Gator vs GoDaddy Website Builder – Reviews Comparison (2024)

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-65% + domain

1. Hostgator

Avg. Review Score 3.7 Neutral
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $2.64 / mo.
Shared plans
10 GBUnlimitedcPanel$2.64View Plan
20 GBUnlimitedcPanel$3.28View Plan
40 GBUnlimitedcPanel$5.04View Plan
40 GBUnlimitedcPanel$9.95View Plan
UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel$4.76View Plan
UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel$14.36View Plan
100 GBUnlimitedcPanel$11.70View Plan
VPS plans
120 GB2 cores2 GB$36.99View Plan
165 GB2 cores4 GB$53.99View Plan
240 GB4 cores8 GB$95.99View Plan
Dedicated Server plans
1 TB4 cores8 GB$91.98View Plan
512 GB8 cores16 GB$121.89View Plan
1 TB8 cores30 GB$141.99View Plan
Cloud plans
Unlimited2 cores2 GBUnlimited$4.95View Plan
Unlimited4 cores4 GBUnlimited$6.57View Plan
Unlimited6 cores6 GBUnlimited$9.95View Plan
Website Builder plans
UnlimitedUnlimited$4.95View Plan
UnlimitedUnlimited$7.95View Plan
UnlimitedUnlimited$13.95View Plan
UnlimitedUnlimited$19.95View Plan
Resellers plans
120 GBUnlimitedcPanel$36.99View Plan
165 GBUnlimitedcPanel$53.99View Plan
240 GBUnlimitedcPanel$95.99View Plan


WB Free Trial

1. GoDaddy

Avg. Review Score 4.5 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $6.99 / mo.
Shared plans
25 GBUnlimitedcPanel$6.99View Plan
50 GBUnlimitedcPanel$9.99View Plan
75 GBUnlimitedcPanel$14.99View Plan
100 GBUnlimitedcPanel$21.99View Plan
100 GBUnlimitedcPanel$17.99View Plan
200 GBUnlimitedcPanel$29.99View Plan
VPS plans
40 GB1 core2 GB$8.99View Plan
100 GB2 cores4 GB$17.99View Plan
200 GB4 cores8 GB$34.99View Plan
200 GB4 cores16 GB$44.99View Plan
Dedicated Server plans
1000 GB4 x 3.00GHz32 GB$159.99View Plan
1000 GB6 x 4.50GHz64 GB$199.99View Plan
2 TB16 x 2.90GHz128 GB$339.99View Plan
2 TB16 x 2.90GHz256 GB$469.99View Plan
500 GB4 x 2.90GHz32 GB$269.98View Plan
500 GB6 x 2.90GHz64 GB$309.98View Plan
1 TB16 x 2.90GHz128 GB$449.98View Plan
1 TB16 x 2.90GHz256 GB$579.98View Plan
Website Builder plans
100 GBUnlimited$19.99View Plan

Overall Scores

Avg. HostGator
Review Score
3.2 Neutral
Avg. HostGator
Customer Support
Neutral Rating
Avg. GoDaddy
Review Score
4.5 Positive
Avg. GoDaddy
Customer Support
Positive Rating

Creating websites is getting more and more popular during the time. It is not that easy to create a website without any coding knowledge, but just, for this reason, there are CMS platforms and drag and drop website builders. Instead of using a third parting website builder there are hosting companies that provide their website builder, which is included with a hosting or web hosting plan. In today’s article, we will compare Gator vs GoDaddy Website Builder and see which is better. Now let’s move into Gator vs GoDaddy comparison.

Gator GoDaddy

Gator Website Builder Review

Gator Website Builder as it’s suggested from its name is a website builder developed by HostGator. There are plans including the website builder are different hosting solutions.

Also, the site builder can be used without a hosting account. The website builder gives the customers an opportunity to build a website in minutes without any coding or needless time spending. The builder is simple and mainly focused on those who don’t have much knowledge of building websites or just don’t have the time on building it.
The service has a massive number of various features included in their different plans.

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Gator Website Builder – Features

Like any other website builder, there are some specific features included in the bundles.
We are stating with the features available in all the plans, which are:

SSL Security Certificate (make your site secure for visitors to browse)
Mobile Responsive Templates (your website can be adjusted in any mobile device screen.)
Social Media Integration (allows you to attach content from the social networks into your website)
Website Analytics (tracj=k your website most important info)
Domain name

Gator Website Builder Plans & Prices

Gator Website Builder has three different pricing plans which can be signed up for different period of time.
All of the plans include the features above.

