Best Colocation Hosting in Europe (by Country)

This article aims to show you the companies that offer the best colocation hosting service in Europe. The article provides information by country, featuring a brief review of each company including specifications, features, and pricing.

Colocation hosting is a service which is typically needed by companies or larger businesses with the resources to allocate their servers in the data center of whatever hosting they choose. This type of hosting service is increasing in demand with fast pace, and the reason is lower costs. It makes more sense if you have the resources to purchase your own equipment (servers, multilayer switches, etc.), to simply hire a rack at a data center and let a reputable hosting company support your machines. More so, companies offer a lot of extras to their colocation services, such as management of the servers and database, active monitoring by their administrators, and so on.

So, let’s say that you are about to set up a company in Europe. You are looking to allocate several different servers across European countries, and you want to know the best colocation hosting in Europe. The research could get you confused, if you are not well acquainted with the European market. We prepared this article to show you the best hosting services that offer colocation with the best speed, uptime, support, and affordable price, for each selected European country. Below you can see the countries we have covered. By simply clicking on a country’s top colocation provider, you can read our review about it. Let’s go!

List of the Colocation Hosting Providers in Europe

Servado – Best Colocation Hosting In Germany

best colocation Hosting in Europe

Being of the most experienced hosting companies in Germany and having more than 10 years on the market, Servado is a company that is the synonym of professional and flexible. It features powerful and independent hosting services that allow Linux and Windows Shared Hosting services, colocation hosting services, and a lot of data centers across Europe.

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Founded in 2006, the company has been establishing strong relations with its clients. Servado offers diverse hosting plans, with shared and virtual private servers as its main offerings. But the company also offers one of the fastest connections in Europe, which is a perfect opportunity to market colocation hosting. Servado’s services are provided in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is the mecca of IT in Europe and it is also a very international destination. Their machines have been created to be as flexible as possible to support all of the requirements their clients would have.

Germany is one of the primary locations when it comes to setting up hosting services in Europe. This is why Servado offers to hire and colocate a full rack or half rack, depending on how big your company is.

Fast Response Times
24/7 Support Service
Monthly Payment Packages
150 Watts of Power Provided
Low Setup Fee
Data Center Access on Request
Possibilty to rent up to 4U of Servers
Full Rack with adjustable height option – Best Colocation In Italy

best colocation Hosting in Europe

When it comes to the best colocation hosting in Europe, is a great choice. Founded in 1995, has gradually diversified their hosting services. The company’s work is divided into two main areas:

1. Powerful data center.
2. Developed web agency that is responsible for digital marketing.’s main strength is that they rely on their own data center that is supported by their own personal system engineers. These are the same people that handle customer support, which means that you get a solution from a technically competent team.

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The main services they offer i custom data backup, e-mail backup hosting solutions, and disaster recovery plans. Here are the full features that they offer in their colocation hosting plans.

HP version 5.2, .NET 3.5, .Net 4.0, Front Page 5.0
Data Base: MsSql 2000, 2005 and 2008, MySql 5.1.10.
Supported Software: Incomedia Website X5 Evolution 9, jquery-1.3, ASP Stats Generator, Adobe GoLive 4, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7, Type Writer 4, DataWeb 4, phpMailer, WordPress 3.0 and 3.1, Forms To Go 3.2.1.

The pricing of is one detail that you will need to pay attention to, because they offer the convenience to rely on custom solutions, depending on the scale of your project, which is good because it can answer exactly what you have in mind as a demand. is not a company that will take you as another customer because they are focused on helping you develop your website or network as a whole and they refrain from being focused just on the hosting aspect, but rather the whole service. – Best Colocation In The UK


Created back in 1998 and being a part of plus Iomart, Hosting UK is definitely the choice for colocation hosting. The company has formed a consultancy firm, which provided IT and internet consulting to customers that are big. Some of its biggest clients include Everton FC, HBOS, Pilkington, and others.

Hosting UK is a decent colocation choice in overall for Europe and probably the best in UK, since the company is very customer-focused, allowing customers to have advanced and resilient infrastructure for their colocation hosting needs. Not only this, but they also make sure that their sites and servers are available from great distances around the world, which is an important detail for global customers.

