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Germany Web Hosting

Being at the heart of Europe, Germany plays a very crucial role in the web hosting market in Europe.

Germany has always been known for its good internet connection and a wide selection of hosting companies and types to choose from.

Web Hosting Germany

Having your website hosted in Germany can be beneficial for its growth and success.

In today’s article, you will find out why we have hosted our website in Germany and what are the benefits from the German services.

Why Use Web Hosting in Germany

One of the reasons why Germany is the preferred hosting destination is because it has one of the most significant internet exchange points globally, which connects the most influential countries worldwide.

The internet exchange point directly connects New York with Frankfurt and provide one of the fastest internet connection worldwide.

The hosting companies using data centers in Germany take advantage of the more immediate connection and can offer more reliable services.

Benefits of Web Hosting Germany

Below you will find some of the most significant benefits that the hosting located in Germany can provide.


Choosing between the hundreds of hosting companies nowadays can be a challenging task to do. One of the essential demands for a host is the reliability of the service.

Using a hosting company with a data center in Germany, you almost ensure a speed and reliable hosting service. Speed is an essential Google ranking factor so having a speed hosting service is a demand.

Top Data Centers in Germany

Germany is the largest country in Europe and has over 115 data centers. In Frankfurt, they have over 55 data centers, in Munich 21, in Hamburg 17, and Düsseldorf 16.

These are the location where the internet connection cables from the USA arrive.

While choosing a hosting company for your website, make sure that it has a data center in some of the locations listed above.

Technical Support

Support is another important feature when it comes to hosting a website.

The tech support is based on the hosting company because the data center can’t directly provide any support to the customer. Instead, you are using a colocation hosting service.

In terms of the support, it is hard to know which company provides the best one. You can only confide in the reviews, user ratings or try the 30-day trial period to test it, which most companies offer as a feature.


Security is another critical feature when it comes to website hosting. The secure server environment can prevent hacker attacks, data loss, and website downtime.

Without any doubt, some of the most secured data centers are in Frankfurt. Or in particular, the Telehouse data center is the most secured one in Europe.

It provides ISO certified, Glass Fibre Ring, tier 3+ technical equipment design, cold aisle containment.

Also, for the “greens,” the Telehouse data center provides 100% renewable energy.

Top 5 Best Hosting Brands in Germany

Below you will find our top 5 most reliable web hosting choices that use the German interface for their services.


Get Started With SiteGround

SiteGround is of the most popular hosting brands that are using German data centers for their hosting services.

The company has 6 data centers worldwide as well as it is using one of the biggest ones in Frankfurt.

Don’t worry if you live far from their data centers. SiteGround has implemented the Cloudflare CDN technology. And it uses Cloudflare servers in over 194 countries around the world.


Get Started With Hositnger

Hostinger is one of the most significant hosting providers that some of the most affordable hosting plans and services, such as their website builder.

They are an excellent option for Germany. But their primary data center is in the UK with a Cloudflare connection to Germany, which does not represent any problem for the fast internet connection.

Hostinger also has six more data centers all around the world.

1&1 Ionos Hosting

Get Started With Ionos

Ionos is one of the oldest hosting companies and provides a wide variety of services such as web hosting, website builders, plugins, etc.

Ionos has 4 data centers worldwide, and their main one is also in Frankfurt.

The company’s data center uses the highest security and environmental-friendly interface with 100% renewable energy.

WP Engine

Get Started With WP Engine

If you think of using WordPress for your website, the WP engine hosting is one of the best alternatives for you.

The company mainly provides WordPress managed hosting solutions for different businesses.

WP Engine has over 10 data centers worldwide, as the main one is in Frankfurt.


Get Started With Cloudways
CloudWays is a hosting platform that provides only cloud solutions for almost all the platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.

With CloudWays, you also have the opportunity to choose between some of the biggest cloud server platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Vultur, etc.

Cheap Hosting for Small Business in Germany

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The Best WordPress Hosting in Germany

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The Best Colocation Hosting

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In our final words, we want to say that Germany is one very beneficial destination, and at the end of the day, you get speed, security, and generous support.

All the companies which we recommend are world-famous and have a good reputation.

They also use German services for their hosting, which provides the fastest internet connection in the world.

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    I am reading this article to see if I should switch to something else, my site is now on Netcup.de. Sometimes I have issues, but I might stay for longer. I may try dogado.de cloud, it reads its faster.


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