How to Create a Hotel Website with WordPress in 2020

When looking for a hotel, we all jump to the computer and search for the right hotels in specific destinations and cities. We choose the right hotel according to its location and amenities. Still, in most cases, the brilliant design of a particular hotel website can immediately grab us and win our attention.

If your hotel already doesn’t have a website, creating a website specifically for it can be significant for growing its potential. Especially if you create an eye-catchy look and detailed information about the amenities you offer, this can lead to great success and new profits. If you like this idea, then do not stop reading, because today we will show you How to Create a Hotel Website in 2020 by Using WordPress.

Create a hotel website

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Website for My Hotel – What Do You Need to Know?

In every destination or city, no matter how big it is, there are different hotels. Each of them offers various amenities. It will be of great importance to future visitors if they are all featured on a hotel’s website. Specifically, we want to point out that you have to stick to new technologies and make your website beautiful with full information, pictures, and location.

Here are some examples of popular hotel websites that give you an idea of ​​what your website should look like and what it should look like to be preferred and have good potential:

  • Te Hihi
  • ForteVillage
  • The Colonnade Hotel
  • The Lucerne Hotel
  • Triumph Hotels
  • Creating a Hotel Website – What Do You Need to Create?

    However, before we start with our primary goal, we must note a few essential things that you should be aware of. They will help you succeed. First of all, it is vital to have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you want. Define your specific goal. It is also essential to have an idea of ​​how you want your website to look.

    For this area, appearance is significant. It will attract customers without any doubt if it is beautiful enough and catches the attention of visitors. If you are already aware of these factors, let’s move on to the others, which are definitely not insignificant.

    Present Your Hotel in Its Most Beautiful Light

    Each of your visitors wants to know what their accommodation will look like in advance. Thas means that it is very important that you provide everything your hotel has to offer on your website. Provide yourself with professional, eye-catching photos of the rooms, the restaurant, the gym, the garden, and each of the main objects in your hotel.

    If the quality of the pictures is professional, it will give you excellent potential and promote your website. That is one of the most critical factors, pay attention to it.

    Quick & Easy Access to Prices, Promotions and Room Availability

    If your visitors have already been impressed by your hotel’s appearance, you will move on to the next step – booking. You will dazzle the visitors even more if you provide them with all the necessary information. Pay attention to this factor as well. The intuitive interface of your website is crucial when making reservations. All the reservation and price information should be in easily visible places.

    Provide Good Reviews for Your Hotel

    If the ratings and reviews of your guests are positive,

    then this will attract more visitors. Many of them pay a lot of attention to this. If your hotel is repeatedly poorly rated, it will lead to lousy potential and few customers. Try to present your hotel in its best light.

    How to Create a Website for My Hotel

    We are now fully ready to move on to our primary goal. Once you are fully aware of all the factors, before creating your website, let’s take action now! Here you will find all the instructions you need, as well as a video with instructions. You choose the easiest method for you. Both guarantee success.


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    Follow the steps below to create a website:

    1.Domain Name and Web Hosting. 2.Install WordPress and Theme.

    What do you need before starting a website.

    Before starting site setup process, we strongly advise that you complete the following preparation steps:

    • Have a clear idea for the site's domain name. For example, good tip is to make it short and with focused keywords.
    • Make sure to have an active credit or debit card so that you can make online purchases with it.
    • Make sure you prepare a computer that has stable internet connection.

    Step 1: Purchase a domain name and web hosting type.

    1. Open your web browser and type "" as shown below. Then click "Web Hosting":

    2. Choose the hosting plan you prefer and click "GET PLAN".

    3. Type in the website name you wish and click "Proceed".

    4. Type in your account information and client information in the appropriate fields.

    5. Enter your purchase information and payment details.

    6. Review your total, tick the "I confirm" box and then click on "Pay Now" button.

    If you have done it successfully, this is what you should see:

    1.Domain Name and Web Hosting. 2.Install WordPress and Theme.

    Step 2: Install WordPress and an appropriate visual theme for your website.

    1. Log in to your account and click the "Websites" tab. Then click the "COMPLETE" button as shown below.

    2. Select "Start a New Website" and then select "Wordpress". For an online store, select "WooCommerce"

    3. Type your new separate WordPress login e-mail and password and click "CONTINUE"

    4. Click on "FINISH" if you don't want to add any offered features.

    5. Type "" in your browser and log-in using the WordPress e-mail and password you created earlier.

    6. On the welcome screen, click on "START NOW".

    7. Choose a theme that suits your site type and your preferences and requirements and click "SELECT" as shown.

    8. To install the theme, click "CONFIRM" as shown.

    9. Add any free optional extras to your WordPress and click "COMPLETE" as shown.

    10. When you see the "Your site is ready" screen, click on "GO TO DASHBOARD".

    11. Congratulations on your new site! This is your WordPress dashboard! You can use it to customize your site and change media in it. If you want to change the theme again, click "Appearance->Themes" and click the "Add New" button, as shown.

    You can preview and switch to another theme by clickig "Preview" and "Install" buttons respectively.

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