When it comes to best Colocation Hosting in Europe, their prices start at 50 GBP per 1 unit and they have data centers all over UK, which tend to provide Tier 1 carriers and peering to various types of exchanges.

Another reason for our picking of Hosting UK is because they are ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified, which means Information Security Management Systems and Business Continuity – very appropriate for a long-term relationship. Below you can see features that they offer and which are available for their colocation hosting packages.

Co-location in London or Manchester
Remote power management system
24 hours a day 365 days a year constant monitoring
24 hours a day 365 days a year access to our technical support
Remote hands service available
Automated SMS alert on failure as standard
Service Level Agreement on connectivity
Connected via Cisco switches and routers direct to the backbone
Industry standard racks
Diverse power feeds and backup generators
Filtered air conditioned environment
Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
FM200 Fire suppression system
CCTV monitoring and 24 hour recording
PAC security and visual identification on visitors
Access on appointment
ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems Acredited Colocation
ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Acredited Colocation

Scaleway – Best Colocation In France


Scaleway is a company that is one of the pioneers in cloud solutions and it supplies a complete range of hosting services that aim to help companies and developers alike. They offer public cloud hosting services and they have private infrastructure solutions, with their Datacenter and dedicated servers. They are also a leading provider in colocation solutions. Scaleway has aged very well, using the 20 years in which they have been created to their advantage to fine-tune and develop their networks. The outcome of this is top-class innovative datacenters (Scaleway Datacenter), turning them into a global brand that provides hosting and other networking services to clines from over 150 countries all over the world. So if you are looking to setup colocation in France – Scaleway will not be a wrong choice.

Below you can see Scaleway’s features, when choosing them as a colocation hosting provider:

TIER 3, Healthcare HDS, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 certifications
Up to 9 kW per rack
Up to 320kW per private cage or private suite
On-demand audit
26 network operators of your choice (Carrier neutral)
Cross connections with third party operators
OEM Hardware available on request
Up to 100% SLA

Interxion – Best Colocation In Denmark


Having over 20 years on the data center and hosting services market, Interxion is a company that is specialized in guaranteeing businesses consistent improvement. They are perfectionists at what they do and they are aiming at becoming the best colocation hosting in Europe and achieving operational excellence. One of the core competences of Interxion is using 20 years of experience to create a service that is very versatile and scalable across whole Europe, not just Denmark. Their core data center services are the main area of focus, allowing them to build as well as expand their business. What they offer is flexible solutions across 13 big cities in Europe all meeting latest security requirements and offering metered and un-metered power. They also have excellent cold aisle cooling solutions and this is provided as standard across all colocation plans.

Interxion has 50 data centers that feature the latest technology and whenever you choose one or many facilities to colocate your servers or other devices, they aim to provide you with the same quality of service everywhere.

Broad selection of power configurations and allocation options, with both metered and unmetered options.
Equipment housing options range from individual Cabinets to Cages and Private Rooms for enhanced security
Equipment is maintained and monitored in climate-controlled environments with SLAs for temperature and humidity.
Data centres are designed with five layers of physical security, 24/7 security staff and access control systems

Unelink – Best Colocation In Spain


Unelink is one of the top colocation hosting provider currently based in Spain. They are 100% Spanish and their own infrastructure is in pain. They are created back in 2001 and their name is Unelink SCP. Since then, they have been improving strongly on infrastructure, product quality, and management of systems. This allows them to use tech that is not used by absolutely any company in this market sector. They have a global management system, that is called SAPISP (Process Automation for Internet Providers or ISPs). This system plays a critical role to provide quality services and allows more time for constant innovation and ability to quickly respond to their clients. We like Unelink, because of their approach in constant research, development, and innovation which they believe is absolutely necessary and consider one of their main areas of focus.

The features for colocation hosting by Unelink for 1 U (unit) are:

€99.00/mo. VAT exc
2 TB Transfer
Free Domain
Bandwidth included 200 Mbps
CPD location Valencia Spain

Anexia – Best Colocation In Austria

Anexia‘s main purpose is to complete individual solutions in the root server and managed the server area. The company is also prolific in the design and development of web apps that are PHP, Java and .NET-based.

