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Making the right choice when it comes to choosing hosting companies plays a vital role in the long-term success of every website. Even if your idea is amazing and your website looks great, if your hosting provider is is bad and offers slow connection, lags and downtimes, your visitors will not spend a minute on your site. In today’s article, we will compare USA Hosting vs UK Hosting and review the top 3 of their best hosting providers.

Performance Benefits

Performance is one of the most important things that you should look for. It depends on many things, but one of the things that it depends most is the location of the servers. If you are about to expect visitors from the USA, you have to get a hosting provider that offers servers physically located in the USA. The same rule applies to the UK as well.

The files of your website are being downloaded each time a visitor opens your website, and the farther they are, the slower the website will fully load. Another tricky moment that you should not miss is that Google’s ranking system counts the speed of every website and if the speed is slow, the website goes down in the ranking.

There are many hosting providers offering decent hosting services in both the USA and UK. We’ve made a list of the top 3 hosting providers offering the best web hosting services in the USA and UK.

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Top 3 Hosting Companies in the USA


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GoDaddy is the #1 on our list. They are the top-rated USA hosting company and they do offer great services, amazing support, 99.9% uptime, and superior performance and load times.
They also have different hosting plans that can serve anyone’s needs. No matter if you need a small or a mid to big web project, they got you covered.

GoDaddy offers 4 different hosting plans, the Economy plan, the Deluxe, the Ultimate, and the Maximum plan. Each of these plans offers different resources and is suitable for different types of websites.

Economy – £3.99 / month
The Economy plan is suitable for 1 website. It offers 100gb of storage, supports up to 10 databases, offers 1 click installation, and unlimited bandwidth.

Deluxe – £4.99 / month
The Deluxe plan offers more flexibility and space for multiple websites. It offers unlimited storage, websites, over 25 databases, and unmetered bandwidth as well as 1-click installations.\

Ultimate – £7.99 / month
The Ultimate plan is more suitable for heavy websites, that deal with serious traffic. It offers unlimited databases, 2x processing power, unlimited storage, and websites support, and again – the one-click installations.

Maximum – £9.99 / month
The Maximum plan is suitable for complex websites and platforms, that need to implement high-resolution images or videos. It offers 2x processing power as well as unlimited databases, bandwidth, websites, and storage.

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Start Your Website NOW! Get BlueHost Plan and Start Only for $3.95/month.

BlueHost is yet another very decent hosting provider in the USA. They do offer 3 plans – Basic, Plus, and the Choice Plus plan.

Basic – £3.35 / month
It supports 1 website, free SSL, 50 GB SSD storage, 5 parked domains, and 25 subdomains.

Plus – £5.05 / month
The Plus plan is more powerful than the basic, and it supports unlimited websites, parked domains, subdomains, and storage, free SSL, and a free domain. This plan is more suitable for bigger projects.

Choice Plus – £5.90 / month
Choice Plus is the most powerful of all plans. It does support unlimited websites, SSD, Domains, subdomains, free SSL, and a free domain for 1 year as well as basic backups.

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Start Your Website NOW! Get HostGator Plan and Start Only for $2.75/month.

Hostgator’s plans are starting from $2.75 / month with the Hatchling Plan, the next plan is the Baby Plan that costs $3.95 / month and the Business plan costs $5.95 / month.

Hatchling – $2.75 / month
The first plan – the hatchling plan offers a single domain, 1 click installation, free SSL, and a free domain.

Baby – $3.98 / month
is more suitable for bigger websites, and it includes unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, domain, 1 click installations, and free website transfer.

Business – $5.95 / month
The business plan is the most suitable one for big projects, it includes unlimited space, bandwidth, free SSL, as well as additional SEO Tools, dedicated IP, and includes a domain.

Top 3 Hosting Companies in the UK

After we’ve covered our top #3 hosting providers in the USA, let us point out our top #3 hosting providers in the UK as well. The #1 on our list is SiteGround.

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Start Your Website NOW! Get SiteGround Managed WordPress Web Hosting. Only for 5.99 €/mo!

SiteGround is by far our rank 1 hosting provider in the UK. They win with the amazing server response time of 250ms, live-chat support that requires ~ 2-3 seconds to respond, and uptime over 99.9%.

SiteGround put all of their efforts on reliability and they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as 30 days test period, that you can use 10gb of storage, free domain, and support over 10 000 visitors for that month.

SiteGround does offer many different plans, but their most famous is the StartUp plan that costs €5.99 per month, the GrowBig plan that €9.99 per month, and the GoGeek plan that costs €13.99 per month.

StartUp – €5.99 / month
The StartUp plan is the least expensive one. It is suitable for small projects and it does offer only 1 website, 10gb of space, can hold up to 10,000 visitors a month, and it offers free WP installation, migrator, free SSL, and auto-updates.

