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Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin Review

Duplicator is arguably the most powerful WordPress website migration plugin that is available on the Internet. It has a free version and a few paid plans. With Duplicator, WordPress users can migrate, copy, move, and clone a website from one location to a new one and have backup included.

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Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin – What Is It?

Duplicator is believed to be the best WordPress migration plugin offered on the Web. It is easy to use, user-friendly and even if you don’t have any technical knowledge you would be able to migrate a site without a problem in just a few steps, regardless of which way you choose to do so.

The implemented wizard inside will guide you through the migration process. You start with creating a migration package of your site and download it to your computer along with an installer script.

Afterward, you will need to upload the installer script and the abovementioned package to the new location, be it a new host or server, and run the wizard. Duplicator will unpack the content of your package and install every file needed.

You can also update URLs to make sure that everything will run smoothly after you are done with the migration.

Duplicator Migration – Features

Duplicator is preferred by tech-savvy WordPress users and beginners alike, due to its many likable options. One of the best features is having a zero-downtime migration process, which will ensure that people who are currently on your website will stay satisfied as they won’t have to wait or experience your site not loading.

You can always create backups without worrying that something might go wrong or not the exact way you think it would.

The following are its most essential features that users love about Duplicator:

Moving, migrating or cloning a WordPress site between domains or hosts with no downtime
Pulling down a live website to localhost for development
Transferring a WordPress site from one host to another
Manually backing up a WordPress site or parts of a site
Duplicating a live site to a staging area or the other way around
Bundling up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution
Performing a full WordPress migration without struggling with Import/Export SQL scripts

Among the features mentioned just above, you could also improve your workflow with pre-bundled sites. Duplicator gives you the ability to make your own preconfigured websites so you won’t have to re-do them.
If you are tired of manually configuring your theme, plugins, and content all over again and then repeat it another time in the future, you can just configure a site once.

Then, you can bundle the site up into a Duplicator package. After you have the site bundled, you can migrate the WordPress site how many times you see fit to different locations and instantly create your own pre-configured sites.

Migration and Running a Backup with Duplicator

Duplicator creates a package that bundles all plugins, themes, content, database and files of a WordPress website into a single .zip file called a package. This package can be used to migrate a WordPress site to any location with ease. You can move it to the same server, across servers, or to another location on which a WordPress website can be hosted. Even WordPress is not required for installation since the package contains all site files needed.

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Duplicator Host Build Interrupt – Easy FIX

Lately, there is a problem that the Duplicator plugin faces. This problem is the Host Build Interrupt.

How does this issue happens?
The issue pops up when you are trying to create a backup of your WordPress website.
The message you receive looks like this:

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Assistance With “Host Build Interrupt” Error

There is one issue that Duplicator WordPress site backup plugin’s users tend to face. So, we decided to include it in our article and provide help for its fix. The issue is called “Host Build Interrupt”, to begin with. It is an error that may occur while you are trying to create a package in Duplicator plugin or a database backup.

The “Host Build Interrupt” error is usually followed by this message – “This server cannot complete the build due to host setup constraints.” It may be really annoying as the package creation process may go up to 20% and then end up with the display of this error.

Here is what the author of Duplicator plugin, Cory Lamle, recommends:

Go into Settings ❯ Packages and change the Database setting from PHP ❯ mySQL or vice-versa.

In addition, you should consider optimizing and filtering tables, if any on your website. Consider removing any extra data from your database as well.

Another way to fix it is by installing the latest version of the Duplicator plugin, make sure you have installed the latest one.

The way to do that is first going to your WordPress plugin menu and delete the duplicator, then install it again with the latest patch.

Duplicator Pro and Paid Plans

You can try out Duplicator for free and never pay a dime, or if you find it useful and need more features you can choose one of four paid plans. If you have three or more websites, and also consider expanding, you might want to upgrade to Duplicator Pro. Most users don’t have more than 3 websites, so they stick with the basic features. This is what you will get if you decide to pay up:

Scheduled Backups
Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP)
Multi-threadding to support larger web sites & databases
Migration of an entire multisite WordPress network in one go
Installation of a multisite subsite as a new standalone website
Database and user creation in the installer with cPanel API
Connect to cPanel directly from the Installer
E-mail Notifications
Professional Support

As you can see, you will get more out of the Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin if you go with the Pro version. Unfortunately, having 3 sites is not much, but you will still need to purchase the Pro version to get the needed licenses to use with the migration of your sites.

What We Like About Duplicator Migration Plugin

Migrate WordPress site to a new host, domain name, local server, or live site.
Easy to use migration wizard that is user-friendly
Duplicator Pro can be used to schedule backups and save them on remote storage
Connects with cPanel hosting dashboard to automatically create database and users.
Zero downtime migration and backups

What we don’t like about Duplicator Migration Plugin

Beginners may need help with connecting to the FTP server.
You need to buy Duplicator Pro to get some basic features included.

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Our Final Thoughts

Duplicator is a great tool for migrating, cloning, and moving your WordPress websites.

The plugin is orientated towards the ease of use for both the technically-inclined and those who are beginners and lack knowledge. Providing backup as an option as well as ensuring no downtimes, crashes or hiccups could happen, makes this WordPress plugin reliable and praiseworthy.

Having an even better feature with the paid plans can be a real time-saver for business people who like to fiddle a bit less with their websites and go straight into launching them. We cannot do anything but recommend Duplicator.

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