Anexia started back in the economic crisis, taking hold of an important marketing segment. This allows them to ensure a 1.400% growth for 5 years without having any debt whatsoever.

Anexia’s main philosophy is to offer hosting services that are custom and tailor-made for web hosting and managed hosting. But they also put a lot of attention on custom solutions and the development of apps. They are founded back in 2006 in Klagenfurt and now they have offices in Vienna, Graz, Munich, Cologne and New York City, serving to a lot of international clients.

Unmetered Transfer.
Tailor-made hosting based on your needs.
24/7 support and access.
Own cages for each infrastructure.

Lyra Hosting – Best Colocation In The Netherlands


Lyra is a company based in the capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. They aim to ensure maximum privacy for their clients and minimize the risk of site attacks, like denial of service – DDoS. The main idea here is to restrict the information from the hackers to the maximum extent. To accomplish this goal, Lyra Hosting aims to provide anonymous web hosting, using offshore servers. But in the same time, they deal with the management and setup of ofshore colocation solutions. So if you are privacy-sensitive and want to protect your investment and happen to be looking for a colocation solution in the Netherlands, Lyra have the best offers. Here is what is offered as features in Lyra’s Colocation hosting plan:

24/7 free support.
49.99 Euro/mo per 1 unit.
Unmetered Transfer.
0,5 Ampers (230V power connectivity).
Tier 3 data centers.
1 IP Address with 2 extra. – Best Colocation In Sweden


Known by its previous name Availo, is a hosting company that has 9 data centers in different places to match the customers’ demand. They aim to assure always a reliable and available connection with climate-smart solutions since renewable energy is very important for them as part of their mission. Their mane vision is to be the leading provider of all types of communication and network infrastructure which is also green. IP-Only is owned by EQT since 2013 and they have the necessary resources to be the most well-established venture capital business in Sweden alone. This is because EQT has more than 300 investors and among those are one of the largest insurance firms and pension funds companies.

Below you can see the features, offered by IP-Only in their colocation hosting plans:

100% Uptime.
Tailor made.
24/7 Phone support for the whole process from start to finish.

Solar Com – Best Colocation Hosting In Poland


Solar Com is a growing hosting company that is currently located in Poland. We particularly like them, because they are not corporate associated and they are privately owned. This is very good if you value excellent service for your colocation solutions. Solar Communications aims to have the highest quality policy and to do everything in their power to make customers happy. The outcome of this as they claim is an excellent service with special attention to every customer. Because, after all, selling is service.

Below you can see the starter colocation plan’s features at Solar Com:

24/7 support
88.00 CHF starting price.
1x 1GB/s RJ-45 network connectivity.
0.8 Amp 220v.
15 TB bandwidth

Kinamo – Best Colocation Hosting In Belgium


If you have your own server and are looking to colocate it in Belgium, Kinamo is your best bet. They have an extremely well-established data center in Belgium that ensures a reliable environment, guarantees uptime and has a fast and stable Internet connection that does not experience speed drops. They are absolutely obsessed with security since Kinamo has tailor-made its own firewall solution that ensure the maximum security for your servers while enabling you to decrease your operational costs.

Below you can see Kinamo’s colocation hosting features:

2 public IPv4 addresses
IPv6 connectivity
2 redundant Gbit switch connections
Kinamo Firewall security, free
Bandwidth graphs and performance monitoring
Cold corridor technology
99,99% uptime guarantee according to our network SLA
1 TB traffic.
1 U Rack space.
1 A power (166 kWh) – Best Colocation Hosting In Croatia

croatia, also known as Croatian Web Hosting is a business that is based in Zagreb and was created by experts who are extremely well experienced in their professional background when it comes to hosting. They have highly qualified network engineers who they believe are the core competence of the company. With over 2 decades of experience, Croatian Web Hosting are committed and have the knowhow that is necessary to provide an impeccable colocation hosting support that has 24/7 support, has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and is working with big and reliable companies. They have a good ticketing system and great customer support.

