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Liquid Web Hosting REVIEW

In today’s article, we are going to dive into the Liquid Web hosting company and review and cover all the essential questions like website speed, uptime, support, and price. Reviewing and testing all these sections, we are going to see if the Liquid Web is worth hosting your website on. Our team’s insights can give you a clear idea about whether it is worth using the host or not. Now let’s move into action.

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Which Is The Best Liquid Web Hosting Plan?

Liquid Web Hosting provides its users with a variety of hosting plans. To start our test, we will use the Managed WordPress hosting with the Spark plan, which is a premium option.

The “Spark Plan” price might sound expensive. It is $19 per month, but the plan really gives users a lot of features. The great thing about it is that the page views and the traffic are not limited. Staging sites are provided, which means that you can test any changes without interrupting your website work. High speed and support are also included.

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What Are the Results of the Liquid Web Speed Testing?

The speed is a critical Google ranking factor, and it is vital for hosting to be speedy. Luckily, Liquid Web hosting scores excellent results, and it’s the fastest hosting we have ever tasted.

For the test, we used a standard default WordPress theme, and Liquid Web’s average results of load time were 0.8 sec. The test was made through the GTmetrix tool. By the time we tested and used the Managed WordPress Hosting, we got 100% fantastic uptime, which was not expected.

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What Do You Get for the Money You Pay? – Price Deals by Liquid Web.

For the stuff you get the price of the plan may be a little be higher, but you need to know that it doesn’t have any hidden taxes and no traffic limit, which means that if your website makes more traffic, you will be in excellent condition with the Liquid Web managed services, but if you are stating just now, it will be a good idea to use a budget-friendly option for your website.

How Fast is the Liquid Web’s Support

During our experience of testing and using, we faced some technical issues, which was a great chance to test their support. So, we had an immediate answer, and the problem was fixed. We can say that the support is knowledgeable and very swift, which is expected of a premium hosting solution support.

Can You Run WordPress Website on Liquid Web Hosting?

With the managed WordPress hosting solution Liquid Web gives its users the possibility to run their sites through WordPress without any problems. So, the answer to this question is definitely – YES.

Liquid Web Review – Conclusion

After our review of the Liquid Web, we can give the hosting service an 8/10 rating, a very good score indeed. Considering the fact that the support, the speed, and the uptime are amazing, we can say that this hosting solution justifies its price. For smaller websites, it is not the best option but for bigger websites with more traffic, it is definitely worth the price.

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