Fast UK WordPress Web Hosting Services for 2020

Over 36% of all websites in the world wide web use WordPress as their content management system, and this necessitates the need for fast web hosting WordPress services.

Almost every hosting provider nowadays offers WordPress hosting plans. These plans come very handy for the users that know what exactly they want, and the realization of a WordPress project becomes an effortless job.

In today’s article, we are going to show you which is the Fastest WordPress web Hosting Providers in the UK for 2020

fast web hosting

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List of TOP 6 Best UK WordPress Hosting

We have researched and found the best 6 fastest WordPress web hosting providers in the UK in 2020. Considering the fact that there are differences between all of the providers make sure you have written to the end of the article before choosing the one for you!

Hostinger Fast WordPress Hosting in UK

Hostinger offers an amazing WordPress hosting plan that costs only £0.99 per month. The value that you receive for such a price is impressive.

Hostinger is one of the top hosting companies with the fastest web hosting in the UK with more than 29 million users. They provide amazing services with many different features at a very low price.

Hostinger Speed Test and Features

If you choose to invest in Hostinger’s plans you will receive the latest version of PHP, their custom caching plugin that will help you to boost the speed and the performance of your website, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 10GB of disk space and 24/7 customer support. Another great thing about Hostinger is that that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Average response time for Hostinger’s services: US 140 ms (W), London 37 ms, Japan 238ms.

Hostinger is a great and affordable choice, and you can’t go any wrong with it.

Kinsta Fast WordPress Hosting in UK

Kinsta is a company that provides one of the best hosting plans for WordPress – the Managed WordPress plan.

The price for the starter plan is $30 per month, and it offers up to 20,000 visitors to your site, free SSL and CDN, 1 WordPress installation, and 10GB of disk space.

Kinsta Speed Test and Features

Kinsta is one of the top hosting providers in the UK, and it offers:

  • 22+ Google Cloud platforms to choose from
  • Expert support that will help you with any issues
  • A highly secure network that includes daily backups
  • Security protocols
  • Firewalls
  • Uptime checks, etc.

  • Kinsta’s services are very fast because they do provide MariaDB on Google Cloud Platform, LXD containers, and the last PHP version.

    Another great thing about Kinsta is that they provide free migrations from other hosts. That means that if you already have a website on another hosting provider, they can transfer your website for free.

    Kinsta’s speed performance tests show a fully loading time of 392ms which is very fast.

    SiteGround Fast WordPress Hosting in UK

    Fast Web Hosting

    SiteGround’s WordPress plans are very well-optimized and they go together with many specific WordPress features. Just like most of the best hosting providers, Siteground has data centers all over the world. They offer their WordPress plan for £2.95 per month and it includes 10GB of disk space, 24/7 support.

    SiteGround Speed Test and Features
    Other great features SiteGround offers include:

    Custom caching system (the SuperCacher which is a custom plugin that gives you the ability to enable caching);
    Auto-updates and SSL with a single click;
    Free SSL, free CDN;
    Support for WordPress, custom plugins, free migration.

    Siteground’s speed test shows US(W) 140 ms, London 68ms, US(E) 89ms.

    A2 Hosting Fast WordPress Hosting in UK

    Fast Web Hosting

    A2 Hosting is another reliable UK hosting company that provides WordPress hosting services. Their slogan is “Our speed, your success” and their services are very well-optimized and fast.

    They have multiple data centers around the world and a data center in Amsterdam (for the UK). They offer free SSL, SSH, CDN, daily backups, staging environment, unlimited disk space, and caching options.

    The price that they offer for the WordPress hosting is $3.92 per month, and the managed WordPress hosting starts at $13.00.

    A2 Hosting Speed Test

    The speed tests of A2 Hosting shows 285ms and 99.93% uptime.

    WP Engine – Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

    Wp Engine is a hosting company that only offers Managed WordPress Hosting. They are specialized in providing only this service, and they do it very well. They offer their caching plugin named EverCache, and CDN to help you minimize the loading time of your website.

