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Kinsta Hosting Review

What Is Kinsta?

Kinsta Hosting imageKinsta is the type of company, which is dealing primarily with managed WordPress plans and cloud hosting. Their main focus is on delivering a new-level top-tier performance on their networks while providing WordPress customers with the ability to choose from over 20+ data centers on a global scale and hence allowing users to access the fastest network on Earth. The main types of sites they host are big sites (Fortune 500 companies), but they host a lot of small blogs as well.

The managed provider is a very reputable company and they were one of the first managed WordPress provider organizations to solely switch on using the Google Cloud Platform, which is great because it puts them on the list of companies, recommended for use by Google itself. And not only this, but many tests that are independent show it as one of the fastest and best hosts in terms of performance for the types of services they offer. And this comes plus the fact that they earned the Top Tier WordPress hosting award for performance – the fourth year in a row. We have decided to conduct a review and see if they really are the top-notch managed hosting company they claim they are.

Kinsta Review

Name Kinsta
Country of Origin West Hollywood, California, USA
Supported Platforms WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.
Products Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta – More Info & The Best Plans Review

Kinsta is the type of company that offers advanced managed features in their services. One of them is the automatic scaling feature and container technology, which allows your resources to be isolated. This makes your business more secure and less susceptible to traffic surges and other types of problems that may increase the system resources usage. But not just this, because they have specifically optimized resources to serve e-commerce platforms, like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. And if you need assistance from them, they offer 24/7/365 support from expert WP engineers.

When it comes to the best plans that are offered, Kinsta really seems to be raising the standards of performance to a completely new level, and the main reason for that is the many features and quality of service for prices that are extremely affordable. And if users are not convinced, they also offer a good 30-day money-back without having to sign you up for a longer-term contracting.

Managed Plans Review

The only service offered by Kinsta is the managed service, and they really excel at it. The plans they currently offer for this service are for any type of customer and you have a wide choice, which is good:

Plan Review
Features Review
Pricing Review
Business 1
Business 2
Business 3
Business 4
Enterprise 1
100 GB SSD
Enterprise 2
150 GB SSD
Enterprise 3
200 GB SSD
Enterprise 4
250 GB SSD

The Starter plan, which is the most economical one and lacks the most features actually offers a pretty solid “bang for your buck”:

1 WordPress site
Advanced Cache processing.
20,000 visitors
Free migration
1440 daily uptime checks per site
Free CDN
Automatic scaling
HTTP/2 support
Let’s Encrypt Support
Premium DNS management

And the highest Enterprise level plan is designed to offer a top-notch next-level quality of service and features that will serve any professional and large-scale business without a hic-up:

150 WordPress sites
3,000,000 visitors
5 free migrations
1440 daily uptime checks per site
Free CDN
Automatic scaling
HTTP/2 support
Let’s Encrypt Support
Multisite support
Premium DNS management

Kinsta Support and The Migration Process Review

More to it, they are also a very tech-savvy company and is considered to be developer-friendly as they offer support when it comes to complex installations or site migration. Such could be installing reverse-proxy configs, Bedrock set up and they offer access via SSH and WP-CLI tools which most site administrators are well familiar with. They also feature HTTP/2 CDN, free PHP. 7, free SSL certificates, auto-backups, and also cloning and staging.

Conclusion, Pros and Cons on Kinsta WordPress Review

As a bottom line, we have to say that we are quite pleased of the support that they have to offer to the end-user. And it appears that this support is the same whether you are a small customer with the Starter plan or Enterprise user, although the scale between both plans varies in terms of the features supported. Not only his, but Kinsta is also extremely fast. We have tested several of their sites and are happy to report that the Google servers are doing a great job with speed. And being on Google makes them great choice in terms of SEO and site ranking as well, since Google search favors these servers a lot, because of the sheer speed they deliver.

What We Like

Top-level support.
Google Cloud Platform.
Designed towards all types of customers.

What Is Missing

They could be focused on some other services and products to expand their network, like VPS, Dedicated, Shared, and so on.

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