GrowBig – €9.99 / month
Suitable for bigger projects, the GrowBig plan supports unlimited websites, 20gb of space, can hold over 25,000 visitors per month, and it offers free SSL, unmetered traffic, and migrations and updates.

GoGeek – €13.99 / month
The last and the most expensive plan is the GoGeek Plan that costs €13.99 per month. It is the plan with the most resources and it is suitable for big projects. This plan can support up to 100,000 visitors per month, offers a 40gb of space and free SSL, updates, and installations as well as free email, CDN, backups, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Start Your Website NOW! Get Hostinger Plan and Start Only for $0.99/month.

Hostinger is another affordable hosting provider in the UK. However, it does not mean that they are bad. Hostinger is a decent hosting provider, that supports over 1 million websites.

It costs €0.99 per month, and it offers 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support that responds very fast, and server response time ~ 400ms.
Hostinger offers 3 main plans: Starter, Premium, and Business.

Starter – $2.15 / month
The starter plan costs only $2.15 per month and it does support 100 websites, 100 email accounts, 20gb of disc space, and unlimited bandwidth, as well as free SSL and a Domain.

Premium – €7.45 / month
The Premium plan supports up to 300 websites, 100 email accounts, 100gb of space, free SSL, domain, and unlimited bandwidth. It is suitable for more advanced projects.

Business – €14.95 / month
The Business plan is the most expensive one, but still, this is the most advanced plan that is suitable for big projects. It can support up to 300 websites, 100 email accounts, offers 140gb of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, as well as free SSL and a domain.


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iPage is our #3 web hosting provider in the UK. The prices of iPage are close to Hostinger’s and they still do offer great services.

iPage’s plans start from €1.50 / month and they do offer two WordPress hosting plans the WP Starter and the WP Essential.

WP Starter plan costs €3.75 per month and it offers 1-year domain registration, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, customization panel, and pre-installed plugins and themes. This plan is very suitable for small to mid websites, or new startups.

The WP Essential plan costs €6.95 per month and it does offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain, pre-installed plugins, and themes, as well as automatic malware removal, anti-virus, WordPress expert support, and SiteLock security.

How To Choose The Right Hosting For Your Site

Now, after we’ve covered the top #3 hosting providers in both the USA and UK, hopefully, you will be able to make your choice much easier.

After all, you can not go wrong with any of these companies, because they are the top #3 in the USA and UK and the services they provide are fantastic. We highly recommend that you take your time to think about the needs of your project and make your decision based on them.

FAQ's Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet service that allows individuals and organizations to upload their websites on the internet. For example, if you create a website or some kind of content that needs to be accessed by other internet users, you need to host it on the internet with the help of a specific service. This practice can be done by buying a plan.

There are different types of solutions like:

Shared Solution (Server shared between many users)
Dedicated (A dedicated server only for you)
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Cloud (services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud).

Start Your Website NOW! Get SiteGround Managed WordPress Web Hosting. Only for 5.99 €/mo!

What Is Domain Name?

Domain Name is a unique identification mark that defines your site, in other words, it is the name of your website.
Every site has a different domain name which makes it recognizable in the networking space.
Examples for popular domain names:

and every other popular or unpopular site you have ever heard.

How Much Does Hosting Cost Per Year?

The cost of host services varies according to your needs. For every site, it's a different price and it depends on what host provider and plan you are going to choose. For example, if you choose the "StartUp" plan of the SiteGround shared solution, the price you are going to pay is around $100 per year. But if you have a bigger company and you need better performance the service can cost you more than $1250 per year for a normal plan of a Cloud solution.

Which Is the Best Host Provider in USA?

As we all know the USA is a great market anything and there are hundreds maybe even thousands of providers, that offer their host services. And here the question comes: Which are the best providers in the USA. Here you can read Top 10 Best providers in The USA, and find out which is the best one for you. Finding the best provider for you depends on your business, your model of working, and your needs. Have in mind that every provider offers contrasting services and has its pros and cons. So, make sure that you have researched carefully before you start using certain services.

Which is the Best Web Service for Starting a Website?

There are a lot of different host services available like Shared, VPS, Cloud, etc.
But which one is the best to start with. Judging from our experience the best service to start with is shared solution.
Even there are a lot of different opinions about how it is best to start your site with this type of service. Here you can find out why shared solution is the best for your first website.

How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting Service?

There are a lot of host providers that give a free domain name when you become their client. But how to get a domain and host service? We all know the free services are not the most reliable. If you want to start your website make sure you have Google-Friendly Domain Name.

How to Change/Migrate your Web Host Service?

If you think that the host service you use doesn't satisfy your needs, it's time to undertake a migration.
Migrating a site is a very vast topic and there can be thousands of reasons for moving from one company to another.
The easiest way to migrate without losing any information is to use a migration tool like Duplicator .
There are also a lot of different tools with which you can do this work. Here you can find the best migration tool for you.

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