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Best Reseller Hosting in the USA

Inside the post you are reading now, we from Howtohosting.guide are going to quickly go over the Best Reseller USA providers as well as discuss why they are the best ones for the territory of the United States

Choosing an appropriate Reseller service will give customers the flexibility to offer users suitable plans for a diverse range of markets. Many reseller hosts are targeted to specific needs or to a general audience.

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What Is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of cooperation that is provided by a web provider to a name company with an option to get a disk space resold to a third parting website.

In this way, both users win, because the bigger company makes revenue from selling hosting and the smaller company gets budget services. In other words, disk space is rented from the bigger company to the smaller one.

Learn more about the reseller hosting here.

Best Reseller Web Hosting in the USA

In the lines below you will get to know the best reseller web hosting companies in the USA and what features they offer.

Liquid Web

The LiqidWeb Service makes it easy to commence your web hosting enterprise.

Whether you’re purchasing a VPS or Dedicated server to sell shared hosting accounts or using LiquidWeb’s free WHMCS plugin to sell cloud VPS or cloud dedicated products. The company offers servers in two US zones and in our EU zone.

Liquid Web Features

The program enables resellers to purchase Liquid Web hosting products at a discount, and to provide an all-embracing set of free tools just like:

  • FREE WHMCS License*
  • Free WHMCS Plugin for Cloud Products*
  • Free Standard SSL To Protect Your Customers
  • 24/7/365 Support for You**

More About the WHMCS Plugin

With the WHMCS plugin, you can build your own thoroughly customizable packages, add-ons, and services generate professional invoices, and also provide extensive customer support.

WHMCS empowers you to manage every aspect of your hosting business from within a particular interface, and because it’s built for automation, WHMCS is capable of handling everything from account provisioning and management to billing and email all by itself.

A FREE WHMCS License is included for members of Liquid Web’s Reseller Program.


HostGator is among the best companies for offering host plans. The company has dedicated programs that allow anyone to set up a convenient, easy-to-manage business in this industry.

All plans include unlimited bandwidth and other important characteristics such as emails, accounts, and databases.

With each program, there is a free WHMCS billing software and panel for managing the active reserves. This is very useful as it allows the reseller plan holders to monitor the server status and set up their own preferences and details on the leased machines.

HostGator Features

Like all modern companies, practically all modern programming languages and environments are supported. This also includes optimized servers and 24/7 support. HostGator is also well-known for including in a Reseller Club Account.

  • 24/7/365 Premium Support via Phone and Live Chat
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Latest WHM Control Panel with Multi-language Availability
  • Server Status Monitoring
  • Free WHMCS Client Management / Billing software
  • Unmetered Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Private Name Servers based on your Domain

One of the main benefits of choosing HostGator is the inclusion of the account holders to the Reseller Club – membership, which gives many discounts on domain names and easy management.

The support portal is one of the richest among providers – has over 500 video tutorials. Practically all popular programming language environments and script compatibility modules are also provided.


AccuWeb offers a good selection of several plans, among other services.

The company has more than 14 years of experience as it dates back to 2002. It started as an affordable Windows-based provider and quickly grew out to provide other plans and expanded rapidly based on its success stories.

AccuWeb powers all of its servers on SSD devices, which are fine-tuned to provide the best performance.

The reseller plans can be purchased both on Windows and Linux hosts and can be featured both on shared or VPS machines.

Features that come with every available AccuWeb Reseller USA plan:

  • Hyper-V Virtualization Technology
  • Control Panel – SolidCP
  • Unquestionable 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Affiliate Program

AccuWeb is maintaining data centers in Denver (USA), London (UK), South Africa, Mumbai (India), Singapore, and Sydney (Australia) and new ones will soon be available in Frankfurt (Germany) and Ohio (USA).

The reseller plans include the RVSite Website Builder, which is used to create sites easily. The Sofaculous installer is also bundled, allowing clients to install scripts and complex content management systems easily without resorting to manual intervention.

In terms of security, the company includes anti-SPAM policies and multiple backups generated automatically.


The Smarterasp is USA company is among the most well-known providers. It was established in 1999 and operated in several data centers around the world.

It is a fast-growing and debt-free enterprise and serves half a million websites. Compared with other companies, the support staff and engineers are graduated in computer sciences or related degrees.

Smarterasp Features

There are four reseller plans which do not require a set-up fee with all essential services built-in. The environment is based on the Windows Server 2019 with an isolated applications pool.

The email service is based on the Smartermail Enterprise Edition. The reseller plan includes an easy 1-click installer for all popular content management systems and scripts.

  • Anti-virus, anti-spam protection
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • 24 X 7 Support
  • Smartermail Enterprise Edition
  • SQL Data Hosted On Separate Servers
  • SQL Reporting Service 2016, 2012
  • Full Trust And Medium Trust Supported
  • IIS 10.X, IIS 8.X Manager Remote Access Allowed
  • The SmarterASP company is well regarded for their Windows offers — they are one of the biggest companies that still offer Microsoft-service servers.

