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When it comes to hosting topics Martin is here to help. He has developed experience in researching and writing about hosting services. Focusing on what’s important and trendy, you can expect guides, reviews, and tips. He’s what we call our own hosting nerd – always researching and writing new helpful content.

Best Cheap VPS Hosting in Brazil

VPS Hosting in Brazil article image

The Virtual Private hosting solution is a preferred option by many because it is a great platform for personal websites, small-to-medium-sized business websites, or eCommerce marketplaces. In today’s article, we will be focused on the Best Cheap VPS Hosting in…


HTTP vs HTTPS article image howtohosting.gude

The use of the HTTP protocol as opposed to its secure version (HTTPS) is becoming a major issue in most contemporary sites. More and more applications and content management systems enforce the use of HTTPS, and the former “unsafe” HTTP…

Best Joomla Extensions

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A bare-bones Joomla CMS installation can present the perfect building platform for any website or portal. However, in some cases, its core feature may not be enough in some particular circumstances. For these reasons, the website owners will need to…