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Sweden Web Hosting

Sweden web hosting is one of the most important country-specific lists which we have prepared on our site. We are carefully monitoring the top companies and present to you our well-researched choices in each of the base categories. Reasons for choosing a company from Sweden are the attractive price, the top-level performance of servers, and the strict SLA policies which all of these companies provide. As a Scandinavian country, many of the established companies are also environmentally-friendly. Sweden is also a part of the EU which means that privacy laws and the GDPR are in full effect

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Euro-Space.Net Hosting
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Internet Vikings Hosting
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ip-Only Hosting
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A2 Hosting
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Loopia Hosting
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Rackfish Hosting
Plan Price
Cheapest Plan
€3.50 ($4.17)
Cheapest Plan
€225 ($268.11)
Cheapest Plan
Cheapest Plan
€11.18 ($13.44)
Cheapest Plan
280 kr ($32,43)
Cheapest Plan
0.52 SEK/hr ($.0.06/hr)
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
3.5 GB
480 GB
30 GB
20 GB
32 GB
32 GB
16 MB
16 GB

Best Shared Hosting in Sweden

Euro-Space.Net Shared Hosting

Euro-space.Net Shared hosting provider is our top choice when it comes to offering affordable services in this hosting type. The company offers very cheap performance-optimized plans that start as cheap as € 3.50 per month. Even the cheapest plan includes full multimedia support and a 15-day money-back guarantee with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The company is offering an easy-to-use and access cPanel administrative panel that allows customers to easily command their leased hosting plan.

Security-wise all plans are offered with an automatic daily backup in order to provide effective restore points in case this is needed. Scripts installed through the automated installer can benefit from an automatic update when it is available from the developers. This will make it much easier to use complex content management systems. The experienced support team can be contacted at any time if an issue arises.

The shared web hosting that is standard of Euro-space.Net offers the following features:

CPanel Pro 88 Control Panel

FREE SSL Certificate Request

Automatic Updates

24×7 Superior Support

15-Day Money Back Guarantee!

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Best Dedicated Hosting in Sweden

Internet Vikings Dedicated Hosting Review

The Internet Vikings dedicated hosting service is considered to be one of the best examples of hosting companies in this category. All machines which are operated by the company are equipped with SSD disk drives and software optimizations for top performance. The customers can rely on a dedicated network which is available for all loaned servers. The users of the service can integrate a dedicated external firewall if this is required.

When it comes to remote management the company offers enterprise-grade management software for all customers. At no extra cost the customers can activate Premium WordPress hosting with additional security features built into them. Given the price and the experience of the company, we recommend this hosting provider for their offering. Like other competitors in this sector, the customers can easily scale to a higher-spec plan if this is required

Internet Vikings dedicated hosting features and advantages are the following:
All Flash Servers

Dedicated LAN Network

Remote Enterprise Management

Premium WordPress Hosting

CDN Network Available

Easy Scalability

Experienced Support Team

Best Colocation Hosting in Sweden

Best Reseller Hosting In Sweden - IP-Only Hosting

The IP-Only colocation hosting service has been found to be one of the best options in this category. This Swedish company operates a Next-generation Data Center in a location just outside of the capital city of Stockholm. Not only this, but they have five other data centers in Denmark and three in Germany giving customers the choice of their preferred location. Environmentally-wise they are all powered by energy from renewable sources

Their main data center in Sweden is built has a capacity of 6,000 square meters which allows the company to reach an optimized number of hosted servers. Security-wise it has the highest security classification according to the country’s rating. Two independent power sources are optimized with multi-redundant block technology. A 24/7 customer access area is provided in the facility. The company clients can choose to host their rack on a shared space or to loan their dedicated cage. The customers can come to an arrangement with the company upon request.

