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TOP 10 Most Popular Types of Websites You Can Make with WordPress

Interesting fact about the networking space is that in every minute over 375 websites are created, which means that while you are reading this paragraph there are over 48 new websites started working in the networking space.
For a great number of different websites available out there, it should be normal to sort them in different types. Today we are going to show you the 10 most popular types of websites in the networking space.

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1. Blog Websites

The Blog website most often in an online website which provides information about different topics and posts. The content in chorological way. The blog site is regularly updated and can be run by only one person. The content of a blog website is mostly informative.

2. Business Websites

The business website is an online website which represents your business and the main purpose of this kind of websites is to advertises ones business.
In the business website you should have information about your business, the location, the products you offer and everything that costumer needs to know about you. In this type of website is important to have an e-commerce section that present the stuff you sell or the service you offer.

3. E-commerce Websites

E-commerce website is online shop which directly sell products and services. In this type of website, you can buy stuff and pay via credit/debit cart or via different payment platforms. There different options in the e-commercials websites like putting your favorite products in “wishlist”, put the products you are going to buy in the “cart” and much more options according to the different types of e-commerce websites.

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4. Educational Websites

The educational websites have very vast coverage and they refer to every type of website for educational purposes and has in its content stuff like games, lessons, articles, online courses and similar content. This type of website can be great towards the children and the adolescents.

5. Brochure Sites

The Brochure websites are often small websites with only few pages which presents ones business. The main purpose of that kind of websites is to give the most important information about your business and it acts like an online version of a business card. Brochure website are mostly used by the hotel, guest houses and similar types of businesses to advertise their services.

6. Media and Entertainment Sites

Media website is regularly updatable website which focuses on the current affairs, the daily problems the trends, sport, weather and everything which is happened and is going viral. The content of the media websites is very big and every day they upload big number of posts, articles and news.

7. Nonprofit Sites

Nonprofit website is most often a portal to an online foundation, it is not classed as a business website but it still needs a website to work. This type of websites show the customers how they can get involved with different activities, donate, and support different causes.

8. Portal Sites

The portal website is website which brings information for a lot of different sources like news websites and present all this info in one place. The best example for portal webiste is Yahoo This kind of website is place where you can share everything and every user can login and receive only this kind on information which he needs.

9. Personal Sites

The personal website is a place where you describe yourself. There you can post pictures of yourself. This type of websites looks like digital CV.

10. Portfolio Sites

In the portfolio website you can show your talent if you are musician, writer or any type of artist you can post your works in your portfolio website. You can describe yourself and show what you are capable of. The portfolio website can help you finding job if you are freelancer.

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