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Best Shared Hosting Providers in The Netherlands

There are many services in The Netherlands, but choosing the right one may be difficult. The country is one of the main Internet hubs in Europe and this makes it a really important destination where many key services and businesses operate. Shared hosting services are the most popular category of services in this industry and this top list will present the best providers as per our research.

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These services represent the cheapest type of offering as used by Internet users. It allocates resources on a server to the paying customers. This type of service is cheap and affordable and includes support for all widely used frameworks.

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This is a very easy way to publish a blog, small business site, or another small to medium traffic web content. Usually, the companies that offer them can provide easy-to-use site builders and automated installation of popular content management systems.


Leaseweb Shared Hosting The Netherlands

The Leaseweb offers services which can be in both a Linux and Windows operating system environment. All customers will benefit include from convenient plans across all price ranges. All sites that are hosed by them will b automatically protected from hacking attacks by the automated firewall. Sites can be equipped with an SSL certificate in order to prove their authenticity and safety. Daily backups are generated for all clients in order to make sure that any faults can be easily recovered. Their servers have a reliable connection for administrators located in European countries, as well as visitors worldwide. Some of the benefits of choosing LeaseWeb for your needs include the following:

Unlimited Subdomains and Domain Aliases

Choice of Linux or Windows operating system environment

1 Day Delivery Time

Daily Backups

Firewall Activated on All Plans

Optional SSL Certificate

Catch-All E-mail

The company offers live chat support and can guide users into setting up their site easily. The company operates their blog in which they offer helpful advice. The status of the services can be checked at any time thanks to the specially designed Service Status portal.


Flaunt7 Shared Hosting The Netherlands

The Flaunt7 is a company which specializes primarily in managed WordPress shared hosting services. However, is also an option that is their most affordable plan. Customers can easily upgrade to other plans if they feel that they need a faster server. Flaunt7 services guarantees 99.99% uptime and allows site owners to continuously monitor the servers. All plans offer a free domain included in the price, as well as speed optimizations for even faster-loading speed.

Flaunt7 is excellent for building sites as they provide SSD drives for top performance, as well as dedicated security services which will defend the sites against hacker intrusions. One of the most important benefits of choosing them over other competitors is their Patchman Killer feature — it detects security vulnerabilities in site scripts and patches them automatically. Flaunt7 offers the following benefits for their customers:

NVme SSD Drives

PHP Selector

Patchman Kiler Security System

Layer 7 DDoS protection

Free SSL

Spam Protection

Daily Malware Scan

Flaunt7 allow the users to choose the PHP framework version as the company servers have installed multiple versions of it. Advanced DDOS protection is also enabled and always available, in addition to an automated daily malware scan. For faster access to the deployed sites, the administrators can choose to use the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). Unlimited email accounts are available for all plans.


AbeloHost Shared Hosting The Netherlands

The AbeloHost company advertises itself as an Offshore solutions provider having based their infrastructure locally. Their plans are advertised as SSD web offerings by offering optimized hardware infrastructure. Depending on the chosen plan the customers can receive a set allocation on the servers. Customers coming in from other service providers can take advantage of the free website migration and 30-day money back guarantee. The customers of their services will benefit from the following:

Total Data Privacy Guaranteed

Locally hosted

One-click application installation

Free SSL Certificates

Spam assassin protector

Bitcoin Plan Payment Available

Abelohost is primarily marketed to users that care for their privacy. The data will be protected by the service provider and the infrastructure is available locally. A very convenient feature which is part of the site is the continuous server monitoring service. Abelohost will also accept Bitcoin for payment.


HostNet Shared Hosting The Netherlands

HostNet Shared hosting is a local The Netherlands company that is well-known in the country. Apart from the managed WordPress plan, HostNet offers regular plans. They offer a very convenient way for users to quickly and easily set up their first site. These are cheap plans that offer all base necessities to start a small business site or blog. An easy WordPress installer is available for all clients who wish to set up the popular CMS system. Most of the plans also come with a 75 Euro voucher for Google AdSense in order to help the site ranking.

The customers can also rely on a dedicated support team if they encounter any issues. A 30-day money back is also offered to customers. Advantages of their plans include the following:

Locally Hosted

Easy Upgrade to Higher Plan

24/7 Security Protection From Malware

1-Click Installer for Popular CMS Scripts

SSD Drives

Email SPAM Protection

Instant Activation

In order to provide a fast and secure connection the provider also provides the web administrators the ability to install an SSL certificate. Customer service is also rated as excellent — they will not only help if an issue is encountered but also offer tips and tricks.


Mijndomein Shared Hosting The Netherlands

The Mijndomein company is a local company which specializes in common plans, including both the cheap shared hosting plans and dedicated managed WordPress installation services. A free SSL certificate is provided for all clients in order to ensure that their sites are seen are as safe and legitimate. Different PHP versions are supported and the site owners can benefit from a very detailed website statistics and analytics which can be accessed from the administrative panel. The company is well-regarded among the customers and as such we recommend it. Some of the benefits of using them over other hosts include the following:

Free SSL Certificate

Easy CMS Installation

Different PHP versions Supported

Cron Jobs

SEO Optimization Tools

Site Builder Available

The sites hosted on Mijndomein servers can also be build by using the company’s Site builder (called Websitemaker), this provides an easier way to create sites if the clients do not have enough experience with HTML code. On the other hand experienced users will benefit from multiple SEO tools, including compatibility with Google Analytics.


LyraHosting Shared Hosting The Netherlands

LyraHosting is a well-known offshore company. They offer a cheap way to host sites on optimized infrastructure with many additional benefits. Plan purchases are activated immediately and include a very easy-to-use control panel. All hardware is based on top performance SSD drives which provide optimal loading and processing speed. The company offers constant site monitoring in order to protect the victims from possible hacker intrusions. Daily Backups are automatically created by the servers in order to provide restore paints in case they are needed.

LyraHosting provides the following benefits with their Shared Hosting plans:

Spam Filtering

One-Click Easy Installer

Free SSL Certificates

Spam Assassin Protector

Optimized SSD Drives

Lyrahosting is labeled as an offshore provider placing a heavy focus on data protection on the hosted clients and constant security monitoring protecting from potential hacking attacks. The customers can fine-tune their dynamic scripts operations by choosing the relevant PHP version, all popular site frameworks are installed and supported.


NFOrce Shared Hosting The Netherlands

The NFOrce company offer a wide variety of plans on their data center. All of them are rated as extremely affordable, especially when compared to similar offerings on the market. The plans offer a choice between Plesk and DirectAdmin configured instances. The service offers a lot of additional services which can be added on a need basis including thorough security protection and upgrades to the chosen plan. Their service is specially suited for small business sites or personal blogs. Some of the benefits when choosing NFOrce are the following:

No hidden fees

Choice of Plesk or Direct Admin Plans

Per-month pricing available

24/7 Suppport Available

The NFOrce company is one of the preferred providers as they provide a pay-per-month option which is not generally available with a lot of competitors. For many users, this will be cheaper when short-term sites are planned. They also provide services with no hidden fees or charges, all additional extras to the basic package are clearly outlined and can be ordered through their website. The choice of the web control software is also convenient as some owners may have a preference of one over the other.

Final Thoughts on Best Shared Hosting Providers in The Netherlands

Our research on the matter has shown that these aforementioned providers provide the best value when choosing optimized and fast services. Companies that are based there will benefit from direct Global Internet backbone access and the ability to offer private and secure offshore hosting. All of the companies offer optimized infrastructure and are well-suited for various types of Internet projects ranging from small blogs down to corporate and business sites and e-commerce shops.

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