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WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Overview

WebHostingPad is a reputable company in the web hosting field, providing services in it since 2005.

The hosting company quickly grew with about 60,000 users signing up to it since 2007 and more than 90,000 websites registered through this service as of April 2012. They have servers in the US, Korea, India, China, and Vietnam.

They provide shared and VPS hosting, which is convenient for users who aim to design and implement and grow their projects. They are well known for their user-friendly plans that are one of the most competitive in the world in terms of pricing.

Overall, this is the type of company that strives to provide balanced prices at affordable rates, while remains committed to giving the most value in terms of safety, reliability, and efficiency.

In this review, we will not only give you information about the company in question, but we will also test different kinds of services they provide to show you if the company is really up to what it claims. Let’s go!

Hosting Features

WebHostingPad Features

WebHostingPad is the kind of hosting, that is designed to provide as much value for the competitive price its services are offered at. The main features, included in the plans offered by them are:

Main Features

  • 1 domain name included for free for the first year.
  • Website builder included in the plans, allowing easy setup.
  • Professional Email services that are offered included spam filters, automatic responses, and other extras. They allow for multiple e-mails to be created.
  • SSL Encryption certificate included for free.
  • Free availability for eCommerce site design, allowing your site to be ready for an online retailer with minimal effort.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Lots of website analytic tools that come standard with their plan.
  • One click WordPress installation.
  • Scalable plans, allowing users site expansion without changing their base plan, but incrementally including what is needed to it.

Now we will take you through how we saw the main features that can be reviewed through our own eyes so that you have a better understanding of how exactly they work and how easy it is to implement them. We will skip the WordPress installation since we write more about it in the “WordPress Installation Review” section below.

Email Services Feature

The Email services feature offered by this company contains multiple different extras which are very conveniently placed in the main dashboard you get access to after setting up your domain. They contain several extras that are freely available with easy setup and access. The extra functions are as follows:

  • E-Mail accounts – easy to use page, explaining how to add a new e-mail account and delete such in a user-friendly manner.
  • Forwarders – they allow you to forward e-mails and set up forwarders from new data – it is designed in a similar way to e-mail accounts, which means easy management.
  • Autoresponders function – it allows you to set up the management of communication with your business’ customers by setting up automatic response e-mails. Easy to use and pretty fast way to set up a new autoresponder as it contains all the necessary fields in a single page that is simple to work with.
  • SpamAssasin function – this is a spam filter that allows your e-mails to be protected in a specific way, adding custom filters in a user-friendly manner.
  • Mailing lists – your standard mailing lists.
  • MX Record – mail exchanger record that allows a mail server to accept messages on behalf of your domain. It has the ability to upload an MX template instead of having to write it from the ground up. Useful for advanced users.

The eCommerce & Site Building Features

As we explain later in the site-building review below, now we will take you to what kinds of features they have to offer when it comes to eCommerce. Luckily, the company has something, called Softaculous, that offers tons of different easy setup of countless features that can be added to turn your site as you want it as shown in the screenshot below:

webhostingpad-eCommerce & Site Building

When it comes to eCommerce in particular, you have an extremely wide variety of plugins you can add to your site that can turn it into a successful online retailer with one click. The main ones we have identified so far are:

  • AbanteCart.
  • WHMCS.
  • OpenCart.
  • CE Phoenix.
  • osCommerce.
  • Zen Cart.
  • Magento.
  • BoxBilling.
  • Loaded Commerce.
  • TomatoCart.
  • TheHostingTool.
  • LiteCart.
  • thirty bees.
  • Invoice Ninja.
  • CubeCart.
  • Open Source Point of Sale.
  • Quick.Cart.
  • PrestaShop.
  • SimpleInvoices.
  • Blesta.
  • InvoicePlane.
  • Arastta.
  • AlegroCart.
  • Shopware.
  • Open eShop.
  • Avactis.
  • SeoToaster.
  • Thelia 2.
  • Zeuscart.
  • Axis.
  • ClientExec.
  • Logic Invoice.
  • osCmax.
  • ClicShopping.
  • Bagisto.
  • EC-CUBE.
  • WhatACart.
  • Maian Cart.

Softaculous is a very good choice in our opinion by this company mainly because it offers the same wide choice for Blogs, Micro Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, Polls and Analytics, Project Management, E-Commerce, ERP, Guest Books, Customer Support, Frameworks, Educational, DB Tools, Music, Video, RSS. So you can rest assured that you can create pretty much any kind of site along with the database features, file management tools, and the SitePad builder it has to offer.

Website Analytic tools

Their hosting dashboard also offers analytic tools that can help you track your site internally in a similar way you would normally do using google analytics. It can be found in the “Site Summary / Statistics / Logs” menu, which is located under the “System Info & Files” menu, located in your main panel.

The internal statistics are important, because they show features concerning your hosting plan, such as:

  • Setting Usage.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Disk Usage.
  • E-mail Disk Usage.
  • Database Disk Usage.
  • Inodes.
  • # of Subdomains.
  • E-mail Accounts.
  • E-mail Forwarders.
  • Mailing Lists.
  • Autoresponders.
  • Sent E-mails<./li>
  • Received E-mails.
  • # of MySQL DBs.
  • Domain Pointers.
  • FTP Accounts.

The user-friendly design allows you to easily identify and manage each aspect of your internal hosting analytics:


And of course, if you are interested in analytic and voting poll plugins, Softaculous offered for free includes the following site external analytic tools:

  • LimeSurvey.
  • Matomo.
  • LittlePoll.
  • Simple PHP Poll.
  • Advanced Poll.
  • Open Web Analytics.
  • EasyPoll.
  • Logaholic.
  • CJ Dynamic Poll.
  • Little Software Stats.
  • Framadate.

