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How to Install WordPress Site on Z.com

What Is Z.com?

Z.com is one of the top leading web hosting providers that currently exist in Japan. In fact, Z.com has been created in 1999 and the company has been growing rapidly since. They excel a lot in innovative ways that enable users to simplify how they actually use WordPress. This is one of their competences and Z.com is one of the providers which are to be preferred because of that.

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Z.com has servers that are located in several countries:


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With over 8470000 customers out there, Z.com can deliver cheap hosting on a global scale. In this guide, however we will focus on how you can use the cPanel of Z.com to begin working with WordPress. Actually, what is the best about Z.com is that you do not actually have to install WordPress – you simply have to apply for one of their plans and WordPress will come already installed so you won’t have to worry about it.

So How Do I Apply for Z.com and Start Working on WordPress?

To best demonstrate you how you can begin working on WordPress using Z.com immediately, we have decided to show you the direct steps that you need to take in order for this to work.

Step 1: 1 Go to z.com’s website, scroll a bit down and choose “WordPress”.

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Step 2: Choose the country you want the hosting to be performed (closest to you is a good idea) and then click it.

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Step 3: Select your Z.com WordPress plan, based on your site needs. You should see “Entry” (for beginners), “Basic” (for higher traffic sites), “Advanced” (for professionals with big websites). Select your plan and select the pricing and features for it and then click Proceed.

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Step 4: After selecting the plan, you should create a Z.com account. Type your e-mail and a strong password and click “Sign Up”.

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Step 5: Type in your name, address, billing details and click on “Proceed to payment confirmation”.

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Step 6: On the payment confirmation screen type how you want to pay and finish.

That’s it! You have successfully created a Z.com account altogether with WordPress embedded in it. You can now log-in your account and see the cPanel of Z.com. It should have all the necessary instructions that will show you a lot about how to work with WordPress and the cPanel. Good luck with your new website and we hope this helped!

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