Here are the top colocation hosting features, offered by

Leasing space in a rack cabinet 19″
Dimensions 1U (max power consumption 400W)
Internet link 50/50 Mbps (flat, unmetred)
1 static IPv4 address
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS, generator)
Physical security (access control, warning systems)
Fire protection (fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing)
24/7/365 monitoring (power supply, air conditioning, availability)
Physical and console access to the colocation equipment
TIER 3: 99.982% availability; redundancy (N + 1)

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DataCell – Best Colocation Hosting In Iceland


Iceland does not seem to have a rich choice of colocation hosting companies. But the few that offer colocation hosting are extremely well put together and can definitely be a reliable service. One such company is Data Cell. Based in Reykjavic, Iceland, and having over 20 years of experience in the hosting and information and comms technologies, Data Cell is definitely your choice if you happen to want to colocate servers in Iceland. They have an outstanding management team that is starring two pioneers from back in the day, who started out as ISPs in 1990s in Switzerland and Iceland and later grew to be the largest internet providers in these countries.

Below, you can see the specs and features that Data Cell has to offer for its colocation solutions:

Tailor-made solution and price.
100% of Uptime.
Data center access.
Facilities that are have the latest tech for cooling and humidity control and advanced backup power manaagement.
High power hardware, that is good for mining crypto as well.

Spatiul.Ro – Best Colocation Hosting In Romania


Romania has one of the most developed IT clusters in the country, located in Cluj, Napoca, and the country is very competent in the IT sector while offering the most competitive prices in Europe. One such competitive company is Spatiul Ro, which started out as an ISP back in 2007. They have the necessary technical capacities that can meet customer demand when it comes to colocation solutions on a top-level that can be implemented swiftly and securely and compete among the best colocation hosting in Europe.

Spatiul Ro aim to refrain from uni server systems – systems that are hosted on the same servers to provide services. Instead, they aim to use as many devices as possible to minimize downtime in case the server malfunctions. This makes them a very reliable hosting provider who hosts over 20,000 domains and has a highly valued client base, providing all types of solutions. One such solution is their outstanding colocation service implementation, that features the following parameters:

Free setup.
RON 250.00/mo.
5 TB Bandwidth
Remote acccess.
2 x C13 ports.
800×1000 racks. – Best Colocation Hosting In Greece


22 years is the extensive background and experience that have in the hosting field. Known as Europlanet, they do not aim to be just another wep apps company. Similar to another big company we all know, has been created b 2 student friends who back then had the vision to offer cutting-edge solutions that have advanced technology and provide solutions that will meet the needs of each client.

The outcome of this vision is that the company has grown up to be one of the most accomplished businesses and one of the best colocation hosting in Europe, offering a complete range of web apps in the Data and Web Hosting, Web Design, and DNS service field. They have one of the best technological tools and platforms online and offer easy and fast implementation at the highest competitive levels.

Below you can see’s colocation hosting parameters:

1U rackspace.
1x1000MB net card.
200 GBs traffic.
4 IPs
Free setup.

Daticum – Best Colocation Hosting In Bulgaria


Bulgaria is one of the top-rated countries in terms of internet speed, not just in Europe, but in the World. This, plus the fact that the country has one of the lowest electricity costs and ton of educated IT experts makes this little, but strategic country a very good choice and a great area of business in the IT sector fields and one of the top foreign choices of IT companies to outsource their activities. One such field is the colocation hosting. The best company in Bulgaria that offers a great colocation hosting service that will not leave you disappointed is Daticum which offers one of the best colocation hosting in Europe. They have grown over time to create a Tier 3 colocation, featuring a 99% uptime with unmetered bandwidth and free setup for cheap.

Here are the main features that are offer as a startup server housing by Daticum:

1 Unit
1 x 100 Mbps link
1 Power Socket
0.8 Ampers electricity
99.97% SLA
ISO infrastructure that answers international standarts.
24/7/365 server monitoring.
Highly qualified personnel.
Remote hands and eyes service.
Connectivity and ISP choice.
Scalable solutions.
49 Euro a month starting price.

Creanova – Best Colocation Hosting In Finland

best colocation Hosting in Europe finland

Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd is a company that provides IT services at top quality and the company is very serious about this claim. They have been created way back in 1996 and have tons of experience and one of the main choices for data center and services if you want professional expertise. They have opened their first data center back in 2006 and they have been growing in terms of services they offer exponentially. Over years, they have created cost-effective data solutions and their system enables complete control over the servers, high availability, extreme security, and good energy efficiency.

