VTiger CRM Hosting + SiteGround Review

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Hosting is something that is is gaining more and more popularity as businesses continue to look for various solutions that will meet their hosting requirements. One such solution is VTiger.

What Is VTiger CRM and How It Works?

VTiger CRM is a customer relationship management platform used by 300,000 companies to boost business revenue that is basically a software solution or a service. It allows your business to be able to interact with the current and potential customers. The main activities of the VTiger CRM system is to control personal information on a given site. For example, if you are selling products online, the VTiger CRM platform will track the personal information of your customers and site visitors, starting since the first moment a customer sets foot on your website, as a user. The platform continues to track users during the purchase and even after that. The main idea here is to boost your business by providing you an overview of customer behavior, allowing you to not only find new clients, but also develop strategy to retain the current ones.

VTiger can be installed in a standalone installation from its own website. There, you can find a lot of information about the tool. It’s main platform appears like the following:

What Features does VTiger CRM has to offer?

The main features of this innovative customer relationship management platform are:

Synchronizing with all known applications and cloud services of office applications (Microsoft Office, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365) to import contacts, activities and emails
Managing daily tasks such as phone calls, appointments and emails.
Complete management of contacts and profiles.
Managing of recommendations and turn them into sales opportunities.
Complete management of sales activities and potential future sales.
Management of the possibilities for making a deal.
Detailed monitoring of traders’ activities. (for a financial trading website)
Creating lists of current and potential customers.
Automatic execution of promotional activities.
Support for many types of promotional activities.
Analysis of the productivity of sales opportunities and promotional activities.
Questionnaire and survey design and response management.
Monitoring communication with customers in detail regardless of the channel (phone, fax, email, SMS, etc.).
Observe the history of price offers and create new ones based on the previous ones.
Flexible monitoring and use of all data to manage sales opportunities (sales stages, competition, recommendations, partners, participants, estimated time and revenue, level of success, etc.)

When we tested it, we found the software to be quite easy to learn, but it was packed with so many features that we could not exactly knew which one is for what. Thankfully, VTiger team offers a solution for that that is again, standalone. It offers the following extras:

Hiring of a CRM Expert for several days until the implementation is complete.
Assessing of the goals of the business.
The design of the CRM, since it could be very custom.
The implementation process.
The sign off process.
The training process of the administrators who will be responsible for its management.

Why SiteGround Hosting in Combination with VTiger May Be a Good Idea?

If you know about VTiger or are looking for a good and easy to implement CRM platform to your online business, guess what – your job just got a whole lot easier. Many hosting providers are now using CRM platform implementation as a part of attracting more customers to register with them. Here comes SiteGround, that offers a very low price for its free CRM platform installation. The solution of SiteGround includes:

  • CRM Tool Installation.
  • Registration of your domain name (site name).
  • Registration on several server locations.
  • Free CRM Website building.
  • Free Transfer.
  • Daily Backup.
  • 24/7 Support via Phone, Chat and Ticketing system.
  • Servers that are specifically optimized to handle CRM Platform.

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Seeing SiteGround to choose VTiger is a good thing, because SiteGround are one of the global leaders in the hosting sphere right now, which speaks a lot about VTiger itself. They aim to make sure that the CRM tool runs smoothly on their servers and the sites of customers are supported the best way possible, which is good.

Below you can find detailed information, regarding SiteGround’s plans for CRM hosting with VTiger:

VTiger CRM With SiteGround – Summary

To summarize, VTiger CRM with SiteGround in our opinion is an idea to consider if your are looking for quickly setting up a new website for online sales with little or no experience in the field and to make it without breaking your bank. But we did find some details that could be improved regarding VTiger, so to summarize this, here are the pros and cons of VTiger:

What We Like

Very user-friendly.
Reliable tracker with alerts to maintain control.
Meets all the CRM requirements.

What Could Be Improved

Sometimes customizing documents is a bit of a challenge.
Changing between subgroups is a bit more complicated.
Its mobile app could use more preferences to tinker with.

What Do Customers Think About VTiger

During our research we found several interesting reviews of VTiger on Trustradius. Here are some of them:

JUNE 04, 2019
Vtiger All-In-One is fast, user-friendly, and customizable
Nomar Norono
Inbound Leads Team Lead
GB Advisors, Inc.Computer Software, 11-50 employees
Score 8 out of 10
Since day one, GB Advisors did an extended research in finding the best CRM for them. They decided to go with Vtiger All-In-One. They use it on all the departments and areas. From sales to support and even marketing. It manages all the logistics and internal proceses. It really helps with the organization and coordination of the projects, specially keeping the track of ticketing, leads, and opportunities.

APRIL 25, 2019
Vtiger will continue to be used at our company, even with Syndigo Onboarding
Ellen Evans
Marketing Analytics & Sales Planner
PositecMarketing and Advertising, 1001-5000 employees
Score 7 out of 10
VTiger is used for our company’s CRM. I use Vtiger to pull product data and to match up product groups across the organization. I also input the keywords for other teams to use when setting up the products for retail. It’s the piece of collaborative software that holds all of our true, this-is-it source-of-truth product information. We are still using this while we are also using Syndigo.

JANUARY 31, 2019
Vtiger: a wonderful compromise
Verified User
General Manager in Engineering
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Company, 1-10 employees
Score 7 out of 10
We have used three different CRMs in our small business. We currently use VTiger because it combines email integration, email campaign tools, quote capability, invoicing, and payment capability into one tool. This avoids a lot of duplication and allows our salespeople to carry the customer through the entire process. Other CRMs required add-ons and exporting to other services in order to meet our sales and marketing needs.

NOVEMBER 16, 2018
My honest Vtiger Review
Miguel Nuñez
Information Technology Project Manager & Quality Assurance
GB Advisors, Inc.Computer Software, 51-200 employees
Score 9 out of 10

Personally, I think that Vtiger is one of the best CRM out there, it has many pros. I think that the biggest one is that it is cloud based so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and such.

We use Vtiger to manage our customers, from the organizational point of view to opportunities management, using almost all modules, we even use the interviews module to keep track of our HR process.

We have also integrated our calendars to show our important meetings in Vtiger, and the dashboard give us great insight information on our internal processes.

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