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HostArmada Review

HostArmada Hosting Review howtohosting.guide

HostArmada is generally a new hosting company that provides excellent solutions like shared, VPS, WordPress, dedicated, and open-source hosting. Their plans are feature-rich, and the host is fast, reliable, and secure.

In today’s article, we from Howtohosting.guide will review HostArmada, see its features, and if it’s worth hosting your website on it.

Name HostArmada
Country of Origin USA
Server Locations USA, UK, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore
Supported Platforms Linux, Windows, other.
Products Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, Open-Source Hosting.

HostAramada Features

As we already said, HostArmada has many various features that can be beneficial for smooth website creation and its outstanding performance.
The company provides excellent speed, reliable security, advanced tech support, and affordable prices on their plans.

In each of their plans, they provide:

Free cPanel
Free SSL for all sites
Web Server Cache
Daily Backups
Cloud SSD Storage
Support 24/7/365
Unmetered Bandwidth

Advanced Speed Technology

To provide better speed to its customers, HostArmada has implemented the latest cloud SSD technology, and this makes them a cloud SSD based platform.

The provider has 9 servers in 4 continents worldwide, giving you confidence that you will get excellent uptime and guarantee 99.9% uptime.

High-Speed Connectivity

They have separated their network connection into two layers – internal and external.

The internal one, also known as local, is used for local server needs and communications with 0 latency while communicating with one another.
This service is not available in all the price plans of the company. You can find this feature only in the dedicated and the cloud VPS plans.

The external layer provides a high-speed level of connection between the website and its customers.
Both networks are ensured with failover features that keep the reliability and the uptime always up.

High-Level Tech Support

HostArmada provides advanced 24/7/365 technical support that is always available to help you in every situation and even with unsupported services.

The company’s support provides detailed information about the problem so that everyone can understand it.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular and used CMS platform for creating websites. Over 80% of the world’s sites are made on the WordPress platform.

HostArmada is providing managed WordPress hosting based on cloud SSD technology.
The cheapest WordPress plan includes these features. The more expensive plans include some additions.

  • 1 Website
  • 15 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer
  • ~10 000 Unique Visitors
  • 7 Daily Backups
  • Default Hosting Perks
  • Prepare for Launch Perks
  • WordPress includes one-click WordPress installation, no cancellation fees, free migration, and 45 days money-back guarantee.

    In the WP plans, you have a low number of clients per server, 99.9% Uptime guarantee. With these features, you don’t need to worry about your website speed. Also, if you have some technical issues, there is always available 24/7 support to help you with every question you have.

    More Managed WordPress Hosting Features:
    Automatic Daily Backups
    Web Server Cache
    Managed Web Hosting service
    SSD Cloud Storage
    Easy to pilot service with cPanel
    Tight WordPress Security

    What We Like?

    As final words about ArmadaHost, we can say that it is a really well optimized and speed hosting service that provides many features and a variety of plans. Another perk which we can remark is the affordable plans and the promotions which they make.

    What We Don’t like?

    The only cons which we can find are the lag of monthly subscription for their shared hosting plans and also that the company has not implemented the LightSpeed technology in their plans.

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