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REHub WordPress Theme Review

WordPress comes with thousands of different themes available for its users, and in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the REHub Hybrid WordPress template and its features.

Last v9.9.8 Update (3 April 2020)

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  1. REHub Theme

REHub Theme

REHub is a modern hybrid WordPress theme designed for multipurpose usage. This theme covers the business model of many successful websites. A great thing about it is that every little part of it can be configured separately or used together with the other functions. This way, you can build very advanced WordPress models and functionalities that you are not going to be able to do with other themes.

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Some of these models are:

Creating a social community
Creating an advanced business directory that has a custom search with filters and custom specifications.
Creating a product or price comparison that has dynamic prices included.
Creating extended and advanced reviews with tables and constructors.
Very high conversion rates.
Creating simple or multi-vendor shops.
Sites for deals, magazines or news.

Easy Front-End Customization With Elementor, Customizer or Gutenberg

REHub wordpress theme customization optionsThe REHub theme has a very unique and advanced implementation of different front-end customization builders, and it uses Elementor, Customizer, and Gutenberg to allow you to create stylish, beautiful, and responsive pages.

With this theme, you are going to be able to choose from 40 different custom Elementor modules and use its page control.
You can also use Gutenberg or Customizer for the creation of your pages.

You can edit user/vendor panels from the product front-end and also allow special login to your website.

New E-Commerce Stylings

This theme grants you the ability to create amazing e-commerce styles with extended width.
If you want to make your website even fancier, you might consider using the unique animation effects that are provided by Elementor.

With the REHub theme, you can use product swatches for your attributes. Product swatches are the circle colors that appear under a product, for example, a T-shirt, and when you click on them, the image of the product changes, and the chosen color appears.) This is very helpful and convenient and drastically improves user experience.

REHub wordpress theme e-commerce options imageYou can also use Advanced Custom Areas that are provided by Elementor with a big library of blocks. With this tool, you can create almost anything you can think of.

Another great feature of the new e-commerce styles is the sliding filters. Adding sliding filters to your website makes it look much better and also helps its users to feel much more comfortable while checking your website from their mobile device.

Top New Features

With the REHub theme, there are five new features that we are going to go through.

Site-Width control
The REHub theme allows you to have full control over the site-width, and you can easily customize any of your website widths.

Grid Layout For Shops
The next feature is the grid layout for shops. Building a fantastic layout has never been easier, and with the built-in grid layout, you can do it in a matter of minutes!

Price Comparison of Products
In the 7.1.9 update, the developers’ team added a new feature – Price comparison of products. This feature allows the users to have a comparison function added to the inner layout of the products.

Modernistic Design
The REHub theme has a very clean, modern, and unique design which is made according to the latest web and design trends. With the variety of unique modules and templates provided by Elementor, you can create very modern, fast, and beautiful websites.

Much Better Conversion Rate
REHub is a theme that has many tools and gadgets that can come very handy for monetizing your website.
You can create many profitable elements very easily using the tactics of the top profitable websites, such as:

Creating a Top 10 of something
Comparisons between different things
Different price range pages for example “Best phone under 250$”
Top Rated, Top 5 most popular of offers
Creating custom tables, top lists, charts
Adding and using advanced search fields for dynamic comparisons

There are many snippets included in the theme that you can use.

For example, there are snippets for Auto Top lists; There is a widget for Score, comparison widget. All of these little tools and gadgets are very useful and customizable so that they can fit any design or idea.

Advanced Mobile Support

REHub wordpress theme advanced mobile support imageNowadays, more than 70% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. This necessitates the need for the lightning-fast and responsive mobile version of every website. The REHub theme is made to fulfill the needs of any mobile device.

It comes with a product and post grid and list layouts that have a great and stylish look on mobile devices. The Products on the mobile version of this theme have a very nice floating panel and navigation links.

There is an advanced product filtering panel added to it as well.

The comparison charts are also fully responsive and can perfectly fit any phone or tablet.

There are “quick icons” added to the header of the mobile layout that can help your mobile users to navigate through it even faster.

This theme supports AMP – which is used to drastically improve mobile speed.

And last but not least – the mobile version of it is Google-friendly and thus will lead to more organic traffic from Google.

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REHub – Multi-Vendor Theme Options

The REHub theme has advanced integration with many plugins for WooCommerce – such plugins are WC marketplace, WC Vendor, Dokan. This theme has an amazing store profile integrated with a variety of community functions and allows the users of your website to have and use functionalities like Add / Remove friend, reputation, sending private messages, and many others.

All of the product templates are created in a way that they can show vendor information. Of course, there is a responsive dashboard added to each of the vendors.

Affiliate WordPress Function

Another fantastic feature of this theme is the Affiliate function. It allows you to create a website for an affiliate marketing network very easily. You can use XML,CSV import for your products – that can save you up to many days or even months of adding all of your products to your website.

You have special post layouts that you can use to create beautiful and even more user-friendly content. You can use price comparison tools, price drops, and also trackers. This theme grants you access to the most powerful comparison functions that you can use nowadays.

What we like

REHub wordpress theme imageAfter we took a deeper dive into most of its features, we would conclude that this theme has great potential. It has amazing features, fast and responsive design, many customizable filter panels for different modules, different layouts for your offers. You can use from grid, columns, sliders, carousels or rows, different comparison tools and easy integrations with other plugins.

What is missing

We do like almost everything about the REHub theme, but we would recommend it only for multi-vendor marketplaces or affiliate marketing websites. If you are going to create a website on another topic, you might consider another theme, because this one is made only for multi-vendor marketplaces or affiliate marketing.

The regular license of this theme costs 59$, and you will receive future updates, quality check, and six months of free support.

The REHub theme is probably the best theme choice for Price Comparison, Multi Vendor, or affiliate marketing website, and if you are planning to invest in such a project – then do not hesitate to buy it.

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    Esta plantilla rehub solo se puede hacer con elementor? no se puede hacer solo con las herramientas de wordpress.


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