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How to Setup Web Hosting for WordPress in Japan

How to Setup Web Hosting for WordPress in Japan article logoSetting up a Web Hosting for WordPress websites in Japan is not difficult when you research it. We at HowToHosting.guide have done that research for you and will lay it all out in this post.

According to the latest ratings, rankings and research in 2020, the following Web Host providers are veterans and among the top out of 65 total services that offer WordPress solutions in Japan:

Sakura Internet

All three companies are based in Japan and their websites are written in Japanese, so they will offer support for the Japanese-specific characters and alphabet.

Listing to the above companies is due to the fact that they are among the best Web hosting providers in Japan that also include WordPress already installed with their plans.

Sakura Internet

Founded in 1996, Sakura Internet is a Web Hosting Provider that is one of the oldest on the Japanese market. It begins a sub-service for hosting two years later in 1998.

They seem to be preferred for their free support even on their cheapest plan which they have marked as most popular. They have even one plan cheaper, but without WordPress, so you should go with the most popular one.

Having support on the less expensive plans makes them a top choice among beginners and users who do not want to waste time installing the WP platform.


Lolipop! is another Japanese host, which was founded back in 2001.

lolipop wordpress hosting image

Offering flexibility among their plans, one could easily see which features are supported. Best of all, WordPress is installed with a single mouse click and is always available, regardless of the plan.

Z.com in Japan

Z.com is one of the top leading Web hosting providers that are currently available in Japan. Created in 1999, Z.com has been growing at a fast pace to offer modern solutions to its customers.


In fact, they have made it really easy and intuitive for users to use the WP platform with their plans and have Japan-specific servers.

Here you will see a quick overview of the three companies considering that each of them has a unique plan feature for WordPress, a trick up their sleeve if you will, that makes it stand out:

Host Provider
Plan Features
Sakura Internet
100 GB Disk Capacity,
Transfer rate is 80 GB/day,
free phone and email support
50 GB Disk Capacity,
Transfer rate is 100 GB/day,
Apache Web Server
10 GB Disk Capacity,
Transfer rate is 15 GB/day,
SSD Storage

For smaller businesses and bloggers, a shared solution is the cheapest web host available. All three providers listed in this post have such plans and since they all have servers in Japan, they are ideal for setting up your website.

Depending on what plan you would want to run for your website, prices may differ, but you should really contact support for yourself to see which one you prefer the most.

See how speedy they are and how much they are willing to help you with what you need. After all, the Support teams are the ones who will help you in critical situations and get your site running again.

Now go ahead and set up your website after you choose the host you like. It should be easy with these Japanese host providers as they have been in the business for around two whole decades. Good luck.

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