Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to create a website for affiliate marketing that will generate you profit in the long term via affiliate banners, web links and other affiliate methods, you have come to the right page. We want to show you not just how to build such a website for affiliate marketing, but also how to set it up so that you can boost revenue in it.

Marketing via affiliate strategy is growing sharply in popularity. Teams and companies build up genius website that attracts specific web traffic, which boost revenue. In this article we will share some experience on how to create a website for affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing Website

To create a website is easy (see the 2-step guide below). But to turn it into a money-making machine is a whole different ball game. Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable methods for making a website these days. But what is it?

The most simple definition of Affiliate marketing is when you select a product you want to sell, market it via your site or somewhere else and earn commissions per sale made. So the more sales you get, the more money you will make.

But, before you even begin to think about making a lot of money via affiliate marketing, you need people on your website. And this is where it gets interesting – how to reach the target audience that is most likely to buy. And also how to generate a substantial followers and subscribers to your network so that you can promote your products and have a stable monthly income from your affiliate website.

What You Need to Create Affiliate Website in WordPress and Grow It

As we said, the guide below will show you how to start your blog. But this is not all. You will need to have several important key areas to think about before you create a website for affiliate marketing:

You will need to choose a niche topic that you will be marketing – the newer it is, the easier it is for you to rank higher in Google.
You have to find an affiliate program – the place where you will get your products and commissions. There are several popular sites and services, like Amazon Associates, Commission Junction and Share Scale.
You need to think how you will place the product you will promote – is it through blog posts, banners or some other clever way.
You should be very clever with the management of your affiliate links. There are tons of plugins that help you track you affiliate links and perform bulk actions with them. (Replace 100 broken links with 1 click).

When you have taken care of those actions, be advised that the next step which you will require is to begin earning affiliate money. But this is not a step that will happen immediately. In fact, to generate such sales, you have to make sure to get the necessary audience on your site.

You may have 10,000 or even ten times as many users in the site, but if they are not the types of users who want to buy the product you are marketing, you cannot make money. So be advised to take it slow while growing your audience and focus on attracting the right audience for what you are selling.

You can track if the people who are reading your affiliate website are the right ones by using Google Analytics and other types of tools. There are even tools out there, that can help track the movements of users on your websites and the time spent on each web page. The more time they spend, the better it is for your website. And the more comments they leave will help you to keep them engaged and become trustworthy seller for them.

Be advised that there are 4 main ways via which someone may enter your web page:

If they are looking for your site in specific.
If they want a solution for their problem.
If the user searches for information that is partially available on your site, but may suddenly become interested in what you are selling.
If the user has landed on your site, specifically to buy.

If you are starting a website. try to put more attention in the users who want solutions for their problems. Then, you can focus on other types of users. The biggest jackpot is if you hit an audience that will be specifically looking for your site, but this is by far not an easy task.

But be advised that this is not the only way people can end up on your page. To maximize the traffic you will also need to invest some time in creating as many social network profiles as you can manage. Users often visit websites by the mainstream media sites, like:

Even TikTok.

And the best thing about it is that the more click bait and interesting your content on these networks is, the higher the probability it will become viral and this can boost your website for less than a day.

But bear in mind that you can also go in the long-run and create tutorials and also other useful content that will benefit you over days, months and even years time and create a sustainable audience in the meantime.

If your affiliate website topic allows it, we recommend that you try it all and see if both approaches work out for you.

How to Optimize Your Affiliate Site for Profit

If you have already created a website for affiliate marketing and want to increase your revenue and affiliate earning, you now need to maximize the conversion margin.

We have prepared several cool tricks that you would want to apply. You will need to have Google Analytics for these to work. And always remember that Google Analytics will help you see the important details, that will help boost your site:

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Where are people mostly visiting (on which page).
Which page is most likely to make more money.
Which pages are earning the most so far.
What can be done to update or create new pages that will target the converting audience (that is most likely to buy).

Also, bear in mind that there are tons and tons of plugins that help you pinpoint from which affiliate links have users clicked on and made a purchase. This will also help you see which of the products you are selling converts better than another product.

Basically now you are an expert in how to create an affiliate website!

Go out there and take what’s yours! Follow the steps below to begin.

Instructions to Start a Website for Affiliate Marketing

The steps below will help you get create a website for Affiliate Marketing. They have the steps that will help you start a cool looking website that will be exactly as you imagine it.


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Follow the steps below to create a website:

1.Domain Name and Web Hosting. 2.Install WordPress and Theme.

What do you need before starting a website.

Before starting site setup process, we strongly advise that you complete the following preparation steps:

  • Have a clear idea for the site's domain name. For example, good tip is to make it short and with focused keywords.
  • Make sure to have an active credit or debit card so that you can make online purchases with it.
  • Make sure you prepare a computer that has stable internet connection.

Step 1: Purchase a domain name and web hosting type.

1. Open your web browser and type "" as shown below. Then click "Web Hosting":

2. Choose the hosting plan you prefer and click "GET PLAN".

3. Type in the website name you wish and click "Proceed".

4. Type in your account information and client information in the appropriate fields.

5. Enter your purchase information and payment details.

6. Review your total, tick the "I confirm" box and then click on "Pay Now" button.

If you have done it successfully, this is what you should see:

1.Domain Name and Web Hosting. 2.Install WordPress and Theme.

Step 2: Install WordPress and an appropriate visual theme for your website.

1. Log in to your account and click the "Websites" tab. Then click the "COMPLETE" button as shown below.

2. Select "Start a New Website" and then select "Wordpress". For an online store, select "WooCommerce"

3. Type your new separate WordPress login e-mail and password and click "CONTINUE"

4. Click on "FINISH" if you don't want to add any offered features.

5. Type "" in your browser and log-in using the WordPress e-mail and password you created earlier.

6. On the welcome screen, click on "START NOW".

7. Choose a theme that suits your site type and your preferences and requirements and click "SELECT" as shown.

8. To install the theme, click "CONFIRM" as shown.

9. Add any free optional extras to your WordPress and click "COMPLETE" as shown.

10. When you see the "Your site is ready" screen, click on "GO TO DASHBOARD".

11. Congratulations on your new site! This is your WordPress dashboard! You can use it to customize your site and change media in it. If you want to change the theme again, click "Appearance->Themes" and click the "Add New" button, as shown.

You can preview and switch to another theme by clickig "Preview" and "Install" buttons respectively.

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