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Total Reviews 1409
Average Score 4.2
Phone 1-720-249-2374
Email [email protected]
Address 414 14th St. Denver, CO 80202

Number of Reviews

1.4k+A lot
* With recognized as the focus of this article, know that the data hereby included is taken from over 1409 reviews. That should be a good observation into the quality of this hosting.

Avg. Review Score

* With an average score of 4.2, stands on top of host companies in the industry. That sets an example on how to run such a business.

Customer Support

* Support techs hired by are lacking in experience, but are developing new skills and know-how regarding to hosting topics to be of more use. Reviews by Country reviews from United States

Average score 4.17
Number of reviews 475 reviews reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 3.97
Number of reviews 111 reviews reviews from India

Average score 4.06
Number of reviews 75 reviews reviews from Canada

Average score 4.24
Number of reviews 67 reviews reviews from Australia

Average score 2.68
Number of reviews 31 reviews reviews from Turkey

Average score 4.61
Number of reviews 30 reviews reviews from Egypt

Average score 4.64
Number of reviews 27 reviews reviews from Spain

Average score 4.14
Number of reviews 26 reviews reviews from Pakistan

Average score 4.10
Number of reviews 25 reviews reviews from Germany

Average score 3.95
Number of reviews 21 reviews reviews from Saudi Arabia

Average score 4.90
Number of reviews 20 reviews reviews from Philippines

Average score 4.50
Number of reviews 18 reviews reviews from Thailand

Average score 3.92
Number of reviews 15 reviews reviews from Switzerland

Average score 4.73
Number of reviews 15 reviews reviews from Indonesia

Average score 4.13
Number of reviews 15 reviews reviews from Brazil

Average score 4.54
Number of reviews 14 reviews reviews from Mexico

Average score 4.69
Number of reviews 14 reviews reviews from Singapore

Average score 3.86
Number of reviews 14 reviews reviews from Colombia

Average score 4.56
Number of reviews 14 reviews reviews from Vietnam

Average score 4.54
Number of reviews 13 reviews reviews from Israel

Average score 4.67
Number of reviews 12 reviews reviews from Morocco

Average score 4.33
Number of reviews 12 reviews reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.25
Number of reviews 12 reviews reviews from Italy

Average score 4.58
Number of reviews 12 reviews reviews from United Arab Emirates

Average score 4.18
Number of reviews 11 reviews reviews from Belgium

Average score 4.16
Number of reviews 10 reviews reviews from France

Average score 3.40
Number of reviews 10 reviews reviews from Hong Kong

Average score 4.44
Number of reviews 10 reviews reviews from Denmark

Average score 2.44
Number of reviews 9 reviews reviews from South Africa

Average score 4.49
Number of reviews 9 reviews Plans

$6.00 / mo.
Disk Storage
10 GB
Top Features
  • Bandwidth 100 TB
  • Panel cPanel
  • Number of Sites 1
$8.00 / mo.
Disk Storage
100 GB
Top Features
  • Bandwidth 1000 TB
  • Panel cPanel
  • Number of Sites 25
$13.00 / mo.
Disk Storage
Top Features
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Panel cPanel
  • Number of Sites Unlimited
Digital Ocean Droplets
$18.00 / mo.
Disk Storage
Top Features
  • CPU –
  • RAM 0 B
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
Website Builder
$3.99 / mo.
Disk Storage
256 MB
Top Features
  • Bandwidth Unlimited Information Score

Headquarters Full info
The main Headquarters of is located in 414 14th St. Denver, CO 80202.
They are maintaining their servers within a highly secure data center.
Phone Available
You can ring up by using their line at 1-720-249-2374 for disambiguation of your inquiries.

Note! You, yourself should call this number to confirm it is current and so on and so on
Pricing Cheap has affordable pricing for their gamut of services and people should be okay with them in every department.
Products AVERAGE
By having 5 range, will get you somewhat advanced host combinations. Test them if you can beforehand.

Conclusion Review at

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Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

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