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SiteGround Hosting Review

The UK is currently one of the most preferred hosting destinations. And of course, the most something is searched the most it’s offered. There are hundreds of hosting companies offering their services on the UK market.

Considering this fact, if you are directing to get the UK hosting for your website, you need to spend some time researching and reviewing what will be the best for your website.

It today’s article, we are going to take a closer look at one of the leading hosting companies in the UK and not only – SiteGround. In our SiteGround UK Hosting Review, we will take a closer look at its speed, support, price, and say our verdict if the SiteGround UK hosting is the right decision for hosting your website.

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SiteGround UK Hosting Speed

Getting speed as one of the essential features for website development and also a very vital Google ranking factor we made a few speed tests to see how the SiteGround hosting is going to perform.

For the first test, we used a default 2020 WordPress theme hosted on the SiteGround UK hosting. We measured the speed by using the GTMetrix tool during a period of time. After that, we took the average result and got the time of 1.2 seconds of a page loading-speed and 99.9% Uptime. That was the results of our first test.

In the second testing, we used a little bit different method and pinged the SiteGroud’s London server using the Pingdom tool. We get the great result of 8ms. The results from our tests can ensure fast content delivery and fast page-loading speed.

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SiteGround UK Hosting Support

Problems and issues always pop up in the most inappropriate moment. So, good tech support can save you a lot of time and headaches.

The SiteGround company has 24/7 live support which consists of fast and knowledgable live chat with has a good problem-solving rating, phone support, and Helpdesk tickets, which are mainly used if you suffer a complex problem. The hosting company also provides another type of support – Instant Self-help. There you can find smart AI chatbot, automated solutions, and pinned help on every page.

The average support time in which they respond is 15 min.

SiteGround UK Hosting Features

SiteGround features are the main reason for the great performance and speed which they offer. They have invested in the best technology to provide the best user experience. Now let’s see some of their outstanding features.

SiteGround SuperCacher

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This is a feature specially created for SiteGround. If you are using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal you can use the feature without any problem. Another plus is that the SiteGrund SuperCacher is free and it is included in the standard hosting solutions.
SuperCacher main options:

  • Static Cache
  • – The website pages are cached and saved on a different server, which is getting updated once every 24 hours.

  • Memcached
  • – Caching results from database queries in RAM and if the same query is needed, it will be instantaneously taken from the RAM.

  • Dynamic Cache
  • – Cache web pages created from PHP and a database, you need to install a plugin to get this option working.

  • Google PageSpeed
  • – This option is a server level module that makes your site faster, by enabling mod_pagespeed in your Apache server.

    NGINX Direct Delivery

    siteground NGINX direct delivery image

    NGINX Direct Deliver is a method to serve the static content of your website using the try_files functionality of NGINX. It is used to serve static files just like images, CSS, JS, and other files.

    By using this method SiteGround company removes the static content from its servers, which makes them faster, but still finds it and serves it super fast directly from the NGINX, skipping the communication with the Apache webserver, which really optimize the server speed.

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    Next Level Speed Optimization

    To achieve this speed results the company has invested in a lot of different technologies. They have some additional tricks on their plans which optimize the speed even better.

    SSD Divers on All Plans
    – Whatever hosting solution you are going to use the SSD driver is guaranteed.

    Real-time Server Health Checks
    – To have full control over their servers SiteGround provides non-stop server checks and detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically. There is a server check in every 0.5 sec.

    A Software Stack Optimized for Speed
    They run on an in-house implementation of Linux Containers with Apache as a web server and Nginx as a reverse proxy. They also provide custom PHP handling setup further optimized with OPCache extension. The platform is built to provide an incredibly fast hosting service.

    Latest Speed Technology
    SiteGround provides innovative protocols like HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling, and QUIC and also the newest PHP versions.

    Price Deals by SiteGround UK Hosting

    SiteGround provides different hosting solutions at different prices. They have Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

    The price of the first three solutions is the same.

    Hosting type Features Price
    Shared Web Hosting/
    Managed WordPress Hosting/
    WooCommerce Managed Hosting
    Unlimited Websites (Tap to Close)
    Unlimited Websites
    40 GB Web Space
    ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
    Unmetered Traffic
    Free SSL
    Daily Backup
    Free CDN
    Free Email
    Managed WordPress
    Unlimited Databases
    100% renewable energy match
    30-Days Money-Back
    From 5.99 €/mo to 13.99 €/mo.
    Clould Hosting
    From 2 - 8 CPU Cores (Tap to Close)
    From 2 – 8 CPU Cores
    4 – 10GB Memory
    40 – 120 GB SSD Space
    5TB Data Transfer

    From 64.00 €/mo to 192.00 €/mo

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    SiteGround UK Hosting – Final Thoughts

    After reviewing all the essential aspects of the SiteGroung Hosting, now it’s time to give our verdict and say our final words.

    Without any doubt, we give SiteGround 6/6 stars and can say that it is perfect in any aspect. It provides super-fast servers and amazing loading speed, it has knowledgable and fast-responding support, innovative technologies implemented on their servers and the prices that they offer are affordable.

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