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A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is one of the most significant hosting companies worldwide. They provide reliable Linux hosting solutions since 2009.

You can now find services like Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting available on their site.

Famous for their fantastic performance and speed, they have optimized WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla servers.

When we talk about features, we cannot fail to note that A2 provides feature-rich solutions with excellent speed optimization.

It is vital for hosting services to get that what you pay for.

To make sure that A2 gives this what they are talking about, in today’s article, we show you what they are capable of and will introduce you directly to its features, speed, support, functions, and everything a customer needs to know.

Now, let’s dive into the A2 Hosting review and finds out if it worth the money you pay for it.

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A2 Hosting Features

Depending on the different plans which A2 provides, you will get various features. But also there are features that are included in all the solutions.

Main Features

  • Super Boost
  • Guru Support
  • Free Migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • WordPress Compatibility
  • Drupal Compatibility
  • Joomla Compatibility
  • Magento Compatibility

A2 also provides automatic backups to your website

A2 is an easy to use hosting service and even a beginner can host a website on it.

There are a lot of solutions which A2 provides like Analytics (Analytics software provide website owners with statistics regarding their websites), Auction, Ad Server (Ad serving solutions include everything from Analytic programs to gain better insight into your web traffic to pixel tracking for your ads), Schedule, Chat, Cloud, and more.

Turbo Servers

A2 Hosting provides turbo servers that offer optimized performance on their solutions. Having speed hosting services can improve your website SEO and decrease the bounce rate of your site.

Control Panels

A2 Hosting has two different WordPress hosting solutions and they both provide different control panels.

The shared WordPress hosting uses the Cpanel which provides:

  • Turbo Option (For Faster Speed)
  • A2 Optimized WordPress

The managed WordPress Hosting uses the Plesk control panel which offers a little bit more features like:

  • Turbo Optimized (Up To 20X Faster)
  • A2 Optimized WordPress
  • Easy WordPress Backups
  • Site Staging
  • Free Jetpack Personal License
  • WP-CLI Pre-Installed

A2 Hosting Speed Test

This feature provides, ultra-fast hosting experience. A2 has turbo servers with the latest SSD technology to provides super-fast hosting services to all its users.

As we all know the fast hosting and website speed is an essential Google ranking factor, and without it, your website will not succeed.

For the purpose of providing you the accurate information for the A2 speed, we have made a speed test using the GTMetriks tool on a default 2020 WordPress lightweight theme hosted on the shared A2 web hosting.

The website loading speed which they provide was 2.1 seconds, which is a good result for Google. The Uptime we estimate from the test was 99.5% Uptime.

Of course, these results are relative because they can change over time. A2 has 4 data centers in 3 continents and the best connection you get is the USA.

But if you have the opportunity to spend more money for some of their “turbo” you will get more speed.

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A2 Hosting Price

As you know A2 Hosting provides a few different price plans on each solution they provide.

The shared hosting price is €2.53 with 1 Website and 100 GB SSD Storage.

A2 Hosting Support

During your speed testing, we had some issues on our site which was a great opportunity to test the A2 support. We get a significantly fast response but it wasn’t that impressive.

We can say that their support is knowledgable and as they say it’s Guru support. We can give them 6 out of 10 points.

A2 provides call support, chat support, e-mail support, and a 24/7 support connection.

A2 Hosting Security

A2 is definitely among the companies that offer excellent security opportunities. Data protection is undoubted of paramount importance to any user.

A2 implements hardware firewalls that are designed to protect your server from attack.

Besides, it also uses DDoS security, which ensures that any attacks on your server are denied.

How to Install WordPress on A2 Hosting

To install WordPress on A2 hosting there a few essential steps you need to do.

To find more information about the whole WordPress installation process, we have created a separate installation guide, which you can find right here.

Customer Opinions

User 1

Top-notch extremely fast hosting that’s got nothing to envy against AWS and all the big providers. A company with a soul and real people behind it willing to throw a hand in kindness whenever needed. Thank you so much.

User 2

The support Gurus have consistently earned 5 stars and an A+ in knowledge, effort, courtesy, and overall customer engagement. I just know they are there for me when I ask. No question is beneath them, these Gurus I believe look forward to hearing from their customers. A real noticeable difference in support care and customer service.


Our final verdict about A2 hosting is that we can trust them. They provide incredible speed solutions with optimized turbo servers. Also, the support is knowledgeable and responds really fast.

At the end of the day, you want your website to be speedy, and if you have any issues to be fixed fast. So, A2 is one really meaningful solution to this problem.

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