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UK Web Hosting

The Best UK Web Hosting can be difficult to find. Some UK hosting companies do not run the best support service or at least the requirements of clients in the UK are high.

We at Howtohosting.guide have reviewed many providers and have cherry-picked the best UK Web Hosting for each, popular hosting type.

With scrupulous research and constant updates, we will aim to provide you with up-to-date and concise information about the best hosting solutions and services across the UK.

Why Use Web Hosting in the UK

Hosting your website to a company that uses the UK internet interface is beneficial because likewise Germany, the UK is one of the biggest internet providers in Europe.

Internet Exchange Points in the UK

In the UK there are 8 internet exchange points – 4 in London, 2 in Manchester, one in Cardiff, and one in Edinburgh. All these internet providers can offer a robust and reliable environment for web hosting.

The LINX exchange point operates in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and connects the UK with the USA in Northern Virginia, from the exchange point receives internet from the USA.

Benefits of UK Web Hosting

As one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most prominent internet providers too, the UK has many benefits when it comes to web hosting.

Below you will find some of the most significant benefits that the hosting located in the UK can provide.


While you are choosing web hosting for your website the reliability is the most essential aspect. To ensure reliability is enough to know that the company uses data centers in the UK.

In the next point, we have suggested the top 5 best hosting companies that use the UK internet services through their data centers.

Top Data Centers in the UK

The UK is a destination that provides a stable hosting environment for the biggest companies. In its territory, there are over 280 data centers spread around 67 areas about the island.

87 of the data centers are in London, 21 in Manchester, and 11 in Birmingham.

While choosing a hosting company for your website, make sure that it has a data center in some of the locations listed above.

In your favor, below we have prepared the five best companies that use the UK data centers for their services.

Technical Support

Tech support is another essential feature when it comes to web hosting, but it is mostly provided by the hosting company itself and the UK interface can’t really be helping developing this feature.

Of course, the data centers provide their own support but not the regular user. Only if you are using colocation services, then support is important.


When it comes to web hosting security needs to be on a high level because on any server there is a lot of information stored.

You don’t need to worry about the security in the UK data centers because there are norms that any working data center needs to cover. And over the data center security, the hosting company provides another layer of protection.

Best Hosting Companies in the UK

Below you will find the best web hosting companies that provide hosting for the UK and also has data centers and servers on their territory.


Hostinger is a world famous company, and when it comes to cheap and in the same time reliable services it can provided them both.

It provides many different solutions like WordPress, shared, and cloud hosting. If you are just starting you can use their website builder.

The company has data centers in 7 locations worldwide. One of the main servers is in the UK and also by the Cloudflare technology implemented in their services you can get fast Hostinger hosting in almost any part of the world.

You can read more about Hostinger hosting in our Hostinger review.


BlueHost is one of the most significant hosting companies and it is also the WordPress recommended one. The provider is mainly focused on WordPress solutions but also provides shared, VPS, and dedicated solutions.

It has data centers all around the world and one of the servers is located in London, the UK. Likewise the Hostinger company with BlueHost you can get receive hosting in any part of the world.

If you want to learn more about BlueHost you can read our BlueHost review.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the hosting leaders and it is mainly focused on providing speed hosting solutions. They provide 20x faster turbo servers with high reliability.

A2 hosting main data center is in Amsterdam but is connected to London, the UK through AMS-IX internet exchange (AS33891 Netzbetrieb GmbH), which does not slow the connection and you resieve high uptime and stable environment.

If you want to learn more about the company, you can read our A2 Hosting review.


Cloudways is a web hosting platform that is only providing cloud hosting solutions through some of the largest cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc.

Cloudways provides a connection through the platforms and it works smoothly at any point of the world. With it, you have scalability and a lot more features.

If you want to learn more about Cloudways, welcome to your Cloudways review.


Get Strated With Kinsta

Kinsta was founded by a long time WordPress developer Mark Gevalda in 2013 with headquarters in the United Kingdom. Kinsta is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers in the UK.

In case your website or blog breaks, the support over at Kinsta offers to repair WordPress core files by installing new ones. Kinsta also offers identification and removal for infected themes and plugins.

The support team might have to run malware removal processes that can take up a full day or in rare cases restore your website from a backup.

Kinsta has solid security, and if you follow all their recommendations in that regard, you should be malware-safe.


In our final words, we can say that hosting your website in the UK can really benefit your website performance. The island provides a great environment for the hosting companies.

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