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24 Best Website Builders for Building Church Website in 2020

COVID 19 has made a lot of changes in our everyday life. Nevertheless, now we have plenty of time to learn new things and improve our skills in different fields. However, our situation is reinforced by a very important factor – the faith. Since the circumstances do not allow us to attend churches, we have the opportunity to preach our religion online.
If you are motivated to create a successful church website regardless of your religion, you are in the right place. Today we will introduce you to The Best 24 Church Website Builders! Just keep reading…

We have selected the right ones 24 church website builders which will definitely help you to make a beautiful useful website for your church, ministry, fundraiser, or non-profit organization without any special designer knowledge. The creation of your website will proceed easily and pleasantly. Each of the builders we recommend will certainly help to achieve your goal. All you have to do is to use your imagination!

Now let`s see the 24 best church website builders available on the market:

TOP 25 Best Church Website Builders

1. Churchikon
2. Finalweb
3. Church Web Builder
4. Wix
5. uKit
6. Mission
7. Jimdo
8. Weblium
9. Squarespace
10. Weebly
11. Ning
12. Nucleus
13. Ministry Designs
14. Doodlekit
15. Church123
16. Webflow
17. Sharefaith
18. Webnode
19. Webstarts
20. Ministry Builder
21. Faithlife
22. IM Creator
23. Duda
24. WordPress

1. Churchikon

Churchikon website builder image

We are starting our chart with one awesome church website builder – Churchikon. It includes different great features like event function which is very important and useful for your visitors. You can share all of the activities which your church is planning and invite more and more people to them.
The builder also includes a map tool that will show the location of your church. This is one great benefit for your visitors. One more very good feature is that your website will look perfect on every mobile device without any doubt. Churchikon is also cross-browser compatible. You have complete control over the design and content of your website. You can create easily spectacular HTML5 pages. This builder provides only useful features for you.

2. Finalweb

Finalweb website builder image

Finalweb is one very good suggestion for your church website. This builder has all you need. You can customize your website with your own style really easily and quickly without professional knowledge. Even if you are a beginner, it won`t stop you to produce the best results. The builder includes unlimited updates, stunning themes, and media integration.

Podcasts will help you to immerse people deeply in the sense of your messages. You have also a calendar system which will help you to inform the visitors about your church events. Finalweb has also a mobile version which is very modern and suitable for you. With Finalweb your creation will definitely be a pleasure!

3. Church Web Builder

church web builder image

Church Web Builder is very suitable for building website connected with the faith and the church. It has a big variety of great themes to choose from. The web builder gives you 10 days free trial to see its amazing potential. It includes:

SEO Tools

Unlimited Pages

Email Campaigns

Event Calendar

Ministry Application

And this is not the end. You have also map with directions for your church location, bible search, photo albums, survey builder and more and more great features. You can also add your own store and sale successfully your items. Your church website can be online just in a few hours!

4. Wix

wix website builder image

Wix is a website builder and with it, you can do any kind of website. And Wix can completely give you all that you need for the perfect church website. This builder provides simple creation because of the great tech features it offers. There are more than 500 designer-made templates, the drag & drop function is also available. You can make whatever you imagine and customize it with your own design and colors.

Wix has three important characteristics which will give you only advantages.
The first one is ADI. This is artificial design intelligence which do all of the hard work that is meant for you. Now you no longer need to do it, you just have to wait for it to be done. The only thing you should do is to complete a set of a few simple questions and nothing else.
The second one is Editor. It gives you endless freedom without any coding. It provides everything for you.
And now the last one – Code. It is especially advanced for every user with a technical background.
Those was the Wix features, which make it one of the best choices for your church website.

5. uKit

ukit website builder image

Here is one very good suggestion. uKit is a multi-functional drag & drop builder, which has all the necessary features which you will need to build an amazing website for your foundation. You can inform all the visitors of the church activities successfully. Even if they missed your recent event and would like to listen to a particular sermon again, they can do it by visiting your page. This is one extra advantage.

You have 14 days of free trial to see all the possibilities of uKit. You can choose from more than 350 designs and 38 categories. The website builder supports a mobile-friendly design which means that a website made with uKid will look great on every mobile device. You can also connect to Google Analytics and be always informed of your audience and traffic.

6. Mission

mission website builder image

Mission is a one very reliable choice for your church website. It provides nice web design for your goal. Your website will be completely responsive and will have a great appearance on every mobile or desktop screen. Mission includes also cross-browser compatibility, which is one of its stunning features. The builder also has:

Drag & drop tool

Online Forms

Church Management

Software and Media Integration

You can connect your page with Google Analytics and track its behaviour. Thirty days free trial is provided for you, so go and explore the endless opportunities of Mission!

7. Jimdo

jimdo website builder image

Jimdo is a reliable website builder which can be good for achieving the goal of creating a church website. It comes coding-free, you don`t need any design or coding knowledge, just imagination. You can easily add an unlimited number of pages. The page design can be beautifully and modernly customized to look great on every mobile device. Friendly customer support is included, too.

You don`t need a web designer if you want to sell any product on your website, you just should upload a product photo and give some information about it. You can choose the best design for your church website. You have the option to start free and explore the pros and cons of Jimdo.