Here are the main parameters offered by Creanova when it comes down to its colocation hosting solutions:

80 euros per month for startup.
10 TB bandwith.
IP addresses IPv4 2
IP addresses IPv6/112
Port speed 100Mbit/s

Cool Housing – Best Colocation Hosting In The Czech Republic

best colocation Hosting in Europe czech republic

Based in Prague, Cool Housing has its own data center and it has 3 server rooms in the city center. The company is directly located across the exchange having a server room approximate to it. The main core strengths of Cool Housing is that they offer UPS 70NET 40.33 and EATON 93PM-50 in their configuration that not only provides stable power to the servers, while eliminating spikes in electricity, but also minimize the risks of any power outages taking your servers down. They also have the latest technologies when it comes to data centers, having temperature sensors placed in the floors and even outside the data center halls.

The colocation services offered by Cool Housing have the following parameters:

18.95 euro per month startup for 1 tower server.
Small Tower case
50W real power input
100Mbps BASIC connectivity
Included Anti-DDoS Basic
1x IPv4, /96 IPv6
KVM over IP
Non-stop customer support

BlackNight – Best Colocation Hosting In Ireland

best colocation Hosting in Europe

BlackNight is a company that offers a wide range of colocation hosting choices. They offer single servers and they also offer full racks and private cages. You have the ability to choose among each of their 4 data centers. The main hosting features of BlackNight are:

Fast deployment and scalability.
Industry-standard 42U racks with dual 16A or 32A PDUs.
Direct access to the Blacknight Network with port speeds up to 10Gbps.
Power and network connectivity guaranteed by SLAs.
Flexible colocation options, with anything from a single server to your own private cage.
Multiple geographically diverse data centre options for high availability solutions.
24x7x365 remote hands. – Best Colocation Hosting In Hungary

best colocation Hosting in Europe hungary

If you happen to be in Hungary and are looking for best colocation Hosting in Europe for this part of it, then is your best bet. They started out as a free hosting service back in August 2003 and grew to be one of the most quickly known services, providing significantly more storage space to their users than their competitors would.

Started their first data center with IPv6 back in 2006, they have grown to create a second one in 2014.

Below you can see’s colocation hosting plan parameters and features:

/ 56 IP v 6 RANGE

BMIT – Best Colocation Hosting In Malta


BMIT is one of those companies that develop intelligent and secure infrastructure for IT solutions. According to their page, their main goal is to help secure the servers while in the same time solve complex development and networking issues at the same time. They provide Backup-as-a-Service solutions for each of their setups whether it is cloud or not. They also have a new partnership with Veeam and this allows them to optimize business operations and increase data security. They have one of the best IT and tech experts who constantly work to simplify and make unique solutions to customers.

Below, you can see BMIT’s colocation hosting features.

Rack space – per U
Power – 1A+
Bandwidth – 1Mbps+
Bandwidth type – dedicated and redundant
SLA availability – yes
Monitoring – 24/7
Managed services – optional
Optional services – yes – Best Colocation Hosting In Luxembourg


Visual Online, also known as has been created back in 1996 in Luxembourg back when they have started to set up the internet infrastructure, which gave the company head start to grow into one of the leading internet providers. Visual Online is an innovative and reliable company that provides internet services and hosting services both locally and internationally. Being a part of the Post Luxembourg group has allowed to have the appropriate financial and technical background to meet the most demanding specifications of customers in the hosting sphere.

Below, you can see Visual Online’s colocation hosting specifications:

Rack units 1
UPS & generator secured power included
Power included 0.25 kVA
Internet access on GE Port 20000 GB
One-time setup € 99.00
Site Contern (Tier II)
Price € 85.00
Technical support included
Included IP addresses 1 (more on demand)
Remote hands € 35.00 / 30 min.
Shared KVM € 19.00 / month

Hosting B2B – Best Colocation Hosting In Cyprus

Hosting in Europe

Hosting B2B is a strict company that offers localized server hosting, which is fast and secure. They aim to provide reliable connectivity along with 24/7 support. They have extensive experience in Corporate Hosting Solutions. Some of their main areas of hosting focus are Gaming, Blockchain, Betting, Forex. Hosting B2B have 99.993% uptime for your business and they offer to host in Malta as well as the UK. Their data centers are with the latest technology and have the highest ISO standards included.

