10Web Map Builder for Google Maps WordPress Plugin (Review)

Adding in an interactive Google Maps may not be the easiest task if a proper plugin is not used. The 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps aims to solve this issue by providing a powerful and easy to use solution which can be easily integrated into any WordPress installation.

10Web Map Builder for Google Maps WordPress Plugin

The 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps WordPress Plugin is one of the preferred solutions add a responsive Google Maps location to any blog installation. The plugin is easy to install and use and includes a lot of configurations options allowing it to be customized according to the wishes of the website owners.

10Web Map Builder for Google Maps – What is It?

Inserting a Google Maps location may not be very intuitive or easy, especially if the website owners want to add in custom appearance options.

Customized maps and their appearance into a given site is fundamental to business sites and companies that want to provide detailed information about their location to visitors. Complex scenarios include the integration of several layers, markers, icons and custom content. For this reason the 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps is one of the preferred methods as it offers a wholly-integrated solution for the embedding of such contents. The inserted Google Maps location will be presented in both a responsive and theme-integrated look. This means that the visitors will be able to navigate using the well-known keyboard and mouse commands.

The plugin is paid, provides a support package and includes a very detailed manual for installation and use. Once it is installed and activated there are several options and layouts that can be configured.

Besides the traditional Basic Google Maps display which displays a given pinned location (set by the website owners) on a map the plugins allows the owners to also view how the map will be presented in a mobile device and tablet modes. The maps plugin allows the website to integrate the ability to show directions using the four compatible modes – driving, walking, bicycling and transit.

There are several different types of markers that can be visualized in all three modes: list markers, advanced markers and carousel markers. They can be selected by the website owners and toggled or several ones can be enabled and the visitors can select the appropriate one by a menu selector.

If multiple locations are added detailed information bout them can be entered and shown in a store locator type of display. The plugin enables the site owners to also draw polygon and polyline locations and also to visualize clusters of entered markers.

What We Like About 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps

Video Guides.
Detailed Documentation.
All important options built-in.
Easy setup.

What Is Missing

Website owners must have a Google Maps API key in advance.
A mode modern design of the admin panel may be better.

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