8. Weblium

weblium website builder image

Create a mobile-friendly church website in minutes with Weblium. Don`t worry about software updates, hosting, or other technical stuff, because Weblium provides them. The functions and features will improve the way of your website creation. Weblium will make it easy and enjoyable.

You have everything you need to inform tour visitors about your Sunday church events, sermons, and other activities. If you have no professional skills, everything is okay, Weblium doesn`t require them. Drag & drop builder is included. Amazing layouts are provided to you, so you can present your church in its best light.

9. Squarespace

squarespace website builder image

Squarespace builder provides everything you need to achieve great results. You can successfully use it for the creation of your church website.

You get a free trial, which is a good chance to get acquainted with all the options of Squarespace. It includes powerful marketing tools that will help you to engage the audience. Customize your website with your own content and style.
The builder gives you cutting-edge templates and full support if you need some help. This is one small part of all the features which Squarespace provides. The plugin is really simple to use, and a church website made with it will definitely have good potential.

10. Weebly

weebly website builder image

Weebly is a powerful free website builder, which is completely appropriate for the goal of creating a church website. It includes amazing and customizable webpage designs and modern tools to build your church website and grow it.

You have full support from the Customer Success team which will answer all of your questions. You have also step by step guide, which will help you to improve a new ability. Great design, great features, all you need is provided. Your church website will also be mobile-friendly which gives you only advantages for its success.

Also, if you have products that you want to sell successfully, you can do it easily with Weebly. It takes care of all of the payments, so you can focus just on the church activities and don`t worry about other things.

11. Ning

ning website builder image

Ning builder is a really good choice if you want to build a beautiful church website quickly and easily. You maybe think that starting an online church is a hard task and you have professional knowledge, but Ning can help you.

It includes all of the specifics related to ministry website design. Simplicity is the key to the church’s website success.
Ning provides church website hosting so you won`t waste your time on this. It gives you beautiful and customizable church themes, which will help you to make your online presence simple and effective.

Ning`s religious website templates look amazing on any device. Support is also provided, so you can ask whatever you want about the building of your church website. Within a few minutes, you will already have it. You also have 14 days free trial to see all of the magic benefits.

12. Nucleus

nucleus website builder image

Nucleus is the first platform designed for building church websites. It has more than 115 000 active users, so if you decide, you can join them. It is incredibly simple and user-friendly. You have 30 days free trial and a credit card is not required.

Your followers will always have access to your website and will be able to see all the events and activities of your church.

Your website will look beautiful on all of their devices. Nucleus will give you the simplicity which you are looking for. And it includes one really useful advantage for your visitors.
If they want to hear sermons at any time of the day or night, they can do it. This is just a small part of all the options and features.

13. Ministry Designs

Ministry designs website builder image

Ministry Designs builder will help you to reach more and more people to your church website. You have a proven step by step blueprint, which will be very useful for reaching your goals. Ministry designs are helping thousands of churches all around the world and it is always ready to help you, too.

It includes drag and drop builder tools for your stunning church website. All of the tools are intuitive enough for beginners and advanced enough for experts. The builder is also responsive so your website will look beautiful on every mobile device.
The creation will become in reality for just a few minutes.
The support will give more knowledge about new improvements in your website. Unlimited storage for your files is also provided, so just turn your imagination on and start building your stunning church website!

14. Doodlekit

Doodlekit website builder image

Doodlekeit is one great free church website builder for your religious organization. You can use all of the advanced templates, designs, and tools in combination with photos of your members and facilities to create custom church templates.
Also, you can choose the colors and styles for you and your visitors.

Doodlekit provides church website hosting. You can be sure that your data and images are never going to get lost. You can make updates to your church events, sermons, and other activities.
You can also build your own church templates specific to your organization’s needs. Everything from colors, layouts, sidebars, page styles, and more can be modified. You can begin with a free version and explore the option of Doodlekit.

15. Church123

church123 website builder image

Church123 is highly recommended by many churches and organizations and that makes it a really good choice for you. It will help you to build a church website with great potential quickly and won`t waste your time. You will save more time if you choose from the beautiful ready-made themes. All of them are simple, modern, and stunning.
The themes will definitely present your church beautifully for all of the visitors.

You can customize your website with your own content, backgrounds, colors, and all that you imagine for the best appearance. You have an unlimited number and pages and, a strong variety of great layouts, and also beautiful ready contact forms for your visitors. You can create the best style for your pages and successfully impress your visitors with Church123.

16. Webflow

webflow website builder image

Be different and broke the code barrier with Webflow. You can build your church website without any coding. No updates to run, no packages to install, all of this is provided.
You can easily create the design that you imagine and you have also upgraded and edit controls for your pages.
The themes will definitely present your church beautifully for all of the visitors.

You can browse between more than 100 templates and choose the best one for your goal. You can set a managed hosting just in a few clicks. It has all that you need and all of the features are modern and useful for you. Find the simplicity between the different templates and create a stunning church website for your visitors.

17. Sharefaith

sharefaith website builder image

Sharefaith is one of the best website editors on the market and it will help you to create a simple amazing church website. It has helped over 8 000 ministries to create stunning websites with great potential.

