Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in the UK

In the following article, we are going to take a look into the Best Fast UK Managed WordPress Hosting providers and discuss which are the best ones and why.

Before we proceed with the list of the hosting companies and their services, let’s take a quick review of the “Managed WordPress Hosting” and get you more familiar with it.

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a service that is being provided by web hosting companies. This service includes all of the technical aspects that you need to run your WordPress website. This is a very important and convenient feature, and if you are going to be building a WordPress website, we strongly advise you to choose a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Why Is Fast Managed WordPress Hosting a Necessity?

Over 90% of users tend to lose patience if they try to open a website that loads slowly. We are pretty sure that you know yourself how unpleasant it is. Let us dive deeper into the article and tell you more about the speed, security and other important things that are related to the managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting Is Fast?

The biggest advantage of managed WordPress hosting is the faster site speed. The hosting companies are providing dedicated servers for your website, which means that you are going to have a server that works only for you. You are not going to share the resources of the server with many other users and their websites.

Thus, you are going to use its full capacity, and your website will be as fast as it is optimized.

Managed WordPress Hosting Is More Secure?

Another reason that you might consider to choose the managed WordPress hosting is security. The security of a website is very crucial, and it should be reviewed very well before you start to invest in your web project. Many threats might succeed in bringing your website down.

Such threats are DDoS attacks, malware, and viruses. All of these threats can harm your website, help hackers steal some of your information, or take your website down.

WordPress Managed Hosting is famous for its enhanced protection. Most of the hosting providers implement a good level of protection, and taking your website down will be a very hard job for hackers or viruses.

Offers Daily Backups

Providing a daily backup is also very important for the managed WordPress hosting companies, and it is something that you should think about when you choose your plan.

The reason to have an alternative backup of your website is that in case something unwanted happens (and believe us it happens quite often), you can always restore your website to its previous state with your backup.

Includes Full-Time Support

The support is yet another essential thing. There are dozen of cases that you might experience the need for support, and the good news is that the Managed WordPress hosting in most of the cases offers full-time support.

When you are running your WordPress site, there are many things that you should take care of, such as the installation, database, connection between database and domain, installation of a theme, configuration, and many more. If you are not experienced enough, or you just started developing WordPress websites, you might experience some difficulties, and the support provided by the hosting company would be much appreciated. We can assure you that.

Number Of Websites Allowed

The number of websites allowed is another crucial thing that you should pay attention to. Some hosting providers allow you to have more (2-5) sites, while others will allow you to have only one site in your plan. Make sure that you get what you need and don’t regret your choice later.

Traffic Limitations

Some hosting providers have traffic limitations in their plan that you will probably not notice if your website is doing some average traffic of 5,000 – 10,000 visitors per month. Still, in case some of your content goes viral, and you get many more visitors to come across your website, you might experience downtime, errors, or problems.

To avoid this problem, make sure that you carefully review the managed hosting plan that you are about to invest in.

Bonus Free Domain Name

Some hosting companies allow their customers to get a domain for free when they buy their hosting plan. This is not a big deal, but an average domain costs about 17$, so if it is offered for free, why wouldn’t you get it.

After all that has been said, let’s get to the heart of the article.

Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in The UK

We are going to give you our professional advice on the top 6 hosting providers in the UK that provide the Managed WordPress Hosting service.

eUKhost Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

The eUKhost company has 4 data centers in the UK, and all of their hosting plans come with a free domain, backups, and 24/7 support.

They offer a great WordPress hosting, which starts with 5gb of storage space and allows you to have up to 5 different websites.

All of the WordPress plans come with automated anti-malware and virus scan functionality, and they have DDOS protection.

The complete set of features includes staging environment, clone options, smooth migration, one-click login, firewall, caching options.

The price of their service is £3.99 per month.

The eUKhost is a great hosting company that offers excellent features, but the only thing that we don’t like is that they have limited storage space of 5GB, which is not that much.

Hostinger Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

Hostinger is on the top of our list because its price is very affordable. It is fast, easy, and impressive.

Hostinger is a hosting company that has over 30 million users. You can imagine the scale of this company. They are huge.
The plans offered by Hostinger have features that are provided by all of their competitors. Still, Hosinger’s prices are much lower than the rest of the companies.

Hostinger offers Fast & Managed WordPress Hosting. All of the things that are needed by a WordPress site are included in their plans.

Such features are:

The last version of PHP;
Included caching plugin to improve performance;
Top security features ensured by their partners – BitNinja;
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime;
24/7 Customer support;
30-day money-back guarantee.

Another great thing that comes with Hostinger’s managed WordPress plan is the GitHub integration, and in case that you are a more experienced developer or designer, this might come very helpful to you.

If you catch a sale you might buy the managed WordPress Hosting from Hostinger for only £0.80 per month, which is the price for one site. This is a great price for a perfect start.

Kinsta Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

The next hosting company that offers managed WordPress Hosting in the UK is Kinsta.

Kinsta is another great managed WordPress hosting provider in the UK that offers quality services. To host their website, Kinsta uses the platform of Google called “Google Clour Platform“.