    They are one of the fastest hosts around, and their least expensive plan costs $35 per month and includes unlimited space, 24/7 support, free SSL, and staging environment. Other pros of the WP Engine services are the DDOS protection and threat protection.

    WP Engine Speed Test

    Fast Web Hosting

    The speed of the Wp Engine is amazing. There are websites hosted on Wp Engine that load for less than 1 second, which is incredibly fast.

    WP Engine’s overall score is 97%, and its speed is 0.9s.

    GreenGeeks Fast WordPress Hosting in UK

    Fast Web Hosting

    GreenGeeks offers amazing WordPress hosting services. They provide unlimited disk space to their users, live chat, 24/7 support, 30 days testing period, and their plan costs $2.95 per month.

    They also offer enhanced security, free CDN integration, auto-updates, and WordPress migration.

    Green Geeks Speed Test

    GreenGeeks is a lightning-fast WordPress hosting provider. A standard website hosted on their servers typically loads for about 1 second.

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    Your Final Choice

    All the hosting providers mentioned in this article would be a decent choice for a WordPress hosting in the UK. As you can see from the images the full load time of all of them is less than 1 second and that is great.

    Despite that fact, make sure to check all of the features and services that they provide. Don’t be hooked only by their numbers because speed is very important, but it is not the only thing that you should watch out for when you make your choice. Read reviews, opinions from people who have used these hosting providers and make sure you have chosen the right one.

    FAQ's Web Hosting

    What Is Web Hosting?

    A web hosting service is a type of Internet service that allows individuals and organizations to upload their websites on the internet. For example, if you create a website or some kind of content that needs to be accessed by other internet users, you need to host it on the internet with the help of a specific service. This practice can be done by buying a plan.

    There are different types of solutions like:

    Shared Solution (Server shared between many users)
    Dedicated (A dedicated server only for you)
    VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    Cloud (services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud).

    Start Your Website NOW! Get SiteGround Managed WordPress Web Hosting. Only for 5.99 €/mo!

    What Is Domain Name?

    Domain Name is a unique identification mark that defines your site, in other words, it is the name of your website.
    Every site has a different domain name which makes it recognizable in the networking space.
    Examples for popular domain names:

    and every other popular or unpopular site you have ever heard.

    How Much Does Hosting Cost Per Year?

    The cost of host services varies according to your needs. For every site, it's a different price and it depends on what host provider and plan you are going to choose. For example, if you choose the "StartUp" plan of the SiteGround shared solution, the price you are going to pay is around $100 per year. But if you have a bigger company and you need better performance the service can cost you more than $1250 per year for a normal plan of a Cloud solution.

    Which Is the Best Host Provider in USA?

    As we all know the USA is a great market anything and there are hundreds maybe even thousands of providers, that offer their host services. And here the question comes: Which are the best providers in the USA. Here you can read Top 10 Best providers in The USA, and find out which is the best one for you. Finding the best provider for you depends on your business, your model of working, and your needs. Have in mind that every provider offers contrasting services and has its pros and cons. So, make sure that you have researched carefully before you start using certain services.

    Which is the Best Web Service for Starting a Website?

    There are a lot of different host services available like Shared, VPS, Cloud, etc.
    But which one is the best to start with. Judging from our experience the best service to start with is shared solution.
    Even there are a lot of different opinions about how it is best to start your site with this type of service. Here you can find out why shared solution is the best for your first website.

    How to Get a Domain Name and Hosting Service for FREE?

    There are a lot of host providers that give a free domain name when you become their client. But how to get a free domain and free a free host service? As we all know the free services are not the most reliable but sometimes they can do pretty nice work. If you want to start your website for free you can use host services like 000WebHost.

    How to Change/Migrate your Web Host Service?

    If you think that the host service you use doesn't satisfy your needs, it's time to undertake a migration.
    Migrating a site is a very vast topic and there can be thousands of reasons for moving from one company to another.
    The easiest way to migrate without losing any information is to use a migration tool like Duplicator .
    There are also a lot of different tools with which you can do this work. Here you can find the best migration tool for you.

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