You can choose between a variety of clean and beautiful themes and templates and find the best for your organization. You can edit and customize them especially for your church.
It has also great features like:

  • Drag & drop builder without any coding
  • Audio and video sermons
  • Events calendar
  • Your own blog
  • Media library

  • One other advantage is that your website will look perfect on any device. There is 24/7 support and you can be informed about everything you need to know about the process of the creation of your church website. You don`t need professional knowledge, just imagination.

    18. Webnode

    webnode website builder image

    Joined by 40 million users, Webnode is one great website builder, which can be suited for your church website. It provides you a very easy way of building, creating, and customizing. You can choose between more than a hundred beautiful templates and you can customize them easily.

    Just a few steps are required. Sign up, choose a template, update its content and your church website is ready to take on the world.
    This builder also includes great features like:

    Mobile editor
    Domain for your church
    Online Store

    and many others are provided for you. Webnode is very simple and you don`t need any coding or design knowledge. Even you can become designer or programmer while you are building your website. You can successfully learn a lot of new things. More and more benefits are provided, just explore them and make a stunning church website quickly.

    19. Webstarts

    webstarts website builder image

    Webstarts gives you an easy way to create a stunning simple religious website just in a few steps.

    First, you have to select a design. You can choose between hundreds of beautiful designs and customize it with the drag & drop builder, which is very easy to use.

    Then you need to get a custom domain, which is also free and you can do it very quickly.

    And the latest step is provided by Webstarts. Your site can be found on Google easily. You also get amazing support from people who are there always to help you. You don’t need to have a web design software program installed on your computer, everything you need is included in Webstarts.

    Everything is simple and free and you won`t waste your time. You have also stunning simple layouts, which will fit great the appearance of your church website. Create your own church styles with all the events and activities for your viewers.

    The great potential of your website is guaranteed with Webstarts. Web hosting is also included in the builder, so don`t worry about it. Just go and explore all the features and options and create your religious modern and simple website from your imagination!

    20. Ministry Builder

    ministry builder website builder image

    Ministry Builder is another useful church website builder with which you can do the work. The first impression of the visitors is very important for success. With the big variety of beautiful templates and layouts, a good impression is definitely provided. All of them are free. The site yours can be updated easily from any computer. You can upload new articles created by you and make an unlimited number of calendars for your events and activities.
    Your most recent events can appear on your homepage and all of the visitors will see them. Customizing your blog with your own church style is also included as an option.

    You can also upload your audio MP3’s or Videos. All popular media formats are playable and your visitors can always hear sermons. With Ministry Builder, you can create everything from a simple online contact form to a registration form and accept online payments or donations through your website. The features have no end. You have support from experts who will give you advice and you will learn new things.

    21. Faithlife

    faithlife website builder image logo

    Faithlife gives you simple ways to build a church website. The best tips and resources for critical steps as you build your church website are provided for you. Your calendar events or sermon details will be always visible for all visitors. Share editing access with your whole church staff or specific volunteers and you can upgrade the pages together for best results.

    Faithlife features

    The builder gives you a variety of fonts, color schemes, menus, and pages. The pages are unlimited so you can custom pages for every ministry, missionary, small group, and others.

    Edit anything on any page at any time is also included. All of your church events can be downloaded. It can be done only with one click and the visitors will see every activity of the church. You can also post your live streams and sermons visible for everyone.

    Another great feature is the drag-and-drop template, which can send unlimited media-rich newsletters. Map with the location of the church is also included, every person on the earth can find it quickly. Your site will have also automatically adjusts for reading on phones and tablets. You have 24/7 live support, even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Ask whatever you need to know, you will always get an answer. Faithlife is definitely the right choice for you.

    22. IM Creator

    im creator website builder image

    IM creator is one of the best website builders available on the networking space market. It has built more than 17 million websites worldwide. Its features are endless and the creation of your church website will be absolutely free.

    You will definitely be able to make a stunning religious site. IM Creator will make the building of your website a pleasure. You can do it simply and quickly. You don`t need any coding knowledge, everything is provided by this builder.

    Your website will look perfect on devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and others. The number of your pages is unlimited, turn your imagination into reality. IM Creator includes built-in functionality for all your user’s website needs, from eCommerce to blogging, portfolios to Fundraising Websites. Everything you need is ready for you. All the design tools you need are also included. There no limits for you, make events, create a great appearance, and build a strong potential for your church website.

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    23. Duda

    duda website builder image

    Duda can be a good choice for building your church website. It is also very popular and has created more than 16 million sites worldwide. It has all the features which you will need to work well and create in the way you like.
    It has:

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Multi-language
  • Unlimited Storage and More.

  • One good advantage is their website personalization tool. It allows you to create specific messages to visitors depending on their location or the time of day which is also one great advantage. Your church websites also will have a beautiful appearance on every device.

    24. WordPress

    Last but not least is WordPress. As we all know WordPress is the best website builder in the world and there is no doubt about this fact. WordPress can be used to create any kind of website for any purpose, so to build a church website with it is absolutely possible. More information about WordPress you can find in our guides here.

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