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South Africa Web Hosting

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South Africa is considered one of Africa’s Internet hubs and one of the important points of the global Internet backbone. For this reason, web hosting service companies in this country is regarded as an important industry. Many companies, international organizations, and people rely on services in South Africa and for this reason, there are many hosting providers that the users can choose for their particular needs.

Best Hosting Companies in South Africa

Best Shared Hosting
Best Dedicated Hosting
Best Colocation Hosting
Best Reseller Hosting
Best VPS Hosting
Best Cloud Hosting
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Plan Price
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 99 p/m
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 1499 p/m + 599 Setup Fee
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 1120 p/m
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 269 p/m
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 149 p/m
Cheapest Plan
ZAR 120 p/m
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
5 GB
2×960 GB
5 GB
25 GB
20 GB

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Best Shared Hosting in South Africa – 1-Grid

According to our research, the 1-Grid company is the top choice. The company specializes in all major web services in South Africa. One of the advantages of choosing them over other competitors is the no contracts option of purchasing the plans. Even their cheapest plan offers enough to create a medium-sized WordPress powered site. The option to install some of the most popular content management systems is available for all users. Unlimited traffic is featured on all plans and a very large indoes size. Advanced web server features are also implemented, making it very easy to run all kinds of web frameworks and web applications.

Given the fact that this is the most popular service type and that many people will rely on it, 1-grid has implemented advanced security features including a firewall, the ability to install an SSL certificate, and automatic backups. The servers on which the sites are hosted are specially optimized for top performance. As far as the shared services are concerned, all of them come with instant activation. The benefits of relying on the 1-grid company in terms of the shared service are the following:

Website Builders

Secure Backups

Easy CMS Installation

Anti-Virus Filtering

Web Statistics

Anti-Spam Filtering

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Best Dedicated Hosting in South Africa – Clickworks

Clickworks is one of the best choices for such solutions in South Africa. The company offers a complete package that is all-inclusive of all essential features that clients can expect for a relatively low price. The leased machines will be hosted at the two facilities operated by Clickworks — in Cape Town or Johannesburg. For maximum uptime, guarantee the servers are continuously monitored by the staff and hosted on an optimized internal network with top global Internet connectivity.

Depending on the chosen plan, the customers can expand the leased hardware components — RAM, Storage disks, etc. All servers are protected by an advanced security system including a DDoS protection service. Popular operating system images can be easily deployed; however, custom installations are also supported. You can rely on the dedicated hosting services from this company for the following reasons:

Choice of South African Data Centers

Fast Activation

DDos Mitigation

Custom Server installations available

Emergency Technical assistance available

5 Day money-back guarantee

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Best Colocation Hosting in South Africa – Afrihost

The Afrihost colocation provider is one of the best companies to consider for such services in South Africa. They offer the option to host a single server, half or full rack, and at a very reasonable price, offer a lot of features included in the plans. As colocation by design is noted for long-term contracts, the company offers a convenient 60 days double money-back-guarantee in order to make sure that their customers are satisfied. The machines will be placed in a state-of-the-art data center in Johannesburg.

One of the benefits of relying on this company is their specially created Client Zone, a centralized portal from which users can manage their connectivity and backups. All plans guarantee 24/7 dedicated support and a no setup fee. Benefits of relying on them include the following:

24/7 Priority Support
Top-Tier Data Centres
FREE Setup
Fast and Reliable Network
Mellanox Switches
60 Day Double-Money-Back Guarantee

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Best Reseller Hosting in South Africa – Domains.co.za

Domains.co.za is a great partner to have when offering reseller solutions. They are a very experienced company that offers a no contracts service allowing customers to be very flexible. Along with this, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the longest periods in the sector. The combined domains and hosting reseller packages offer optimized hardware and servers to provide the ability to run even the heaviest applications without any issues. For clients moving from another host, the sales team can provide website migration assistance.

We like this offering because all plans include a lot of extras that may be paid options with competitors. An example is the automatic spam protection which is enabled with the email service. The system creates automatic restore points (backups) weekly to which the users can revert easily. Utilizing the powerful administrative panel, the customers can easily deploy complex CMS installations. Premium support is always available if the users encounter any issues. Some of the benefits of choosing this company are the following:

60 Day Money Back

Weekly Backups

Spam & Virus Protection

24/7 Monitoring

WHMCS Integration

Locally Hosted in Johannesburg

Security for WordPress

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Best VPS Hosting in South Africa – Hostworx

Hostworx is a preferred choice for running a wide variety of VPS web projects. The servers offered by this company are all enterprise-grade and offered at very competitive prices. Looking over the rich features set, we found out that their VPS plans are among the best in South Africa. All of the plans feature unlimited bandwidth, which is essential if high-traffic applications are deployed.

The customers will have complete full management access to their servers, which will be deployed in a data center designed to be low-latency and has an ultrafast connection to the Internet. All machines are built to last: they feature fault-tolerant RAID disk arrays and top Intel Xeon Processors.

You can rely on the following advantages when looking at this company:

Money Back Guarantee

Full VPS Management Access

24/7 Expert Support

Optimized Hardware

Locally hosted in South Africa

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Best Cloud Hosting in South Africa – Cloud.co.za

Cloud.co.za is the premier cloud service in South Africa in our Howtohosting.guide list. Customers of the service can purchase a plan based on their requirements at a very reasonable price. The customization options include not only the standard storage and data location (there is a facility locally hosted in South Africa too), but also the choice of Linux or Windows environment.

The company keeps statistics showing that they maintain a 99.95% uptime per year. All customers have complete root access to the hosted server instances and have full control of their backups. At an additional purchase, the clients can order optional automated backups as well. Like other cloud hosting providers, there is full control of the DNS and RDNS values as well.

All hosted hardware machines are dependant on fast SSD disks, Intel processors and an optimized network. Customers of the service can benefit from the following features:

OS Management

DNS Management

Fast deployment

Free Static IP address

Multiple Locations

>99.95% uptime per year

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