WebHostingPad Speed Test

For the speed test of the service offered by the company, we decided to use one of the most recognized tools for testing loading times – GT Metrix.

When we added a random website, hosted by them in the GT Metrix, tool, we received an almost excellent score when it comes to performance. The only room for improvement was the time it takes for a page to be fully interactive:

WebHostingPad - speed test

Prices Review

This is the type of company that strives to be oriented towards providing as low prices as possible while aiming to retain a good service that doesn’t leave customers unhappy. Below are the prices for the services offered:

The Shared Web Hosting is divided into two main services – PowerPlan ($1.99/mo fixed price) and PowerPlan plus ($2.99/mo). The standard PowerPlan comes standard with a free domain name, free SSL encryption, free website builder and WordPress, unlimited email accounts, and hosting unlimited websites & domains. The PowerPlan plus add extras, such as free trusted SSL encryption, free 1-Click WordPress, optimized high-power servers, and automated & anytime site backups. They also offer something, called Power Plan Mini for $3.00/mo which is their most lightweight hosting plan, containing a free site builder with mobile-oriented themes ready for install, unlimited accounts, and a free SSL.

webhostingpad - shared hosting

For the WordPress services you get 3 main plans – basic, pro and premium, respectively priced at $2.99, $3.99 and $5.99 a month. They are relatively the same, except with the pro you get twice the basic computing power and with the premium plan, it’s three times as much. And another difference is that the basic plan comes with a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, while the pro and premium come standard with a Free Trusted CA SSL Certificate. And if you like unlimited e-mail accounts on your domain, the premium is the only one that offers that.

webhostingpad - WordPress hosting

When it comes to Virtual Private Server or VPS, the services are divided into VPS Gold, VPS Platinum, and VPS Managed, where the prices respectively are $19.95, $44.95, and $84.95 for 1 month. The key points that differ from those plans are the disk space, the bandwidth, and the IP addresses available for usage. The good news is you could begin at $19.95 with the Gold plan and later upgrade your plan if you find its 80 GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth to be not enough in case your site expands.

webhostingpad - vps hosting

Support Review

When we tested the response time of their support, we quickly found out that they have an international number for contact, an e-mail, and live chat on their own website.

The response time of the chat agent we contacted was very fast and they gave us good and objective answers to our questions in a way that we could best understand without asking further questions:


When asked some tougher questions, the response time was a bit longer, but this did not stop it from being adequate and with good and easy to follow advice. Overall, we found it to be quite useful. The total time it took to solve a couple of questions we had to the agent was 18 minutes and 43 seconds.

Hosting Security

There was not a lot of information on how exactly they secure their servers, but the support was kind enough to give us a hint that they have the latest generation physical and virtual protection.

They have well-set up firewalls, along with very good SPAM filtering services and in addition to that, they also have the ability to perform thorough checkups of your site security through their higher-level support agents.

The support agent provided us with information, that they run the latest level of security and perform regular anti-malware scans weekly of their servers using professional anti-malware technologies.

They do not offer embedded DDoS protection, but the good news is the support agents are ready to help out with the setup of free Cloudflare services, which is ok.

WordPress Install & Site Building

This company works with Softaculous – a service that makes the site-building process extremely easy. It offers most of the CMS platforms for installation and it can be easily accessed and managed from your Dashboard.

Manual WordPress Install On WebHostingPad

We found that the installation of WordPress was relatively easy to complete in several easy steps.

Step 1 Opening Softaculous.

To open Softaculous, all we had to do is log in to the dashboard and then open the Softaculous Apps Installer, after which click on “WordPress”. This will take you to the WordPress installation.

softaculous wordpress install step 1

Step 2 Install WordPress

To install WordPress, all you have to do is click on the Install, button:

softaculous wordpress install step 2

Then, your next step would be to fill in your admin user name and password, and the other mandatory details to set up this CMS and just click “Install” at the bottom of the page.

You also have the ability to click on a quick install, which will make only the important elements for filling up available and speed up the process, which we found to be very convenient.

After this, the process goes to the standard WordPress installation steps, so you have to be familiar with setting them up yourself.

softaculous wordpress install step 3

Customer Opinions

The customer opinions rating of WebHostingPad hosting, according to Trustpilot are primarily positive, which is quite expected for this company as we found out ourselves.

The company received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with 84% of 25 customers who reviewed it saying its services are on an Excellent level:

WebHostingPad Customer Opinions

We couldn’t help to notice that the company also cares about the negative reviews of customers as one employee provided the unsatisfied user beneath with an adequate and well-informed fact-based answer:

WebHostingPad customer opinion

WebHostingPad Conclusion & Final Verdict

As an overall summary, we would say that working with this hosting company is not by far a choice that is a mistake.

We were satisfied with the support and how easy the main admin panel is to work with. At this price, they are a very competitive company which we do like.


Fast and adequate customer support.
Easy to work with dashboard.
Competitive pricing.
Lots of free features.


Support is fast, but sometimes takes time to research a question that is more sophisticated.
Could do even better on GT Metrics as some of the sites we tested did not return as good result as other.
They do not have Europe servers, even though the customer support explained that there are no downtime complaints from customers based in the old continent.
Even though it is good, there is a lack of information on the security they provide and no embedded DDoS protection information.

Stay Away, Consider or Go For It?

If you are wondering whether to buy services from WebHostingPad, we would advise that you go right ahead and dive in. Even though they lack European servers, they offer good uptime, excellent support, very little downtime and they pay a lot of attention to customers who are unsatisfied.

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