1U Rack Space
10/100/1000Mbps Network Speeds
Cyprus Dedicated IP
Bandwidth – Performance Status
Dedicated Symmetric Internet
1 PDU Power (Metered)
Semi/Full Managed Services

Amplica – Best Colocation Hosting In Moldova


Amplica Hosting has been created back in 2010 and they are striving to be the best colocation hosting in Europe. Since then, they have quickly grown to be one of the biggest hosting companies in Moldova, offering Shared, Reseller, Web, VPS and Colocation hosting. THey also offer SSL certification, domain name registration web design and many other services. Their main mission is to provide top-level services and good quality of what they market. This is why they are constantly working on improving their services and the customer can see this improvement without paying anything additionally.

Below you can see Aplica’s colocation hosting parameters:

1U (Server)
Rack size 800×1200
Shared Colocation
5TB Traffic
1 IP address
1 Port C13
1 Network Port
1 Gbps internet speed – Best Colocation Hosting In Latvia

latvia is a Latvian company that offers to host and has data centers in numerous different countries in Europe. They have grown to be a well-known data center operator in Europe since they have been created back in 1999. Their constant development has gained them a lot of experience and they aim to continously improve every year. The colocation solutions offered by is Tier 2, up to Tier 4 safety standards, with constant control and 24/7 monitoring with lower costs. They also have full tech support and the required network infrastructure for both small and big businesses. They also have UPS deices, linked to diesel generators, meaning there will bee a constant supply of computational power, allowing customers to get the maximum quality for what they pay.

Below, you can see the parameters for colocation hosting:

Power: 2 x PSU connections included 400W
Switch Ports 1x 100Mbit/s

VPSNet (Esnet) – Best Colocation Hosting In Lithuania


VPSNet, also known as “Esnet” has a specialty in data center services. The company entered the data center business in 2008 and choosing those services, customers are not going to make a wrong decision. VPSNet aims to reduce customers’ costs and also save their time. The colocation service of VPSNet is scalable and is also flexible and the team has a lot of years in experience with data centers. The prices offered are one of the most competitive in Europe and the company is constantly improving, which makes it a decent choice and we think it is the best one in Lithuania at the moment.

Here are the features offered by “Esnet” or VPSNet in their colocation hosting plan:

Remote power control (PDU)
KVM control.
Agreed amount of the internet connection speed and IP addresses;
Physical protection;
Uninterrupted power supply (double electric terminals, generator, very powerful UPS);
Fire-fighting system;
Conditioning system;

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best colocation Hosting in Europe portugal is a company that is owned by Claranet Soho, the former Flesk Telecom in Portugal. They are operational since 2001 and have started to shape up as market leaders in domain name registration, server colocation and web hosting and they are a serious contender for the best colocation hosting in Europe. What is interesting about Dominios is the many features that they offer, and the fact that they offer one of the best Datacenters operating in Portugal since 2014, when they merged with Claranet Group. They offer services that include purpose-built datacenter, network integration to one of the largest IP networks with international connectivity and many other features, listed below:

Datacenter in Portugal
Redundant fiber optic connections
Monitoring connectivity failures
99.95% connectivity uptime (SLA)
Internal Gigabit Backbone
UPS Monitoring
Temperature monitoring
Constant monitoring of hardware and services (24 × 7 × 365)
SMS and email alerts for technical support staff in case of failure
Bandwidth graphics
Phone and email technical support
Dedicated server management by staff
Help and support for all software installed by
Ability to choose the control panel (H-Sphere, Cpanel or Plesk)
Unlimited component warranty
Personalized choice of operating system (Windows, FreeBSD, Linux)
Firewall configuration and management by
Backup to central server
Backup and Restore files via control panel
Dedicated primary/secondary DNS
Custom configuration of Reverse Zones
Various levels of technical support (Primary, Basic and Advanced)
Remote Reboot (IPMI, hardware dependent)
Guaranteed bandwidth, no traffic shaping or Premium levels.

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