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NetVPX Review: Analysis of 23 Opinions from 3 Trustworthy Sources

NetVPX has a score average accumulated from different places which evaluate it based on varying criteria. We at HowToHosting.guide have assembled everything from reliability through customer opinions to pricing about the Hosting, from a few notable places, including our very own research. You can skim through the page to check the visual infographics and then decide if you want to read everything in-depth.

Hosting Summary


Name NetVPX
Total Reviews 23
Average Score 5.0

Number of Reviews

* NetVPX might not be a well-known host solution, but it is available on the market. 23 perspectives exist about it, showing that clients had a direct contact with its products.

Avg. Review Score

* By an average count of 5.0 digits from a total of five-stars, NetVPX takes a great place on the hosting market.

Customer Support

* The Support team behind NetVPX is doing its job appropriately, with care for their clientele. Satisfactory rate is big across the board.

Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Missing
No specifics exist for the whereabouts of the workplace of NetVPX.
Phone Missing
Look up a cellular phone number of NetVPX around their formal home page if you intend to speak with them.
Pricing Cheap
NetVPX has affordable pricing for their gamut of services and people should be okay with them in every department.
Products MISSING
No sufficient data found in most of the customer opinions.


For the reviewing of NetVPX we have used few, but renowned and accurate resources to manually form our data. We give you complex data made look simplistic, but informative enough for anybody to be able to form a notion about the hosting services provided. Being precise in our investigation, we are aiming to give you a highly-factual outlook on every hosting we look at. NetVPX has 5.0 score out of 23 reviews among the most popular ones.

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