    They also have a free trial offering, which is not so often found in companies. Their data centers operate at some of the essential locations.

    mochahost reseller hosting

    MochaHost is one of the well-known companies offering reseller packages. The plans range across both shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud types of offerings.

    This gives customers a diverse range of possibilities in choosing the most appropriate service.

    MochaHost Features

    The MochaHost offers company works on 100% green servers and includes many extras built-in in all plans without paying additional taxes.

    One of the essential features implemented is the renowned NEVER Reboot Protection, which is part of all VPS plans. MochaHost offers 180 Days Risk-Free on all projects.

    Even on the cheapest plan, a specialized Free Domain Reseller Account is included.

    • Free Domain Reseller Account
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Free SEO Tools
    • Mocha Load Protection
    • NEVER Reboot Protection
    • 180 Days Risk Free
    • Uptime Guarantee

    MochaHost is a reliable choice for offering reseller packages as it includes a lot of features even with the cheapest plans.

    The 180 days risk-free money-back guarantee is one of the best ones across the hosting landscape. All servers are configured to be GDPR compliant, and with the excellent SEO tools provided, the users will be left assured that their sites will rank high.


    NameCheap operates host as part of its rich portfolio of plans and services.

    There are several plans which can be selected based on the data center location — the United States or the United Kingdom. All of the plans include unlimited traffic, a free domain, and privacy protection.

    Depending on the choice the users can choose between the cPanel or WHM panels for administration.

    NameCheap Features

    NameCheap offers all the important features that users expect from hosting. The plans are bundled with the Softaculous installer making it very easy to install complex scripts and applications on the servers.

    • Unmetered Traffic
    • Free Domain Name
    • 24/7 Support
    • Anonymous Nameservers
    • WHM Control Panel
    • Choice of Data Center Location
    • Free Privacy Protection

    Security standards are of a very high level as all servers are guarded against hacking attacks and potential intrusions. The plans themselves are flexible and allow for sites to be started for a very low price.


    InMotion offers a wide range of hosting. There are plans on shared hosts and managed VPS (Including ones with built-in WHMCS) that provide adequate hosting for all needs.

    The benefits of choosing this company are the convenience of having access to a fully managed host with easy setup and migration – the company has developed a Launch Assist onboarding feature which helps users get started with their business.

    The server infrastructure is optimized for complex scripts and systems such as WordPress and Drupal, as many clients usually install them.

    InMotion Features

    The InMotion plans and servers are optimized in order to scale as the business grows and this comes with 24/7 technical support at all times.

    • WordPress Optimized Stack Available
    • Scalable Resources
    • Easy to Manage with cPanel and WHM
    • Patchman Malware Protection
    • Correro DDoS Protection

    Final Thoughts

    Reseller Hosting is considered to be one of the most important plans that many companies provide and maintain.

    Customers are mostly looking for flexible solutions that will allow them to provide other users with top performance, many options, and an affordable price.

    For the reseller customer, it is important to have access to the administrative panel from where they can monitor the status of the leased servers and current accounts.

    FAQ's Web Hosting

    What Is Web Hosting?

    A web hosting service is a type of Internet service that allows individuals and organizations to upload their websites on the internet. For example, if you create a website or some kind of content that needs to be accessed by other internet users, you need to host it on the internet with the help of a specific service. This practice can be done by buying a plan.

    There are different types of solutions like:

    Shared Solution (Server shared between many users)
    Dedicated (A dedicated server only for you)
    VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    Cloud (services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud).

    Start Your Website NOW! Get SiteGround Managed WordPress Web Hosting. Only for 5.99 €/mo!

    What Is Domain Name?

    Domain Name is a unique identification mark that defines your site, in other words, it is the name of your website.
    Every site has a different domain name which makes it recognizable in the networking space.
    Examples for popular domain names:

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Facebook

    and every other popular or unpopular site you have ever heard.

    How Much Does Hosting Cost Per Year?

    The cost of host services varies according to your needs. For every site, it's a different price and it depends on what host provider and plan you are going to choose. For example, if you choose the "StartUp" plan of the SiteGround shared solution, the price you are going to pay is around $100 per year. But if you have a bigger company and you need better performance the service can cost you more than $1250 per year for a normal plan of a Cloud solution.

    Which is the Best Web Service for Starting a Website?

    There are a lot of different host services available like Shared, VPS, Cloud, etc.
    But which one is the best to start with. Judging from our experience the best service to start with is shared solution.
    Even there are a lot of different opinions about how it is best to start your site with this type of service. Here you can find out why shared solution is the best for your first website.

    How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting Service?

    There are a lot of host providers that give a free domain name when you become their client. But how to get a domain and host service? We all know the free services are not the most reliable. If you want to start your website make sure you have Google-Friendly Domain Name.

    How to Change/Migrate your Web Host Service?

    If you think that the host service you use doesn't satisfy your needs, it's time to undertake a migration.
    Migrating a site is a very vast topic and there can be thousands of reasons for moving from one company to another.
    The easiest way to migrate without losing any information is to use a migration tool like Duplicator .
    There are also a lot of different tools with which you can do this work. Here you can find the best migration tool for you.

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