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Top 5 Drag & Drop Website Builders for a Personal Trainer

Top 5 Drag & Drop Website Builders for a Personal Trainer article image howtohosting.guide

Having a website is a matter of reputation. It lets you build a client base and find new customers.

While building your website, you can create customized fitness programs, products, on-demand fitness, and digital fitness trends. Especially nowadays, every personal trainer must be very up to date with the latest trends while building their site.

In today’s article, we form “Howtohosting.guide” will show you the best site builders for creating a website for a personal trainer.

Top 5 Website Builders for a Personal Trainer





Plan Price
Cheapest Plan
Cheapest Plan
Free / $49/yr
Cheapest Plan
Cheapest Plan
Cheapest Plan
Free / $5/mo
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating
User Rating

How to Choose the Best Website Builder?

The vital feature to consider is the user-friendly interface that will help you grow a substantial number of clients and show them how to benefit from working with you.

Content Integration

The drag & drop site builders we have chosen are really well developed, and even a beginner can build a website at ease.
The next most crucial side of your website performance will be content integration. The best website builders provide media integration while creating attractive galleries, adding video tutorials, showcasing your work with clients, and visualizing your mentoring skills, including social media integration and boarding events.

Marketing Tools

Like in every other business, you will need to use the right marketing tools to expand your business and reach more audiences. These five builders offer integrated stand-out features to help you get potential clients such as email newsletters, social media integration, plugins, add-ons, scheduling, chat, and blogging platforms, as well as many free apps to enhance your site with several exciting features (streaming video training, “before and after” photo galleries, etc.).

Most of them also support secure e-commerce, which allows you to offer online booking customized to suit your needs for one-to-one sessions for your clients in advance.


Last but not least, all the drag & drop builders offer visually engaging graphics, hundreds of well-designed templates and layouts, libraries of best quality free images, and ready-made styles you can use to create a professionally looking website.

All of them are proved among millions of users to be user-friendly, supplied with the needed stand-out features and in-built helpful tools for generating the design and content you would like to have on your trainer website.

Choosing the right builder comes down to defining your preferences. The table below points out some of the features of each builder to help your decision easier.

Suppose you do not want to waste money, time, and effort and present your competitiveness and professionalism in this business in the most effective way. In that case, we recommend you trying any of those five website builders down below.

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