the following sorts of customers:

Simple blog writers.
Smaller sized to mid-size sites.
Business-tier websites.
Online retail websites.
Resale sites.

Based on their customers’ needs, the firm has created several packages, beginning with up to 3 domain names, plus 50 GB of storage space for bloggers. They additionally offer numerous one-click install plans with which the client can install the needed CMS: WordPress, Joomla, etc. Overall, their shared hosting plans have all the common attributes like domain name, storage space, 1-click installer, MySQL data sources. They are likewise concentrating on offering hosting solutions for businesses and smaller customers. If you require a dedicated server and want to be adaptable, we would certainly recommend choosing this web hosting service provider.

The company has one data center based in Dresden. Web servers operate on Linux only.

In regards to safety, All-INKL does not provide many options, just some anti-virus e-mail monitoring for the cheaper plans.They do offer backups for all plans in addition to “Let’s Encrypt”, which is fairly helpful for rookie website owners.

You can start a 7-day trial if you are not sure ALL-INKL is the right option for you. Other than that, all their shared plans offer the first three months totally free, and afterward, the client renews at normal rates, which are affordable based on the features each plan supplies. These features include a storage area, cost-free domain, emails, and so on. If you are based in Germany, ALL-INKL offers excellent prices.

All-INKL offers 24/7 e-mail support readily available with all their hosting plans. They have phone support, which is not available 24/7 for all plans; however, they do allow 24/7 hotline for emergencies.

HostGator Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

fast managed wordpress hosting

Hostgator is a professional company in the hosting business, and they hold one of the most economical hosting plans.
Their solution includes 1-click install, auto-backups, site migration, progressed safety, totally free SSL, automated scan, and removal of malware.

The price of the hosting provided by the HostGator company is 5.95$ per month, which is fairly compared to its competitors.
An important thing to note is that HostGator does not have any servers in Germany, so you may think about obtaining a CDN as well.

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InMotion Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

fast managed wordpress hosting

InMotion Hosting is well-known for its top-quality solutions and well-balanced WordPress hosting plans.

Similarly to various other hosting companies, the InMotion Hosting offers 90 days of testing time for their solutions, and if you are not satisfied, they will certainly offer your money back.

  • The price rate of InMotion Hosting is $7.26 per month and also includes 40GB of storage space.
  • They do use DDOS defense, hacker and infection defense, firewall, and everything needed to secure your web site from various sorts of attacks.
  • They provide a hosting atmosphere, drag, as well as decrease building contractors, as well as much more wonderful features. With this strategy, you get the domain name free of charge.
  • BlueHost Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in Germany

    fast managed wordpress hosting

    Bluehost is the last hosting provider on our checklist, but still, it uses fantastic services. BlueHost is well-known for its economical prices, but still, they supply wonderful solutions. Its rate is $3.95 monthly for its shared hosting package, as well as it is capable of over 100 million visits each month, which is spectacular.

    The WordPress managed hosting plans consist of SSL and Sitelock protection, which is really crucial for the trust as well as protection of your web site.

  • The pros of BlueHost are that they have good security, consisted of CDN, and make sure security with high browse through.
  • The disadvantages include its rocky credibility and also the limitation of 30gb disk space that they offer.

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    Fast Managed Web Hosting In Germany – Conclusion

    There are lots of hosting companies when it comes to Germany. All of them are excellent, yet you should discover which one is appropriate for you. Take your time, do your check-up, compare features, go over the purpose and idea of your website, check which of these hosting providers best fits your requirements, and after that make your choice.

    FAQ's Web Hosting

    What Is Web Hosting?

    A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to upload their websites on the internet. For example, if you create a website or some kind of content that needs to be accessed by other internet users, you need to host it on the internet with the help of a hosting service. This practice can be done by buying a hosting plan.

    There are different types of hosting services like:

    Shared Hosting (Server shared between many users)
    Dedicated Hosting (A dedicated server only for you)
    VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
    Cloud Hosting (Hosting services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud).

    Start Your Website NOW! Get SiteGround Managed WordPress Web Hosting. Only for 5.99 €/mo!

    What Is Domain Name?

    Domain Name is a unique identification mark that defines your website, in other words, it is the name of your website.
    Every website has a different domain name which makes it recognizable in the networking space.
    Examples for popular domain names:

    and every other popular or unpopular website you have ever heard.

    How Much Does Web Hosting Cost Per Year?

    The cost of hosting service varies according to your needs. For every website, it's a different price and it depends on what hosting provider and hosting plan you are going to choose. For example, if you choose the "StartUp" plan of the Sitegroung shared hosting, the price you are going to pay is around $100 per year. But if you have a bigger company and you need better performance the hosting service can cost you more than $1250 per year for a normal cloud hosting plan.

    Which Is the Best Hosting Provider in USA?

    As we all know the USA is a great market for hosting and there are hundreds maybe even thousands of hosting providers, that offer their services. And here the question comes: Which are the best hosting providers in the USA. Here you can read Top 10 Best Hosting providers in The USA, and find out which is the best one for you. Finding the best provider for you depends on your business, your model of working, and your needs. Have in mind that every hosting provider offers contrasting services and has its pros and cons. So, make sure that you have researched carefully before you start using certain hosting services.

    Which is the Best Hosting Service for Stating a Website?

    There are a lot of different hosting services available like Shared hosting, VPS, Cloud, etc.
    But which one is the best to start with. Judging from our experience the best hosting service to start with is shared web hosting.
    Even there are a lot of different opinions about shared web hosting, it is best to start your website with. Here you can find out why shared web hosting is the best for your first website.

    How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting Service for FREE?

    There are a lot of hosting providers that give a free domain name when you buy hosting from them. But how to get a free domain and free hosting? As we all know the free services are not the most reliable but sometimes they can do pretty nice work. If you want to start your website for free you can use hosting services like 000WebHost.

    How to Change/Migrate your Web Hosting Service?

    If you think that the hosting service you use doesn't satisfy the needs of your website, it's time to undertake a migration.
    Migrating a website is a very vast topic and there can be thousands of reasons for migrating a website from hosting to another.
    The easiest way to migrate a website without losing any information is to use a migration tool like Duplicator .
    There are also a lot of different tools with which you can do this work. Here you can find the best migration tool for you.

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