Plans Features Price/mo
Free hosting Domain name included Drag and drop builder Customizable templates Website analytics Free SSL certificate 24/7/365 support
$3.84 €/mo.
Free hosting Domain name included Drag and drop builder Customizable templates Website analytics Free SSL certificate 24/7/365 support Priority support
$5.99 €/mo.
Free hosting Domain name included Drag and drop builder Customizable templates Website analytics Free SSL certificate 24/7/365 support Priority support eCommerce functionality
$9.22 €/mo.

There is no trial period but you can cancel within 45 days and if you have an account you can take your money back, but if you don’t have an account you can’t get your money.

Gator Website Builder – Pros and Cons

Excellent editor
Easy to use
Free SSL certificate
Excellent support
Incredibly easy to use editor
Great social media integration
Cheap sign-up prices
Well-designed, clear interface
Attractive, modern site templates

Not suitable for complex websites
No built-in email marketing
Limited help center
Limited web store
Lacks email marketing
Cannot schedule a blog posts

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

The GoDaddy company also has an intuitive website builder, that easy-to-use and extremely functional. With the GoDaddy website builder, you can build your website in just a few minutes for free, because they provide a no-cost option. The builder beginner-friendly and can be managed from one place. It is suitable for any kind of website and you can manage appointments and make e-mail marketing.

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GoDaddy Website Builder – Features

As we already said the GoDaddy is an intuitive website builder that can be easy-managed from one place. With it, you can make it easy for people to find you on Google, Facebook, Instagram⁠ — and in their inbox.

GoDaddy InSights
The GoDaddy InSights feature is also available. It is a data-crunching and smart tech that offers advice tailored to your business.
InSight is a smart tech system designed to assist you amend your online appearance. From the daily metrics like site visitors, reviews, and social engagements, to big picture strategy like how you compare to similar businesses, InSight dives into performance details and lets you view everything from one, unified dashboard.

  • InSight Action Plans (receive suggestions and recommendations for what to do next)
  • InSight Score (See how your site and online marketing measure up against businesses like yours.)
  • InSight Metrics (analyze the stats of your website)

  • Pre-made Designed Templates
    GoDaddy builder has a bunch of great pre-designed templates that are ready-to-use and can be uploaded within one click. There are also, 20+ theme filters to instantly change layouts, fonts, and colors.

    Responsive Design
    – Websites made with the GoDaddy website builder can fit perfectly on any mobile device.
    Also, there is an option to update, edit, or customize your website from your phone or tablet.

    The website builder is included in some of the GoDaddy hosting plans but it also can be used separately. And a hosting plan can be added to it.

    GoDaddy has more features like:
    Click and Drag Reorder
    Backup and Restore
    Drop-Down Menus
    Customizable Themes
    Promo Banners
    Contact Forms
    Calls to Action
    Single Image Library

    For best performance and optimization the GoDaddy website builder has:
    Search Engine Optimization
    Email Marketing
    Sync With Facebook
    Instagram Connect
    Google My Business
    Review Widget

    GoDaddy Website Builder – Plans & Prices

    As we said above the GoDaddy builder comes ready to use for free, but of course, there are plans which include a lot of different features and stuff.

    Plans Features Price/mo
    Secure your website (SSL) Connect custom domain
    Mobile-friendly site On-the-go editing
    24/7 support PayPal button
    €5.99 €/mo.
    Basic Features + Get found online (SEO)
    €9.99 €/mo.
    Standart Features + Book one-time appointments online Offer one-time group events
    Book recurring group events and classes SMS alerts for new appointments
    Email and text appointment reminders Accept online payments for services
    €14.99 €/mo.
    Premium Features + Add and edit product listings Setup flexible shipping options
    Sell products directly through your online store Manage discounts and promotions
    €19.99 €/mo.

    GoDaddy Website Builder – Pros and Cons

    Generous storage and bandwidth
    Easy, clear interface
    Good-looking sites for both desktop and mobile viewing
    Useful marketing and SEO tools

    Limited layout customization and photo editing
    The online store not available with all tiers

    Gator vs GoDaddy Website Builder – Conclusion

    For final words about Gator vs GoDaddy, we can say that both GoDaddy and Gator Website Builders are very good and reliable builders with you can create a website fast and at ease. What to choose depends on yourself. At the end of the day, you want a website that is well-customized and without any coding or complex features.

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