Below, you can see what IP-Only offers when it comes to its colocation hosting plans:

Top Data Center

Highest Security Standards

Choice of Leasing Shared Rack Space or Dedicated Cage

24/7 Customer Access

Custom Quota and Excellent Price

Several Data Center Facilities

Best Reseller Hosting in Sweden

A2 Reseller Hosting

The A2 Hosting Reseller Plans are one of the preferred choices for many customers, agencies, and companies who want to offer the best value-for-money services. A2 Hosting has managed to create a name for themselves thanks to the many happy customers and the quality of their services. The reseller plans offer all the necessities plus some features that are not offered by other competitors.

All packages are optimized for top performance and at an extra price the customers can pay for a turbo server upgrade which offers up to 20x the nominal speed. The clients can enable a CDN network in order to provide global mirror copies of the hosted content. Daily backups are created automatically by the security system which also includes other precautions that guard the servers against potential hacking attacks. The uptime promise is 99.99% which is very high according to industry standards. As always the customers can rely on highly-trained staff if there is a problem.

The reseller customers can access and monitor the status of their plans from a convenient and advanced administrative panel, Free SSL certificates are also provided. The access menu to the leased clients is unbranded. On top of everything else, the A2 hosting company allows the creation of custom plans.

Specifications of the A2 Hosting reseller plans includes the following advantages:

Money-Back Guarantee

FAST 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support

From 5 to 10 terabytes bandwidth

Website Statistics

Spam Protection

Multilingual Support

Server Rewind Backups

Best VPS Hosting in Sweden

Loopia VPS Hosting Review

The Loopia VPS hosting plans are considered to be the best buy in this category according to our research. The company is based in Sweden and offers a lot of features and when compared to other competitors. When purchasing a VPS server one of the most important things to consider is the server setup — VPS machines opposed to shared hosting do not share system resources with other customers. Also, they are much cheaper than dedicated hosting machines. For this reason, it is important to choose both optimized servers and a top facility where they will be hosted.

The customers have a choice among the most popular operating system images — Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, and OpenSUSE which are ready for instant deployment. A 30-days money-back guarantee is part of the service’s SLA along with other considerations which are considered essential when choosing quality VPS hosting. Full remote management is done via a secure SSH connection and constant security monitoring is overseen by the company’s staff We also note that daily backups are generated by the hosting company, there is a history of 30 days of backup images which are stored and provide easy ways of restoring the machines.

Loopia VPS hosting features are the following:

Own IP addresses

Daily Backups

Highly-optimized Servers

Full Remote Access

Constant Security Measures

Choice of Ready-to-Deploy Operating System Images

Best Cloud Hosting in Sweden

Rackfish Cloud Hosting Review

Rackfish cloud hosting is our premier choice among companies of this type in Sweden. They offer a complete package of a cloud hosting is otherwise known as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service). This is a flexible solution allowing for the best value-for-money ratio for hosting a wide variety of projects. One of the main benefits of relying on such services is the easy scalability — practically unlimited resources are available when needed. The Rockfish optimized infrastructure can be suited to practically every level of complexity project — from hosting individual small-sized files to large enterprise web projects and frameworks.

The cloud servers are deployed behind a special Edge gateway with practical setup load balancing servers in order to monitor and balance the used resources. The customers can choose from many flexible options and as a result, optimize their expenses on hosting services — there are prices based on hourly or monthly usage across all base components: vCPU, memory, and leased network interface. The storage disks are a combination of SSD and SAD disks for optimized performance. The cloud infrastructure is locally hosted in Sweden and also distributed on a global network of servers. As always backups are created in regular intervals and the actual backup images are stored in another facility for added protection.

Rackfish cloud hosting benefits include the following:

Servers in Stockholm and Uppsala

Load balancing, failover and other safety features included

No downtime for infrastructure maintenance

Temporarily set up tests and development servers

Flexible Pricing

Reserved Memory

Final Thoughts on Best Hosting Providers in Sweden

During our time writing this article we took an in-depth review of all the hosting companies based in Sweden in order to choose the top ones. One of the important factors which come out as country-specific is the fact that the companies take great effort in optimizing their servers. All of the represented companies have an excellent track record of happy customers. Furthermore, the Swedish data centers come as top choices for many enterprise clients. Many of them are also depend on fully renewable energy which makes them both efficient and environmentally-friendly.

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