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HostGator Hosting Review

Flicking through the vast number of different hosting companies, in today’s article, our attention is caught by one of the biggest hosting companies out there – HostGator. We will review and test the speed, uptime, support, and price of the HostGator Hosting company. Based on our test, we will share with you insights about the qualities of HostGator hosting, and help you decide if it is worth hosting your website on. So, let’s start with our HostGator hosting review.

Which Is the Best HostGator Plan?

For the means of our test, we will test HostGator managed WordPress hosting with the “Starter Plan” for one site price 2.75$/month.

What Do You Get for the Money You Pay Using HostGator.

The price of HostGator WordPress managed plan is $2.75/mo. For lower price hosting services, you obtain a lot fewer speed and features than here. So, we can say that the price is lower than the average expectations and beats the competition in this sphere.

For this price, you get:

  • 1 Site
  • 100k Visits Per Month
  • 1GB Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Included

What Is HostGator Site Speed?

Keep in mind that speed is a critical Google ranking factor, and everything above 3 seconds is not satisfying, so what we need is less than 3 seconds load speed. For our speed test, we used a default 2021 WordPress theme with the managed WordPress hosting. The results we got as not as good as we expected. The test was made with the GTmetrix tool, and there it scored 3.2sec loading speed, which is a little bit slower than it should be. On the uptime test, HostGator got better results and scored 99.8% Uptime.

HostGator Web Hosting Customer Support By Clients Opinion?

HostGator includes three different support options like 24/7 chat, phone, and email support.

Support Response Time

The observations show us that the support staff of HostGator seems knowledgeable, well-trained, and friendly. There are no issues with the support.

Support Interface Usability

HostGator has a specific contact page. You can choose between live chat, call, or email connection with them.

How Fast Is HostGator’s Support

HostGator’s support is not the best you can expect from a hosting company. The live chat answer took more than 25 minutes after we shared our question. The issue we had got more than 48 hours to get resolved. We can say that support is knowledgeable but quite slow.

HostGator Hosting – Clients Opinion

Clients’ reviews and opinions are essential before you make a choice. Here you can read various views that can be helpful if you are still hesitant to choose HostGator.

Trustpilot Comments:

TurstPilot.com comments and opinions about Hostgator shared hosting.

User 1

trustpilot user review image 1

I’ve used hostgator for 10 years. They used to be much better than they are now. I wish they could go back. Don’t buy cheap reseller hosting from them. You will have trouble galore. We didn’t do too bad when we had a VPS with them, but their support in the last 4 years or so has become unbearable to work with. The bureaucracy is huge. You can’t talk to anyone knowledgeable anymore. It’s all tech-support workers reading from scripts and tutorials.
I planned on leaving them 2 years ago, but I have so many sites on their server that it would be a huge time commitment to move them all. Hope I can find the time to do it. I really don’t like them.

User 2

trustpilot user review image 2

I love HostGator
I love HostGator, and your support team is fantastic. Everyone is always friendly, patient, and helpful that I can not recommend you enough. Keep up the good work, guys (and gals, of course)!

User 3

trustpilot user review image 3

Very poor security included in hosting, you need buy it extra..It was my big mistake to buy 3 years hosting.
Don’t do the same mistake.

Quora Users Comments

Now you can see also come more comments about HostGator from quora.com/Quora forum.

User 1

quora user review image 1

TLDR; No. It would be a mistake going with hostgator.
I have been hosting my websites for years now, and when I initially opted for hostgator, their service was unbelievably good, with great customer service. I have recommended it to several friends and associates in the past few years.
That said, I’m very sorry to say that their quality of service has declined, and severely so, over the years, and now it is unbelievably pathetic, and the company seems to be in a sorry state.
One can figure out from their support replies that they don’t really care much about how their customers feel and this tells me a lot about where their company is headed, that is, when the management becomes apathetic and indifferent towards the company and its operations.
All I can say is that their service is unbelievably bad, curt to the point of being rude, and they behave like they’re doing their customers a favor by even condescending to reply to their support requests.

User 2

quora user review image 2

Hostgator is one of the biggest, household web hosting names for a reason. But their regular, shared hosting option is just great for someone who is starting out – it’s not for people who are truly serious about their website. While Hostgator shared hosting average uptime is good – 99.97%, their speed isn’t.
I have been using Hostgator since 2007, I have a blog hosted with them. The following are the reasons I love hosting with them.
Reliable hosting: HostGator guarantees an uptime of 99.99%. If you experience downtime below that, then you will get back one month credit on your account.
Generous money back guarantee: HostGator offers 45 days money back guarantee. Normally, web hosting companies do not offer a money back guarantee to exceed 30 days.
Flexible billing periods: You can choose between monthly and yearly billing periods. Longer billing periods will get you the most discount.
Free migration: HostGator offers free migration service with all new accounts. Their expert team will transfer your website from your previous host at no extra cost during the first 30 days of signing up.

User 3

quora user review image 3

I have been using HostGator from quite some time and would highly recommend it to you.
Hostgator strives to make web hosting easy and affordable, and if you’re looking for a plan that allows you to get a site up and running quickly and economically, look no further.
Those creating new websites can utilize the included website builder, while those with existing websites will get free migration assistance.


Can You Run WordPress Website on HostGator Hosting?

With the managed WordPress hosting solution, HostGator allows its customers to use WordPress without any struggle. So, to answer this question shortly – YES, you can run your WordPress site on HostGator.



HostGator Hosting Review – Conclusion

After completing our HostGator hosting review, we can give it the result of 9.1/10
HostGator can always be recommended, even though it is generally considered on of the top services. However,for this price of 2.75$, we can say that it is worth hosting small/mid size websites.

HostGator shared web hosting has an excellent support team and features. With all the reviews, both positive and negative, we can present it as the right choice for shared web hosting, but not among the best.

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