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MochaHost Review

About MochaHost

MochaHost Review article imageThis review has been created in order to best explain to you what exactly do they have to provide in comparison to some of the competitions and why it is a good choice for the services it provides.

Being a 100-percent green company, MochaHost has started back in 2002 to and since then their main purpose is to ensure that they provide very high quality and professional services that are good in terms of performance at very accessible and affordable prices that will fit almost any budget. We have decided to review their packages and offers since they’re the main motor behind them trying to meet the customers’ demand to grow their businesses and have a good quality experience.

MochaHost Review

Name MochaHost
Country of Origin New York , NY, USA
Supported Platforms Linux, Windows, other.
Products Shared, WordPress, dedicated, VPS, reseller and website builder.

The Best Plans Review

When we started this review, the first thing we noticed is that MochaHost offers a lot of different features that appear to be very lucrative for customers of all types and in particular for very experienced users within the harvesting field. Well, this is very good for first users and site administrators it could be a bit of a challenge for people who have just started to post them create their new website using MochaHost’s plans.

But we cannot deny that they provide tons of features and their plans are very tempting such as:

If you get a discount it will last you a lifetime.
You can possibly use the services 180 days as a guarantee to show you that they’re good.
MySQL login.
The website builder feature is very easy to use.
You get a domain name for a lifetime.
You get assistance when you migrate to them.
Lifetime guarantee of free as a SSL certification.
Servers that are one of the best in terms of performance and speed.
Extra SEO tools and settings included.
Customer support that is available 24/7.

MochaHost is a service provider that has been awarded several certificates and recognition awards and they are one of the popular choices. When we read the customer reviews we have seen that generally, the people who use it are satisfied with the reliability, the support, and the speed of the services but they also like the tools and the coupons and offers provided.

The products that are offered by MochaHost or the standard once including shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller and website builder tools.

The main core competence as noticed for MochaHost during this review seems to be that they provide tons of features that compared to competitors of the big leagues that everybody knows, put them in a very decent place when it comes to the prices offered for these features.

We particularly noticed during the review that some of the services that are given, for example, migration support were whereas some of the competition companies ask you to pay for these services. Not only this but they also give SSL certificates and they also provide you with a domain name that is for a lifetime. And they do give SSD storage included whereas we have noticed that even some big competitors still rely on the older HDD storage for their cheaper plans.

Possibly want drawback to this could be that they do not provide you with a backup so it depends on you how you can make sure that your site is backed up during downtime.

The Prices & Coupon Offers Review

When it comes to the offers and pricing that they have to give we have noticed that there is a 180-day policy for cancellation means that you can feel free to use the service for the first 180 days but you get only a partial refund for the specific plan you have already paid for. They also include the standard 30 days money-back guarantee if you decide that within the first month this service is not for you.

They also include a wide range of payment means supported. You can make a payment using MasterCard or a visa credit card American Express and other cards. You can also use PayPal, Skrill, MoneyGram, and others and you can also use a cheque or a bank transfer and they even work with money order companies.

Network , Data Center, Support & Uptime Review

In case you feel worried that they do not include backup for free, the 100% uptime guarantee that they offers which is usually impossible to maintain at 100% all of the time is a promise that this company gives you, which is really remarkable. And to make you understand that they mean what they say hey they offer you in the range of a 3 to 5% discount from your monthly subscription fee depending on the hours of downtime there is for your website or server.

The primary server has been set up directly in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. They rely on over 137 facilities that are spread across more than 50 countries and provide services of high-quality for customers.

And when we mention customers we cannot forget discussing their customer support. When we read the reviews we have come to the conclusion that customers are with a generally good opinion of the services when it comes to the support. The way their system works is that if you require help to solve your issue you can reach them for your live chat, e-mail, by calling them on the phone or opening up a ticket. The norm which pays that is provided is also fairly decent.

What is interesting about MochaHost is that they offer a huge choice of control panel platforms depending on what operating system you want your server to be in. If you are using a Linux server you can take advantage of their cPanel, Easy Web Panel(VPS) and WHM. In case you prefer using Windows you can take advantage of Plesk and WebsitePanel platforms.

Conclusion, Pros and Cons of MochaHost Review

To conclude this review, MochaHost is a company that is oriented towards green web hosting and it aims to give quality services for their plans and tons of features as well. There are a couple of drawbacks if you have chosen them, for example, the lack of free backup, but these are not what we consider opinion changers. The plans contain a lot of different features but some of them could mislead and confuse customers like for example the 180 days free refund which can lead customers to think that they get a guarantee and they will get all of their money back, which is not entirely true. But you do have your usual 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a good thing. If you are not stopped by these minor setbacks then this is probably the company that will give you terms of features for a cheap price and we would advise that you seriously consider them.

What We Like

A lot of facilities located all over the world.
Speedy network.
Tons of features that you will not see with most companies.
Good for users with experience.
30 day money back guarantee.
100% uptime guarantee with 3-5% refund depending on the hours of downtime.

What Is Missing

No free backup included
Their 180-days free is a bit misleading to customers.
Begginer users might need to learn how to work with their services for a while.

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