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HowToHosting.guide is where you will find all the paramount knowledge about web hosting.

HowToHosting.Guide’s Mission

We created HowToHosting.guide to provide expertise and insight into the process of creating blogs, finding the right hosting provider at the best price, and everything that comes in-between.

We are here to take you through the whole process – from choosing your domain name and hosting provider, to gaining authority and power on the web. HowToHosting.guide is the glue that will help you put your website or blog together.

HowToHosting.Guide’s Team

A group of geeky enthusiasts who know the ropes of web hosting, and are keen on testing and analyzing the multitude of providers out there.

  • We have rich technical background
  • We know about cybersecurity
  • We know about WordPress
  • We live and breathe SEO
  • We love to write and create powerful content

Tsetso Mihailov

portrait of tsetso mihailovTsetso Mihailov is a tech-geek that keeps up with the new technologies. He has worked in IT before, as a system administrator, PC repair technician and for an anti-malware company.

Now his interests lie in networks and web hosting, where he feels a tide is rising for the computer world on a global scale. Follow him @tsetso_mihailov

Enzo Atanasov

portrait of Enzo AtanasovEnzo Atanasov is a young web hosting and digital marketing enthusiast, providing valuable content for HowToHosting.Guide.

From his works, you can learn a lot about web hosting, WordPress, and building a website. Enzo is also keen on creating video content on Youtube. Follow him @ERmusic_style

Martin Beltov

portrait of Martin BeltovWhen it comes to hosting topics Martin is here to help. He has developed experience in researching and writing about hosting services. Focusing on what’s important and trendy, you can expect guides, reviews, and tips.

He’s what we call our own hosting nerd – always researching and writing new helpful content. Follow him @MartinBeltov

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