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Scalahosting Review

About Scalahosting

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This company aims to offer to its customers service of very high quality and this oriented towards the type of user score looking for a highly effective hosting provider. The service that they offer are most popular ones such as VPS, shared web hosting, reseller, cloud, dedicated, and several others. They also offer advanced plans for web platform hostel that support the main platforms which are Joomla, Magento, and of course WordPress. They also offer some extras such as domain name registration a reseller account for domains and also SSL certificates.

In this review, we are going to take you through the specifics of this company and why it is a good choice, and also what could be added to it to improve it and its value for customers.

Name Scalahosting
Country of Origin Dallas , TX, US
Supported Platforms Linux, Windows
Products Review Shared; Reseller; Virtual Private Servers; WordPress; Domain Registration; SSL Certificates; Cloud , Dedicated;

The Best Plans Review of Scalahosting

The hosting for WordPress which are offered by them do have very good security and they are generally fast. Not only this but a vast feature list comes with all the plans they have to offer such as disk space without any limits, fast and how to make it update system, malware protection, SEO features, and CDN tools.

One detail in particular that we noticed during the review is that the reseller hosting and plans that they provide come together with access to a tutorial that aims to show you and help you managing details when you choose your plan from this specific type of hosting. These plans also come with extras like private labeling, SSD storage for the servers, a name server that costs $0 and is private, and of course free website migration.

Scalahosting has designed their Cloud service so that you can manage it with full control and so that the setup and use can be as automated as possible with little or no code. The best part of it is well this is offered you also get SSD storage for the server, support for almost all operating systems, a high level of security, and a very fast network with up to 10 gigabits per second speeds.

When it comes to VPS, this business has packed its offers with a ton of extras. Besides the regular updating and other usual features like auditing and cPanel, they also offer multiple remote backups, cost-free assistance when you migrate to them, and a system that allows extremely easy management of the VPS itself.

The Prices & Coupon Offers Review

When we conducted a review of the pricing strategy of Scalahosting if he has made it so that you as a customer can fit into your budget and meet your requirements. They also provide people with a 30-days money-back guarantee when they have purchased a plan and feel like this is not their product.

The prices of Scalahosting are very competitive when you compare them to some of the best hosting providers in the world right now for what they have to offer. And well they are a very attractive hosting because of the many extras they provide a bit of a disappointment is that they offer prices that are a bit higher than usual for their SSL.

Network, Support & Uptime Review

As we mentioned before the network is very fast and the hosting offers a 99.9% guarantee for the uptime for each of their plans. The primary data center of the company is located in Texas but they also have one in Europe that is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When it comes to their tech support and live assistance you can reach Scalahosting via multiple different methods. They provide support over the phone, chat that is always live and they chef a rich knowledge base that is made to make it simple for their customers to learn.

Conclusion, Pros and Cons of The Review

Overall and all this company is a very good choice and from what we have seen so far to seem to care a lot about what their customers think about their services. And while some of the prices that they may offer could be a bit high and their certificates are rather expensive this company can really break about the adequate features prices and services that they provide in order to meet customer demand. Not only this but they also offer features that they are very fast and very kind quality and having this together with their good customer support makes for a decent choice.

What We Like

Very well made knowledge base and good customer support.
Good performance.
Data centres located in the USA and Europe.
Low prices.

What Is Missing

Their SSL certificate could be a little cheaper.

For more reviews or if you want to leave your opinion about Scalahosting or simply share experience, please let us known in the comment section below. Our Howtohosting.guide support team will try to respond as fast as possible.

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