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Exabytes Hosting Review


Exabytes Hosting – Quick Overview

Exabytes.my is one of the first hosting providers for Malaysia. The host firm is a veteran among few competitors who have been established around two decades ago. Exabytes started its business in the year of 2001. The company is located in Southeast Asia, more specifically, in Malaysia, and has over 600 servers.

Hosting services are made available mainly to the Malaysian people, but you can host a website with said services in Singapore, Indonesia and the USA as well, having appropriate local domains for each location. With 20 years of experience in the sphere of Hosting and web services, Exabytes have accumulated clients within over 160,000 businesses worldwide.

Exabytes.my also helps SMEs in Malaysia to grow their businesses online with effective tools as Google platforms and an efficient marketing toolset. A lot of people say that Exabytes has been the driving force for the Hosting sphere in the country since the very beginning of its existence as a host provider.

Exabytes implements the RASA value system mindset – Reliable, Affordable, Simplified, and Advantage to all services they provide. They strive to improve themselves and make everything easier and more accessible to their clients. They have excellent communication etiquette with valid and transparent explanations from their day-to-day conversations to the whole content structure of their website. We at HowToHosting.guide give our utmost respect to them for that achievement.

Exabytes Hosting – Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Exabytes have servers for different locations. Note that the US servers are mainly used for their lower-tier plans and servers in the US, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore support VPS plans or higher-tier hosting.

By having the best local Support team, pushing the company forward, they have the latest technology and innovation to rely on. Exabytes.my will also issue a Free SSL Certificate and offer excellent website builder tools to its customers.

Here are the main hosting benefits of Exabytes:

  • Fair Billing and Plan Pricing
  • Professional Technical Support (24/7)
  • Customer-first Guarantee
  • Service-oriented Customer Service
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Exabytes.my actually does have a 99% Uptime. Adding to that, they have affordable prices and the impressive and rare 100-Day Money Back Guarantee, with which we heartily recommend this host as your local Malaysian option, or for a US website hosting adventure.

Do not forget that Exabytes have e-mail solutions, business packs, a website builder, cPanel and developer tools, marketing tool offers, SEO and ad management, among other services that can all be useful to you.

Exabytes – Speed Test

When it comes to the speed test of this service, we use the GTMetrix tool to see how it evaluates a website loading speeds on a randomly chosen host location.

The tool provided us with an extended analysis of the website hosted by Exabytes. As you can clearly see from the image below, Exabytes has an A grade rating, which is the highest one a site can get. Regardless of that, know that every website is unique and the score does not depend only on the server, but on other factors.


Scoring high is more than a positive outcome. The A grade is praised, as it indicates that the content, code and optimizations on the website are done properly.

When the performance of this provider was tested, it showed us “time to interactive”, which is the time it takes for all of the page elements to load and this time was 581 milliseconds – an great result.

Exabytes – Plan Pricing

Through our deep analysis of Exabytes and their pricing, we found out that everything is made transparent and there are no exaggerations or upselling. You gain different features across plans per hosting type, and exclusive features to the different types of hosting. The feature-set is normal, yet more features are offered than standard ones across competitors in Malaysia, for really affordable price tags.

Below are the plans and features of the WordPress Plans:


You can choose the period on which you are to be billed for your comfort. All of the plans, hosted by Exabytes come with a money-back guarantee of 100-days.

If you sign up with Exabytes, you get access to the following plans with the starting price points:

  • WordPress Hosting – Starting at $4.99/mo
  • Business Hosting – Starting at $5.99/mo
  • cPanel Hosting – Starting at $5.99/mo
  • Linux Dedicated Server – Starting at S$119/mo
  • Windows Dedicated Server – Starting at $149/mo
  • Linux SSD VPS – Starting at $3.99/mo
  • Server Colocation – Starting at $405/mo

Exabytes Hosting – Support Overview

When we were reviewing the Support of Exabytes, we were content to see that it was available 24/7/365 and that they are experienced, even on Developer topics.

You can contact them via writing an e-mail message, through their live chat or submitting a ticket on their Support page. Another option is for you to fill a contact form and leave your phone number, so they could call you if needed. We found that the Support is prompt in their replies.

The customer support representatives are very polite, competent and to the point. You will have an excellent and experienced Support team if you sign up with Exabytes as your hosting. The support page also offers free manuals and instructions as a Knowledge Base you can get advantage of.

Exabytes Hosting – WordPress Setup

We had a quick look at the signup process with a WordPress plan. Although it was pretty standardized, we liked how clean and unambiguous the whole process was.

You start by choosing a domain and checking if its available:


Then you choose your monthly fees, the period you want to use their services for and apply any discounts with coupons you have:


You should contact them if they have discount codes available or a promotion running to get the best prices. Next you proceed to see what exactly will be your final pricing:


On the checkout page you fill basic information and payment method and you are all set:


You just have to push the final button to complete the process and start working on your website when it becomes available. Easy and convenient.

Exabytes Hosting – Conclusion

Exabytes has more than twenty years of experience in the hosting industry and is providing phenomenal Support service to its customers.

Being honest without upselling and sophisticated marketing tactics, Exabytes offers transparency in pricing and offered features for each plan and the best value you can get with each hosting type.

Exabytes has affordable and low prices across their services, which makes it stand out with the veteran technicians who have vast knowledge on all things hosting, including the developer-side of the business.

A beginner-friendly atmosphere also helps newcomers to quickly build a professional website with a few clicks. The potential to solve issues faster is ever-growing. You will be in safe hands if you decide to choose Exabytes Hosting.

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