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Top 6 WordPress Website Builders for Your Site in 2020

WordPress is an open-source CMS that allows its users to create stunningly looking websites and creating a fully working and responsive website was never easier. WordPress allows us to create our websites in a new, innovative way. We can use many WordPress Website builders that help us to create beautiful pages in a matter of minutes.

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There are many plugins and builders that you can use with WordPress, and in this article, we are going to review the top 6 of the best WordPress drag-and-drop builders.

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Beaver Builder

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Beaver Builder is one of the best WordPress Website Builders, it is very fast, and it comes with a built-in tour that will guide you through its features and, thus, quickly familiarize yourself with its functions.

The Beaver Builder is very easy to use and has everything you would ever need to be included in it. This builder has many modules and lets you add almost anything you may want to your website.

There are many different sliders, buttons, content blocks, buttons, carousels, and many more. This builder also comes with more than 30 very beautifully designed templates that you can use to create your page templates in a matter of seconds.

The Beaver Builder is very user-friendly, and even the new WordPress users are going to be able to efficiently work with it.
The price of the Beaver Builder is $99, which is the license for Unlimited website usage.

Divi Builder Plugin

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It has over 550,000 customers, and it provides amazing features and support. All these make Divi one of the best WordPress website builders. Yet, if you don’t want to buy the whole theme because of some reason, the Divi team allows the WordPress community only to buy the Divi Builder Plugin, and thus they can use it on their websites.

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The Divi Wesbite Builders Plugin has all of the features that you would have if you have bought the Divi theme when it comes to building pages.

This plugin is very easy to use, very customizable and comes with over 20 different templates for many different kinds of websites.

Similarly to the Beaver Builder, with the Divi Builder, you can edit your page in real-time on the front-page and see your changes. You do not need to go back and forth from the back-end to the front-end to see your changes. This is a convenient feature and makes the process of website creation a much better and enjoyable task.

All you have to do is drag and dropping different elements and adjusting their options.

The Divi builder comes with 46 different content modules that allow you to drag and drop anything, anywhere on your layout. You can choose from 3 different section types, twenty-row types and you can also customize any of the elements with advanced settings for its design.

Divi WordPress Website builders have no limitations, and with it, you can create any custom page or layout you want within minutes!
Another great thing that Divi has is the export feature. You can create a design and then export it, and then you are going to be able to use it on every new page you want.

The pricing of the Divi builder is starting from 89$ per year, but there is a lifetime plan as well.

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Elementor WordPress Builder

elementor wordpress builder image

It’s one of the most common and powerful WordPress builders. Just like the Beaver and the Divi builder, it is a live page builder, which means that you see the changes that you do on your front-page, just as you edit it.

You can start by creating sections, and then put different widgets and elements inside. You can use a large variety of elements, starting from a simple one like an image element and going to more advanced ones like sliders, accordions, testimonials, different tabs.

If you do not find yourself a very creative person and you can’t build a nice-looking layout, you can always use the ready-to-use templates that are built-in in Elementor. It is effortless to add them, and everything that you will have to do is to edit them.
Elementor’s price is 49$, and this is the price for a single site.

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Visual Composer WordPress Builder

Visual Composer WordPress Builder image

Visual Composer is the next WordPress builder on our list, designed to help you build beautiful custom layouts very fast. It also has the drag and drop function, allows you to add elements out of the box, variety of professional templates, and many other powerful features. The visual composer enables you to customize the content and the appearance of any element on the front-page.

You can create beautiful layouts, slideshows, carousels, and also many more fancy features like gradients, parallax effects, zoom-in or zoom-out, flexible grids, columns, and rows.

Visual Composer supports Yoast SEO plugin and Google Fonts, and it is designed for professionals with attention to the details, color choices, and consistency in the design.

The price of Visual Composer is 59$ for a single website.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder image

Another great WordPress builder is the Themify builder.

Themify is quite a popular theme that offers its built-in builder – the Themify builder.

Themify is a very simple and highly innovative and intuitive builder that also comes with a few ready-to-use modules that you can use and apply to your posts or pages. Most of these modules require you to install additional plugins to work.

The Themify plugin includes 40 pre-designed and pre-made layouts that are suitable for many different topics or businesses. There are layouts for music, restaurants, photography, workouts/gym, portfolio, online shopping, etc.

Like most of the other builders – there is an easy one-click install option that can be used to implement the whole post or page design to the page you want with a single click.

Using the Themify plugin, you can easily edit the content of your pages either from the front-end or from the back-end. The price of this plugin is 39$, and the beautiful designs and the great futures that are included are worth that price.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin image

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is another WordPress page builder that has more than 1 million active installations, and he is one of the most popular builders in the market of WordPress. One of the reasons it is so popular is probably the fact that this page builder is free, and yet it is still very functional.

Apart from the other page builders that are very easy to use, the page builder by SiteOrigin is a bit more complicated. Or at least until you get more familiar with it.

This builder has many components, and one of them is the widgets. The Site Origin Page Builder comes together with a few own widgets.

Different from some of the other page builders, this one comes with an interesting feature that grants you the ability to switch back and forth to different moments of changes that you made on your pages or posts. This is a great feature because it can save you time and ensures you with peace.

After all, you will never be worried about losing something or getting something wrong on your website. We would agree that this plugin is good, and if you are looking for a free alternative, this is probably one of the best out there.

Our Final Thoughts
All of the page builders that are available for use in WordPress are great and have similar purposes. All of them have drag and drop implemented functionalities, and thus the creation of a website becomes as easy as building blocks.

No matter which page builder you are going to choose, most of them will fulfill the job to help you build an amazing website. Yet you might find this task easier with some of them.

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