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Best Site Mirror Hosting

Best Site Mirror Hosting article logo imageMirror hosting or site mirror services are an improved way of making sure that your site is backed up. It is way more than that, because this is actually a service that is essentially a replica of your website that is just hosted on another server than your original one. And their content is often filled up occasionally with the latest information on your site. The primary goal of this service is to immediately restore your site once a breakdown on your current server occurs. This is the main reason it takes a good mirror hosting service

Best Site Mirror Hosting Services

User Rating
Best Price hostaway hosting logo image

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Top support

On Request
Most Features yourhostplan hosting logo image

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Free transfer
Best features

2GB to 20GB

hostaway hosting logo image
HostAway Review

HostAway is the type of company that has been created 2005 and since then, they are aiming to offer high-quality site, e-mail and colocation hosting. However, their business has expertise in site mirroring services and many other areas for more than two decades. They also work with a sister company, named WA Data, and this company was set up back in 1990. Wa Data aims to sell retail computer equipment and since 1995, they expanded their services into Internet service provision, calling themselves Arachnet. Arachnet is giving internet access to 10,000 customers in the retailer sphere and they are one of the first-ever dial-up Internet companies, located in Perth and adding a broadband connection to their plans way before they were sold to ISP Amnet back in 2005. However, the whole network infrastructure, data center, website and e-mail hosting clients were retained and the current company HostAway now works with them.

The current plans for Site Mirror services by HostAway looks like the following:

mirror hosting image

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Why Choose
Exceptional support.
Best price for site mirror services.
Company with rich history and expertise in the IT and network communications field.
Why Avoid
The service offers a lot by request, which does mean that it could end up being more expensive as your demands grow.

yourhostplan hosting image
YourHostPlan Review

YourHostPlan is a company that is based in Lima, Peru and is dedicated to delivering all types of hosting services that are sought after. They are one of the few companies that offer Site Mirror services on the global market, which is great.

The mirror hosting services of YourHostPlan have mirror services that are used to make sure that if your main server fails, another one is there to replace it and act as a server until the main one is fixed. The solution works by making sure to synchronize your two servers with new data on equal intervals of 12 hours so that the server always has a copy of the data that hosted on the main server that is currently active. This means that if your secondary server becomes the main one when you change it via a redirect, your web services, and e-mails will also remain active. YourHostPlan also offers a change via a manual process that often takes several minutes time to come into effect.

The site mirror plans of YourHostPlan are as follows:

yourhostplan plans hosting image

After reviewing what the company has to offer for both those plans we believe that their best value plan is the $80/yr one, that is called “MIRROR HOSTING 5GB”:

5 GB Disk Space
50 GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Account
500 Emails per hour
Spam Assasin
Mail channels
Unlimited MYSQL Databases
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited Addon Domains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Synchronization every 12 hours
24/7 Support
99.98% Uptime Guaranteed

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Why Choose
The most features for the price you pay.
A lot of plans to choose from based on your criteria.
Offers good support.
Why Avoid
They could add more information about the exact process this happens and if it works all over the world, since they are an Australian company targeting global markets.

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