Install WordPress On Terra Empresas

A guide that will teach you how to Install WordPress on Terra Empresas. Terra Empresas Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in Brazil. They offer lots of options for WordPress users and the installation and integration of WordPress on their services is pretty easy. The hosting plans of Terraempresas are fast, secure, stable and reliable.

They provide automated backups every 6 hours, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL, custom email and easy integration with social networks.

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They also offer different plans that can fit various customer’s needs.

Install WordPress on Terra Empresas

The first thing that you have to do is to log in to your account. You can do that from this link:

Then navigate to the Hosting tab and click on it.

Afterward, go to the Site Builders tab, find the WordPress installer icon and run it. Then a menu with a few options will appear, click on the first one “Instalador do WordPress” which means “Install a WordPress” and then click Iniciar on the next screen.

Select Instalar O WordPress and then a big window with different options will pop up. Take your time and read them then fill them in the following way:

1. The first field is the administrator’s username. Write down the admin name that you want to be assigned for your WordPress installation;
2. In the second field write a password that has to include at least 8 alphabetical characters;
3. Administrator’s email – this is the email where you will receive different notifications about your website;
4. Database user – fill the name of the user of your database;
5. Database name – choose the name of your database;
6. Choose a directory where you want your site to be installed; You can either choose the installation location or create a new one.
After you filled all of the fields correctly, click NEXT

And you are all done! You can now log in to your website with the admin account and password that you just created. Log in into your and you can start building your website.

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