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10 Most Common Mistakes While Building a Website

This article is created to best illustrate to you what are the most common mistakes while you are building a website and why these mistakes are important for the website’s future.

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Nowadays we are submerged by various types of websites with different content. However, not all are successful enough. We cannot deny that to build a perfect website is an extremely difficult and responsible task. Not everything is about giving the site a beautiful look. Even a little carelessness can lead to big mistakes that can damage your website. Today we will introduce you to the most common mistakes while you building your site.

Building a Website – The Research

If you want to focus on building a site, with the idea “revenue” and “conversion” in mind, do not simply think form, but rather focus primarily on function. This is why, just like with any project in life, you must focus on your website’s research.

We suggest that you begin your research by defining the main areas where functional improvement should be applied:

Your website’s subject (topic) area and related sub-areas – for example, technology news site, forum, online retailer store, etc.

Your main visitors’ sex, and gender – this will help for design and marketing.

How old are the users that visit your site (based on your site’s subject area).

The average time people spend while visiting your site before they exit (helps you decide how to design conversion buttons).

Mistakes While You Building a Website

Building a website can be a difficult task to master.

If you wish to build a site that is serious, that will be professional and generate a lot of traffic and hence revenue to your business, be prepared to know a few details. One very important fact is that most businesses that create websites and try to switch and adapt to them usually tend to struggle. This is because a well developed and thought out site needs to adequately respond to all of the needs of the visitors it will have.

It is a very often mistake for most businesses to simply focus on building a website that is beautiful, thinking that it will immediately result in high conversion and a lot of revenue.

However, this is not exactly the case as the site needs to also be made with the word “revenue” in mind. This means that you need to build a website to be focused on the type of visitors that you will be having then just rather make something fancy and pleasant for the eye.

The fancy design makes it difficult for the users of your site to buy something in it, may make the it slower, and may drive users of your site away from it.

Fixing these mistakes takes work, but it’s not rocket science!

With consistent effort, you can dramatically increase the amount of traffic, leads, and sales. It starts with identifying each of the mistakes that hurt your website.

1. Poor Use of Content and Whitespace

content imageContent is one of the most important and significant elements of every site. It shows the users what products or services you offer. This is why you need to be extremely careful about the fonts you choose and how content is laid out on the page. The other thing that is certainly not unimportant is the Whitespace. One of the big mistakes which people make is putting too much text in their websites. This is boring for the customers and often they just leave the website. You can use whitespace to focus your user’s attention on what is most important.

2. Not Building It Device-Friendly

device-friendly imageOur Phones are the most used devices in our everyday life. The total number of smartphone users in the world is over five billion people. This fact will prove to you that your website must be device-friendly. The easiest way to provide this is to build a responsive design. This is one of the most important features. Every responsive site has a great appearance on every mobile device. Do not underestimate this recommendation!

3. No Favicon

tab imageMost of the visitors use lots of tabs while they are browsing. It is a kind of convenience for them to quickly see your site logo and memorize it so that they can switch quickly between tabs. Other users just leave the tabs open and they view them later when it is possible. Favicons orient the visitors and help them to find what they have searched, easier, and faster. If your site has no favicon, it has a great chance of disappearing from the user`s attention. So you can create a noticeable favicon.

4. Hidden Navigation

north imageNowadays every person who actively uses the Internet wants everything to be provided quickly and easily. If your site fails to provide this, then it is in great danger of failure. Navigability issues can definitely kill your website`s popularity very fast. The navigation menu is a very important feature. If you make it hard to find this is one of your biggest mistakes.

Each of us has ever entered a site where he cannot find the menu or the search bar. And of course, he left it immediately. You need to be sure that the navigation aspects of your website are understood easily. It is a big advantage for you.

5. The Ads In the Wrong Places

marketing imageAds will definitely earn you extra revenue, but this does not mean to submerge your site with them. Too many ads are very annoying for a big part of the users and it is a mistake putting adds everywhere. We suggest an easy way to analyze your ads: imagine that you are a user, it is irritating to see all those annoying add, isn’t it? Maybe the users of your site will be annoyed, too. You also have to pay very special attention to the pop-ups. If they are available, then you can be sure that they repel lots of people. If you can successfully reconcile them, then your website will definitely be beautiful and popular.