They have over 15 data centers all over the world, and you can choose which one you want to use. Differently from some typical shared hosting systems, Kinsta allows you to set each of your websites in a different private server, so you are going to be completely protected from potential problems concerning security.

On top of that, Kinsta offers even more great features to its customers. Such features are the integrated CDN, SSL certificate, 1-click backups, staging environments, and many more!

All of these features are included in the price, making it a little bit higher.

In our view, Kinsta is the best choice for bigger websites that are going to have a global audience.
If you want to have a small to a medium-sized website that is not big e-commerce, forum, or a high-traffic site – you might consider going for the SiteGround’s offer.

SiteGround Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

As we already mentioned – the next hosting company that offers managed WordPress hosting in the UK is SiteGround.

Their plans are great and very well-optimized, and they also include additional features. They have data centers all over the world and one of them is in London.

The SiteGround team did an amazing job adapting WordPress with an innovative caching system called SuperCacher.The SuperCacher is a new specific feature that makes the process of adding SSL, updates, and caching to your website a single-click job.

They offer three different hosting plans for WordPress, and the most affordable one starts at only 2.90£ per month.
If you decide to choose SiteGround, you will get a Free SSL + CDN, WordPress support, custom plugins for caching, options for auto-updates, etc.

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A2 Hosting Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

A2 Hosting offers both shared and managed WordPress hosting plans. The servers that they provide for their users are very well-optimized, and they do have many data centers all around the world, and last but not least, they have amazing support.

Differently from some of the other hosting companies that offer managed WordPress hosting, the A2 Hosting offer hosting plans that come with unlimited disk space. This is a very important thing to have in mind if you are going to invest in a big website.

Another great thing about the A2 Hosting is that you will get free SSL, migrations and it is money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service.

Their hosting plans start from $3.90 per month, and the Managed WordPress hosting starts at $13.00 per month.

WP Engine Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

WP Engine and its – Managed WordPress Hosting is the next hosting company to review on our list. The only thing they offer is the managed WordPress Hosting.

Still, they are doing a great job. Their service costs $35 per month, and for that price, you will be able to use their caching plugin called EverCache and also include CDNs to reduce the loading time of your website.

They offer 24/7 support and provide a staging environment for their users. The WP Engine hosting company also provides DDOS protection and threat detection, and thus your website will be much more secure.

GreenGeeks Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

GreenGeeks provides managed WordPress hosting, and to be honest, they do it pretty well.

They offer unlimited disc space of each of their plans, free SSL, free migration. They have 24/7 support and will allow you to test their services, and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.

Their cheapest plan starts at $2.95 per month, and they do include enhanced security, auto-updates, and CDN integration.

HeartInternet Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

Number 8 in our list of the Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in the UK is HeartInternet.

HeartInternet is loved by the community and is known for sponsoring big events and conferences. They are also pretty solid, like a WordPress hosting company. They offer managed WordPress hosting with unlimited bandwidth disk space, quick setup, and options for migration.

It is essential to point out that they don’t have any of their data centers outside of the United Kingdom. Keep that in mind, if you need to invest in a CDN to reach an audience in the USA, for example.

The plans for this hosting cost £9.49 per month.

HostGator Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

Hostgator is a veteran in the hosting business, and they hold the most affordable hosting plans.

Their service includes 1-click installation, auto-backups, free migrations, advanced security, free SSL, automatic scan, and removal against malware.

The price of the hosting provided by the HostGator company is 5.95$ per month, which is relatively low compared to the rest of the companies.

An important thing to have in mind is that HostGator doesn’t have any servers in the United Kingdom, so you might consider getting a CDN as well.

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InMotion Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

InMotion Hosting is well-known for its high-quality services and WordPress solutions.

Similarly to other hosting companies, the InMotion Hosting offers 90 days of testing time for their services, and if you are not satisfied they will give your money back.

The price of InMotion Hosting is $7.26 per month and includes 40GB of storage space.

They do offer DDOS protection, hacker and virus protection, firewall, and everything needed to protect your website from different kinds of attacks.

They offer a staging environment, drag, and drop builder, and many more great features. With this plan, you get the domain for free.

BlueHost Fast Managed WordPress Hosting in UK

fast UK managed wordpress hosting

Bluehost is the last hosting provider on our list, but still, it offers great services. BlueHost is well-known for its cheap pricing, but still, they offer great services. Its price is $3.95 per month for its shared hosting package, and it is capable of over 100 million visits per month, which is stunning.

WordPress managed plans include SSL and Sitelock security, which is very important for the trust and security of your website.
The pros of BlueHost are that they have decent security, included CDN, and ensure stability with high visits.

The cons include its rocky reputation and the limitation of 30gb disk space that they provide.

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Our Final Thoughts
There are many hosting providers in the UK that you might consider to go for. All of them are good, but you need to find out which one is appropriate for you. Take your time, do a review, discuss the idea of your website, check which of these hosting providers best fits your needs, and then make your choice.

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