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Israel Web Hosting

Israel is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world right now and this also reflects in their web hosting sector. If you are looking for a hosting company currently in Israel, then we suggest that you read this article thoroughly.

Web hosting is the type of business that has existed for quite some time in Israel. But with time, companies have started to evolve and offer a variety of different hosting services – shared, dedicated, managed, VPS, cloud, colocation, and others.

These categories of hosting allow each company or single customer to choose the type of hosting that they believe is appropriate for them in terms of logistics, scale, price, and others.

This is why we have created this “Best” review with the words “best in”. In it, you will see what we believe is the current leader in the specific hosting category for Israel specifically.

This is designed to make your choice easier because we all know that having to manually browse through hundreds of companies is very time-consuming. So, let’s go!


Best Hosting Companies in Israel

Below you will find some of the best hosting companies capable of providing reliable web hosting for Israel.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting VPS

A2 Hosting is the provider that has gained its name with the speed web hosting connection that its technology provides. The company provides 20x times faster turbo servers than the regular ones with high reliability and speed.

When it comes to price plans A2 Hosting has a variety of solutions from which you can take advantage. In terms of providing hosting services to Israel, A2 Hosting offers the perfect environment for web hosting worldwide.

Only now take advantage of the A2 Hosting discounts and save over 70% off the regular price and get shared hosting for $10.99 $2.99/mo.


Wix as well as the one the most popular website builders it also provide a great website hosting for their user which is using the builder to create their website.

If you wondering about how good WIX will be in Israel territory, so you need to know that the world-famous company is created in Israel, so no worries about the speed and reliability.

Don’t postpone anymore and host and create your stunning website in minutes with WIX without even having special knowledge in website creating.


Hostinger logo mexico

When it comes to reliable web hosting solutions at really affordable prices Hostinger is one of the best providers that are capable of offering you really good hosting service at an outstanding price.

The company provides a variety of services available and good for any type of website, no matter if it’s big or small you can get enough resources to keep it fast at any time.

Only now you have the opportunity to start or migrate your website on Hostinger and get over 80% OFF the regular price with free SSL and Domain name.


BlueHost VPS Hosting

When it comes to WordPress hosting BlueHost comes as the official recommended hosting provider that offers the best WordPress hosting services and not only.

BlueHost is one of the worldwide hosting providers that you can get in any part of the world and still receive great speed and reliability.

If you think of hosting your website on BlueHost have in mind that you can get a special price of $8.99 $3.95/mo by entering our link.


SiteGround is a company that is growing very fast and it is already one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. It provides worldwide web hosting with a user-friendly interface.

Having implemented the Cloudflare CDN technology, SiteGround has the opportunity to provide fast hosting services all over the world including in Israel.

Take advantage of the special SiteGround Prices right now and host your website for 12.99€ 5.99€/mo.


At the end of the day when you are ready with your website, the most important thing that the hosting provider can provide is the speed, that the reason why A2 Hosting is in our first place in today’s article about the best Israel web hosting.

Israel Web Hosting: Summary

  1. A2 Hosting: Best hosting provider overall – $2.99/mo

  2. Wix: Best for beginners – €8.50/mo

  3. Hostinger: Best in terms of pricing – $0.99/mo

  4. BlueHost: Best in terms of features: $3.95/mo

  5. SiteGround: Best in terms of managment: 5.99€/mo

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