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Top 5 Best Cheap VPS Hosting Companies

The visual private server or more popular as VPS hosting is one really powerful solution for medium-big websites. It provides enough resources and speed for significant amounts of traffic at a really affordable price. In today’s article, we have prepared the Top 5 best cheap VPS hosting companies suitable for your website.

Wondering what is VPS hosting?
The VPS hosting is basically the next level of shared hosting but more upgraded in terms of resources and optimization.

You also share a server with other people but in this case, you have fewer amount of people and the server has a minimal chance of suffering downtimes.

VPS Hosting Benefits

As a VPS user, a person has access to a virtual server that indicates many virtual servers are operating on one physical machine within the hosting service, and you have remote access to a separate part.

Other advantages of VPS hosting include extremely good privacy stability, which allows you to have isolation on your own without giving others access to any part of what is yours (server resource).

The customization is also a very distinctive feature because you get your own OS with root access, allowing you to do basically anything like installing Apache, PHP, MySQL, and another tech.

Top 5 Best Cheap VPS Hosting Companies

In the lines below you will be able to discover the most appropriate VPS hosting providers when it comes to price and services.


Hostinger logo mexico

Hostinger is one of the worldwide hosting companies that are offering the most affordable hosting solutions. When it comes to VPS solutions Hostinger provides a variety of price plans with which you can find a mixture of valuable features.

In terms of speed as an important Google ranking factor, Hostinger collaborates with Cloudflare CDN as the team has implemented the technology within its plans to provide lightning-fast speed.

Get a great opportunity to host your website on Hostinger’s VPS only now by getting over 60% off the price – $9.95 $3.95/mo.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting VPS

A2 Hosting is amongst the companies that are providing some of the best VPS hosting solutions, as A2 has 2 types of VPS hosting which are managed and unmanaged, and of course the unmanaged is the cheaper version.

Also, A2 Hosting popular with its speed and reliability which are provided thanks to the 20 times faster turbo servers that are available in most of the VPS solutions that A2 Hosting provides.

Catch the amazing deals of A2 Hosting and get VPS Hosting for your website with discounts of over 40% OFF the price and a bunch of marvelous features.


When it comes to hosting DreamHost is one of the most popular that are providing a variety of solutions including some of the best prices for VPS. DreamHost provides speed optimizations to their servers.

The company uses the most advanced SSD technology, speed-optimized servers, and resource protection to increase reliability to affect the performance positively.

For those who have a budget, DreamHost is a great opportunity because its price plans start from $10/mo without a discount. So you can’t miss your chance, the price is always the best.


BlueHost VPS Hosting

The blue company is also on our list as one of the best worldwide hostings provides and for achieving the standards of offering one of the most reliable and affordable VPS hosting in the branch.

BlueHost is offering speed-optimized services that are provided worldwide with the help of their own CDN technology. The great features are also another plus that you can find in their plans.

For over getting over 30% OFF the price of the VPS Hosting you can visit BlueHost now and host your successful website for only $29.99 $19.99/mo. Don’t miss it!


HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator is one of the most popular hosting companies that provide great VPS solutions at an even better price. As well as the variety of solutions and features HostGator is offering speed and reliability on its services.

When it comes to supporting, HostGator has a specific contact page. You can choose between live chat, call, or email connection with them.

Only now get 75% OFF HostGator’s VPS Hosting and start your website without wasting your time dealing with other not tested and suggested hosting companies.


Putting Hostinger in first place on our ranking is the most relevant option for the topic of our article.

The company provides the most affordable solutions worldwide combined with innovative technology and supper reliable services.

In the second place, the A2 company sits very well with its unmanaged VPS hosting which on a really budget price for the basic user.

Best Cheap VPS Hosting: Summary

  1. Hostinger with the best price of $3.95/mo.

  2. A2 Hosting with the best price of $4.99/mo.

  3. DreamHost with the best price of $10/mo.

  4. BlueHost with the best price of $19.99/mo.

  5. HostGator with the best price of 19.95/mo

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