6. Loading Very Slow

clock imageThis is one of the most annoying things for every user and a significant mistake that needs to be corrected. If your site loads too slow, the visitors just leave it. We are not talking for 10 seconds waiting, or even under 5 seconds. A big part of the users are waiting only 2 seconds. And if this duration is exceeded, your site is slow. Do not forget that, this is an important factor.

7. Unclear Fonts

calligraphy imageThis is the first thing that the users notice – the fonts. Cursive fonts or hand-down shrifts can be really difficult to read. Using too many fonts also annoys your visitors. The unclear fonts can fast reduce your website`s popularity. Most of the people prefer content that is easy to read and also easy to think about. Fonts which are unreadable, are such a big mistake for your success. You must be very careful.

search box imageThe search box is an important part of every site or forum. It is a convenience for the users. Especially if you have an eCommerce site, then you definitely need to have a search box. It makes the site so much easier to use. It is not necessary to search through the pages for something that is interesting for you. You just type it in the box and you find it. Do not miss this feature, it will be a big mistake for your website’s popularity.

9. No Contact Information

contact book imageCustomers need to get in touch with you. This is an important part of the structure of your site. This is definitely one of the easiest mistakes to avoid so you must be very careful. Just add a “Contact” page link and you are ready. Leave a phone, email, or even your Facebook page. It will be useful and it is not hard to make it. You also must reply fast. This is also such an important thing, do not miss it!

10. Ignoring the Data Analytics

Data Analytics imageThe analytics programs can help you to track the traffic and be up to date. With them, you can prevent problems with the popularity of your site. You can identify which pages are most successful and which ones need a change. This is certainly an advantage for you and also it is not unimportant. Pay attention to it, it will be helpful and useful.

Additional Tips

Having the mistakes in mind is one detail at hand. Another one however is to do your research carefully. Here are 4 tips that may help you foresee what is ahead of you and decrease the margin for error when building a website:

Advice #1: Building a Site In Sphere You Know a Lot About

Building a site for something that you are currently doing as well as have significant experience in or something that you are currently attempting to offer is probably the most effective suggestion you might have. The main suggestion behind this is that what you have as experience will be put in practice as well as you will certainly have space for additional advancement as you continue. Besides this, you can establish the website to produce much more revenue by increasing your horizon. Not just this, however, if you do something that you have an interest in, there is a 0% chance it will e boring for you.

Advice #2: Is the site an investment or for permanent use?

Allow us to think that your site will jump in value as well as traffic in the future. We all should understand that websites with an excellent domain and clear function go from hundreds to thousands of dollars as well as some special ones are even worth millions. So if you want to develop a blog and then turn it for greater resale worth, bear in mind that you should be extremely mindful in analyzing the demand and thus the likelihood of somebody getting your blog site for themselves. This means evaluating the subject of trends that will certainly be popular in the future.

Advice #3: Selecting the right niche for your site

Picking a particular niche you intend to build a webpage around is a really crucial topic. The main idea is that according to the “Scope of Penetration” marketing design, targeting a newer and much more primitive niche that is not very popular but has interest indicates a simpler competitive infiltration and for this reason, it is less complicated to do well. Not only this, yet additionally you have a much better opportunity in staying on top in Google. This causes the site to be a lot higher in popularity as well as also to be extra successful in the future also. But then again, you do have to calculate the risks associated with it, since the niche may not become “the next big thing”.

Advice #4: What is your budget?

It is a really vital step to have a clear idea of what you want to pay for your project. As well as we are not talking just funds, but time invested too. Paying for a domain is one thing at hand, however, the danger behind that is that the site might turn out to be not successful and also can not enhance your profits. This indicates that it is a poor investment. If your site is improving every month, after that you need to keep investing money and time in it, because these are strong indicators for future success.


Fixing the mistakes is a big advantage for its popularity. Today all the users become more and more impatient. But your website has is no benefit to its existence if you do not have an audience. Without visitors, it will never succeed. So, if you make mistakes while you building a website, you won`t have many users in it. Be careful and avoid all of the mistakes. This is the key to success!

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