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Bluehost Hosting Speed Review

Every day the number of websites is growing. So the need for hosting services is getting more demanded. There are a lot of contrasting hosting providers that offer different solutions. The real reason we write these articles is to test and see who is the best hosting provider on the market and what is the difference between them.

In today’s article, we will take a look at one of the leaders in the branch – BlueHost. Our review’s progression will start with testing the BlueHost speed, uptime, price, and support. Based on our test, we will share insights about the qualities of Bluehost hosting and help you decide if it is worth hosting your website on. So, let’s begin with a BlueHost review.

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Which Is the Best BlueHost Plan?

For the means of our test, we set an anonymous account and use the Bluehost “Basic” shared web hosting plan. Which available only for one site. Now, let’s start with speed testing.

Bluehost Hosting Review

BlueHost Hosting Review: What Is BlueHost Site Speed?

Speed, as a critical Google ranking factor, is vital for any website. The critical loading speed point is under 3 sec, so if your website is loading for more, it is slow. To provide the most accurate results for our test, we used a default 2020 WordPress theme with the “Basicshared hosting plan. With the GTMetrix tool’s help, we measured the loading speed in periods of time and calculated the average rate, which was 1.2sec loading speed. We can say that this is the fastest budget web hosting solution we’ve tested.
The Uptime test was also very satisfying, and without any doubt, it hit 100% Uptime.

Bluehost Hosting Review

What Do You Get for the Money You Pay? – Price Deals by Bluehost.?

The price of the Bluehost shared web hosting plan is €2.65/mo, and if you want something more powerful with more features, you can get the “Pro” plan, which is €12.53/mo. The prices they offer are among the most affordable prices on the market for the features they provide.

Bluehost Hosting Review – How Fast Is the Bluehost’s Support?

During our tests, we got some issues with the Bluehost hosting, and that was a perfect chance to test the reliability of their support.
We had the final impressions that the Bluehost hosting support is knowledgable and can fix any issue you face. The only little problem we detected was the speed, but it was nothing serious. So, we can give their support 8.5/10.

How Fast Is Bluehost’s Support?

Can You Run WordPress Website on Bluehost Hosting?
The Bluehost shared hosting solution provides a WordPress installation, and without any problem, you can run your website using WordPress.
So the answer to this question is – YES.

Bluehost Hosting Review – Conclusion

After completing our substantial research over the Bluehost shared web hosting, we stayed with good final impressions. The score we give to Bluehost hosting is 9 out of 10. BlueHost can always be recommended for the right solution, and it definitely justifies the expectations for reliable web hosting providers.

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