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Aruba Italy Hosting Review

About Aruba.it

Founded way back in 94′, Aruba is currently the number 1 Web Service in Italy, offering four main types of services – Hosting, Domains, e-Security, Cloud and Also Data Center services. Their company is very active when it comes to markets in Europe, such as the main ones they can operate on, like France, Germany and UK markets, but also markets where they are one of the leaders, like Slovakia, Chech Republic and Poland and Hungary.

Aruba is the type of hosting company which is responsible for over 7.4 million accounts over e-mail, 4.1 million PEC accounts, 2.1 million domains. THey have over 31,000 servers used by 4.7 million clients in Europe. Their packages also aim to provide colocation, managed, dedicated and other extras, like smart cards, digital signatures, preservations and other. They believe that their main core competence is the huge experience they have when it comes to managing data centers and they have the capability of hosting over 60 thousand servers.

Aruba Hosting Overview

Name Aruba S.p.A.
Country of Origin Italy
Supported Platforms WordPress, Joomla, etc.
Products Shared, Dedicated, Colocation, Domains, Website Builder, Emails, Website Builder

Aruba.it – The Best Plans

When we dive deeper into this company, interesting details come up about the services they have to offer, and what is most interesting is that the price they offer is pretty decent for the ammount of features they have.

Aruba.it Shared Services

The shared packages which are offered by this company are currently offered for both Linux and Windows operating systems and the prices are varying from €11.99/yr. all the way up to €150/yr. which is a good average price of 80 euros, considering the options they offer for their most basic plan, which are:

UNLIMITED disk space and traffic
5 POP3 email accounts
Over 200 applications available
Free support 24/7 Free login support 24/7
Bandwidth 2Gbit/s best effort
DNS Manage service
Supported languages PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x, Perl 5.10.x, Python 2.7.x, Ruby 1.9.x and other
Install WordPress
Over 200 applications available
Database 5 DB
Total space 1 GB
Version 5.6
BackupDomains included 1
Whois Privacy optional
Email accounts (1GB) 5 (POP3)
Email IMAP optional
GigaMail (5GB each) optional
Business Mail optional
AntiVirus and AntiSpam optional
Data Center and certification
Data center in Italy
Power 5 MW
Redundant power system 2N
Internet connection 80 Gb/s
Active multiple connections
ISO 9001:2008 Certification
ISO 27001:2005 Certification
Certified green energy
Basic Linux Hosting
CUSTOMIZABLE according to your needs

Aruba.it Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated hosting options offered by the italian company are not much and they are only Linux-based which is understandable, because very little plans use Windows-based dedicated nowadays. This means that they are competing with a lot of other hosting providers out there, making it the main reason why this company offers a lot of features in their dedicated plans, that start from €17.53/mo. all the way up to €91.38/mo, a normal, but not too high average price of arond 54 euros per month in this hosting sector, considering that you have a choice between 3 different plans with different functions and tons of extras. The main basic plan starting at about 17 euros for example offers the standard dedicated features, but is unlimited-traffic, which is a good advantage:

Free 24/7 support
1x 1TB hard disk (SATA 7.2k rpm)
No. Socket 1
Core No. 4
Max physical CPUs 1
No. of power supplies 1

The plans then increase in extras as the price increases.

Aruba.it Colocation Review

When it comes to Colocation, then space and network are playing a crucial role in the choice of the user. Aruba.it are managing to successfully answer to this demand, having a vast network and offering a lot of space for a good Colocation price. Below, you can see the main plan for colocation housing:

HEIGHT: 2 rack unit (expandable to 6)
DEPTH: 75 cm
WIDTH: 19 inches
POWER: 100 Watt (extendable up to 1000W – max 10 packs 100W additional one)
CONNECTIVITY: Flat 100 Mbit / s – guaranteed 100% (extendable up to 2 Gbit / s)
or consumption 1 Gbit / s or less 25 TB per month – guaranteed 100% (extendable up to 10 Gbit / s)
IP: 1 expandable to 51 (max 10 packs of 5 each additional IP)

This plan is is for a 19″ housing rack, and it costs around €39.00/mo without VAT, and from this plan, other demands may change this price, since the price is on request, based on your device, so we are safe to say that Aruba.it won’t charge you extra if you have a smaller device, but would rather optimize the price according to your needs.

Aruba.it – Conclusion

When we have to sum up this review on this hosting company, we would say that they offer tons of extras with decent Emails, Website Builder and .com domains, but there are some aspects of their service where they fail to meet modern standards, like the little forms of plans they offer. For a company this, big we did expect them to offer VPS, plus some interesting Cloud plans as well. But this cannot be bad, since this gives them a higher level of focus on supporting the current features they offer and support and the most important one for them seems to be Shared Hosting, which is good for begginer customers. If we have to sum up what we like and what is missing, this is how they would appear:

What We Like

All services offer unlimited bandwidth.
They offer the best plans in Italy in terms of pricing and features.
Wide variety of price options.
Good pricing on colocation.

What Is Missing

Could include more products, given that they have extensive experience it the field. Such can be Cloud, VPS, Managed etc.

We at howtohosting.guide would like to know what you think about this company. Leave us a comment below if you’d like and let’s discuss it.

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